Workouts Must Be A Challenge – Why…How

If you are just beginning a workout as I once was, DO NOT challenge yourself and also know your limits. Challenge is just another way to say PROGRESSION.

I am a fond follower of BOD (beachbodyondemand) which means I choose my trainer, their program and follow the calendar which is what I need.  Yes I need this because in beginning my fitness journey I would workout and use the same  routine over and over again.  Did I see results, yes but gradual and trust me the turtle had traveled several miles before I saw any result.  I would increase weights, speed are gradually and not consistently.

I NEVER challenged myself to do a workout that looked like “I can’t do that”, I could not because I never challenged myself.  Whether you are a BOD fan or workout at a gym challenge yourself.  With my workouts the trainers give positive encouragement to challenge yourself.  I can say there were programs I begin and threw in the towel because one or two days I knew I was destined for failure.  NOT so I thought I was destined for failure, I challenged myself, some routines with the modifier challenging myself with each workout and YES I completed every program I thought was a challenge.

Challenging your body will prevent complacency with the muscles and you will pat your own back and 🖐 yourself too. Uh huh I do this and I feel good about it.

I challenge you to challenge yourself with one activity in your workout this week and don’t forget the ✋🏽 .

Self Relationship and Care- Did You Know

Self relationship is one of my most rewarding activity.  Did you know motivation and feeling good after self relationship AND CARE is great.

What is self relationship, it is a massage, a spa day (total),  or hey whatever makes you relax.  This will rejuvenate your mindset and body, how? Well for starters and I am only sharing my experience I am able to see clearer on many situations only in my thought were complicated.  My positive vibes become greater and my workouts are with greater force.

I ENCOURAGE  this practice, it is one recipe for a greater ME. I implore you to give it a try if you have not already. To the greatness in and about YOU.

Which Direction areYou Looking

I experience this often and I have to call myself out.  “Which direction am I looking”.  It is so easy to look at the past whether it is a week of 50% workout instead of 100 %, a bad relationship, a tough job which ended not favorably,  We all have experiences in life of dislike.  If you have never, you are one of the greater humans on earth.  But to keep looking in that mirror and reflecting on these time will deter your progress of the greater you.
Can I erase the view of the past or and mishaps in my life, workouts and all well NO. I can however grow from it for improvement and a Greater ME.
I will look forward and you should as well, the rear mirror of life can be heavy baggage and the more you focus the heavier it becomes. Grow but do not focus.
Today look forward, I am sure you will improve in your workouts as I do when I look forward. Your happiness, joy just your life will improve because we have learned from the past, dropped the baggage and now looking in the right direction.
To a week of views into the GREATNESS of YOu and ME for the coming year.

My Beginning, Resumption,Continuation is MINE

I know these words seem harsh and confusing but let me explain as this all has to do with my focus on my health, life journey.

There are times I may incorporate a healthy habit into my life or food or sometime omitting an unhealthy behavior or food from my life.  It is a new beginning for me and it is about ME.  I love and welcome all positive motivation words of encouragement.  I erase and yes sometimes rudely reject the negative response, “why now, after years of eating the food or habit why change, at your age will that help and so on”. It’s MY beginning, another chapter of improvement in my life. Maybe I missed something but is there an age limit to empower your life or health?, uh no.

If I stop a behavior for a short time such as early AM workout to mid morning or later, don’t tell me I really should reconsider.  Why ? There are days I may require longer hours of sleep but 7-8 works and just daydreaming of a workout will not assist me to my goals, yep ACTION is required. Yes I will resume without your permission friend, (I think you are my friend)

I will continue on my journey of transition which includes workouts, eating healthy 85/15, drinking water in amounts of satisfaction and whatever is necessary to improve ME. All of this is Mine. I respectfully accept all my friends not wanting to improve their life and health  just don’t share your excuses and negativity with me PLEASE, as I applaud all my friends on their journey for life and health changes.

Change is awesome and I really believe we are all awesome, just need to shake off a few things. To your beginning, resumption and continuation …..Much love.


It Has To Be FUN


I am rolling over, hesitating  to rise and then I remember, to give Thanks and praise, morning chores and then my chore. Of course my chore is not really a chore it is FUN.

What the heck am I speaking of ? FUN , my workouts they are FUN.  Wow I have said that enough.  But really if you are working out one, two, three, times or more a week at home with your trainer on my loved BOD or at the gym, maybe with friends it should be fun. If your workouts are unfilling, and not FUN, (there goes that word again), you need to change.  Having fun and challenging yourself keeps you motivated well it does me and make me feel guilty when I am trying to skip a workout or just not giving 100 in my workout.  The Fun and joy of seeing and feeling my results is so awesome.

