The Travel To Health and Fitness

I am traveling on a  journey  to HEALTH and FITNESS. Having experienced years of an eating disorder I now just aim to be be FIT. In my journey I had to cross the bridge to being healthy and fit.  I have experienced a weight that took me to size 18, I binged and binged andContinue reading “The Travel To Health and Fitness”

YOGA -The Many Purposes

Yoga has its many purposes. After a week of kick butt workouts, weights, aerobic, treadmill, elliptical  (I  mix it up). My muscles are tight usually  my quads.  I need to stretch. Beachbody has several yoga workouts that satisfy my muscles. I am not following the said calendar of the program, but I choose the oneContinue reading “YOGA -The Many Purposes”

Life Style Change

On my journey to a better, healthy, fit lifestyle I am learning so much. Last week I learned I needed to tweak my schedule as my life style change. Life style change not only means I have to adjust my workouts but also my intake. As our activity increase or decrease or as weight liftingContinue reading “Life Style Change”


Focus is a very song and powerful word. On my weight journey not only must I outline my weekly goals, broken down to daily I must stay “FOCUS”. It is easy to make an  outline, but it has no meaning without follow through. To follow through it is so necessary to stay focus.  In myContinue reading “FOCUS”

HYDRATION With What……Water

The heat, humidity is no joke. It is a must to hydrate  in this weather. Hydrate prior to, during and after any workout be it a walk, weights, cardio, yard work, HYDRATE. Water not your fave, okay how about choosing a fruit, cut in small size, place in zip lock bag, freeze then add toContinue reading “HYDRATION With What……Water”

Know YOUR Limits

The road to success has curves, hills, rocks, and then you reach your destination.  However would you travel anywhere without proper preparation? Say on an empty tank? No oil? Flat tire? Or would you stop in the middle of flowing traffic without cause? How would you reach your destination. This applies to exercise, or anyContinue reading “Know YOUR Limits”


How do you picture yourself? Your image? How do you want to look? Stop and just imagine, really how do you want to look?  I had to recently look at my image AGAIN. Yes because it was changing . Quick share, I was on a great movement to changing my image of me.  I gotContinue reading “PLANT THE SEEDS OF YOUR IMAGE”