If your workouts are not FUN, then it’s time to rethink. Oh challenging yourself, swearing during your workouts and sweating does not mean it’s not fun it means you have a goal and you are pushing through.  Boring is not fun just clarifying.

To a year end and year beginning of FUN workouts.

The Last Time – REMEMBER

I have days as today when I am so undecided, what to eat, (even though I have meal prepped), should I workout out by my calendar or do my own work out, should I, should I.  So many should I, I am not always indecisive but, then some days I am so indecisive I have to remember who the hell I am.

Okay back to “the last time”.  In my indecisiveness I now reflect on past decisions.  Remember the outcome, was you satisfied with that awful decision and how far did it set you back and on a few and I mean few I can say I made gains.

See for me, my indecisiveness usually is because I am lazy and want to do something else such as not working out by a set calendar that will show physical gains sometimes slow bu the gains are positive or delaying a chore that needs attention and the delay is time-consuming or eating too much or not enough and the awful outcome of either is not satisfying.

Today I ask you if you are hesitating to make a reoccurring decision, REMEMBER  the last time and the outcome.  To all Champions and you are one REMEMBER and make the BEST decision.

Thin vs Fit….. the time


Being thin is to many an ultimate goal. Small, Xsmall and sometimes XXS. If this is a natural for you I applaud you and by the way, there is nothing wrong with being small.  But being FIT is so much of a better choice.

Let’s compare those not small by nature and not by fitness.  You eat  you purge you repeat.  This action requires time planning because you know you want to purge when no one is around and if you wait too long it takes longer.  I know because this is a road I have traveled. Moving along, abuse of laxatives, be careful because everyone is not in love with the fragrance of your bowel excretions, timing is important. Hmm.  The liquid diet mainly water, you will get light-headed, your blood pressure will drop, you’re cold and if not careful pass out.  These are just of a few time, unhealthy actions to be thin and they are all time-consuming .  Moving along.

Being fit, you eat, meal prep, snack and you do enjoy holidays and celebrations.  You workout, you excrete, expel without shame (most of the time).  Your energy level to the 100th, you have healthy toned body or in the progress of getting there (that’s me, still on my journey).

Okay the time to be healthy and fit is so much less than these unhealthy actions to be unhealthy thin.  Is it time for a change, just asking.

To a life of FIT, much love.

How Deep Must I Dig

Actually, this has nothing to do with the size or shape of shovels, neither does it relate to the depth, but it relates to how deep me, you and others dig when it comes to our goals.
Using a shovel, the strength and endurance to complete a task depends on each individual.  Is it easier to stop when fatigue and wait till later, which can be minutes, hours or days and then we are back to the beginning.  The shovels are just a metaphor to me and hopefully to you to dig deeper.

Sometimes that last push, last rep, maybe the  last shovel is all we need to see results.

As I push through my days of fitness, I am noting that extra second, minute or rep has made a difference in my progress.  I also notice in my life goals  I must dig deeper when I hit that fake wall.  It is fake wall because it is a way to be broken down, in,  off  whatever is necessary to remove for the goal of success.

This week I challenge You and Myself to let’s dig deeper to our goals and results are certainly to be seen

Working Out- How Hard


My workouts especially like today, I want to stop when the pain in the muscles, not a pain indicating hurt, becomes intense.  I have a silent, brief chat with myself and ask, how much do I want change,  I am measured my goals on a red light or a green light.

It is okay to take a break in a workout but only for a few seconds, to stop NEVER, unless that pain is indicating injury otherwise, “rep it up, run longer, lift longer you get it”.

To a day of success workout and pushing through.


I am uncertain if “how dare you” are the best choice of words or “are you serious”.   I recently ran into an ex co-worker  and we both or I thought was excited to see each other after several years, okay many years.  Our greeting was great and we had a few laughs as we both were on a time schedule and the run in was coincidental.
Everything turned to a low when she said, ” my have you changed I remember when you was so much smaller, but I’d recognize your face anywhere”. I guess the face recognition was good.  I did not share with her before size 2 and 4 I was 20 and now 8 sometimes a 10.  I shared I was so unhealthy, my eating disorder and working out to cancel any calories I consumed. At this point I expected something like, oh my glad you changed that.
But no, deep breath, she said ” you didn’t look unhealthy and you was so much prettier, I think thin is you”. I was stunned and quickly changed the conversation to the weather and soon within seconds ended our conversation.
Now I asked when is thin better than healthy and fit? Am I lost, thin does not make you pretty or does it? Well no,
I will continue on my journey to being healthy and fit and most of all self-love. I still need more toning ; workouts ( weight lifting, cardio, yoga)  and healthy eating is my life style of change because I am still learning.
I WILL NOT return to my previous life of binging to weight out of control nor will I return to a life of eating disorder to be thin to look pretty.
To a week of a healthy and fit YOU.

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