How Is Your Mental Health

The mental health is important. October 10th was mental health day, a day set aside in observance of mental health. So how is your mental health?

Your mental health is of the utmost important for you to achieve all your goals. Your mindset can be affected by your past, and your current status. We go through life and sometimes peoples action can affect us. That’s to say regardless of our race, economic status we sometimes need a listener.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek help. Sometimes a good friend will do. Just make certain it’s not a spread the word friend. The friend has to be a confident. A Priest, a Pastor.

Now let’s debunk a psych therapist theory. Some think this approach is insane but NO. They are professionals to assist us to get to a stable state of mind. Developing clarity and understanding as to what is occurring in your life. It’s insane not to seek help when needed.

The fear of anyone knowing or that you’re alone. Never. You are NEVER alone. Do you fear going to the doctor when you have medical issue? No. So why not take care of your mental status.

No Everyone doesn’t need a therapist, a good support group may suffice only you will know. What ever your choice, make certain it is working for the betterment of you.
Remember your mindset will assist you in moving on to your goals, improve relationships and your overall health. Strength in the mind, so be strong and let’s move on to that goal line.

How Are You Standing?

I’d like to know, and to clarify I’m not speaking of posture. I’m speaking on your goals, in specific your health and fitness goals as well as the action applied.

Let’s talk, we are in October and where are you? Have you been 100 percent dedicated to those fitness and health goals are did you step away then returned or did you stop completely after a week or two in January?

Honestly I’ve had a few hiccups but jumped back in. That’s the key. Learning to deal with those hiccups and get back in motion. Change and adjustment to different fitness level, tweaking our nutrition, handling our daily life will not happen in one day, one week or one month. That change will ONLY happen with consistency. That change can be small and slow or big and fast; but with consistency for SURE it will happen.

One important thing to remember, you/me give to others frequently and neglect to extend it to ourselves. “PATIENCE”. Set the goals, believe in YOU, apply those necessary actions, be consistent (should you detour for a minute, don’t make it long, get back in it), applaud yourself with all gains (be it small or large) and know everyday YOU ARE A WINNER.

Now, how are you standing?

Is It True- Can Fit Be Curvy

What the heck, it is really appalling in 2021 I have heard and read post from others confronting negativity and a few wanting to stop their fitness journey or training .

Why, because of negative comments. Really I want to speak to females first. Females should empower each other as those making positive changes in their life. We all have a journey whether it be fitness (as mine is, but I do have a few others yeah but mainly fitness), business, family or self past you are growing past. Our words should be so encouraging we see sunshine in each word. Now about the curvy.

Fitness comes in many sizes and shape. The good thing on this is that we being fit to their ability, Just to inform anyone that skinny does not make you fit, it makes you skinny. Fit means an individual is working out physically and that can be in any manner that supports an individual lifestyle. Weightlifting, boxing, dance workouts, yoga, Pilates, running, jogging (there is a difference), treadmills combination of workouts just whatever suits an individual.

Just in case you’re waiting for thethe answer, it is YES YES YES. Fit can be curvy. Fit can be small, curvy and strong. Strong in strength and mindset. So yeah to the curvy fit females, keep doing the thang.🙌🏾 🙌 👏🏾 👏🏻

How The Change in Seasons Affect My Workouts

That title doesn’t seem correct, just looks off. What the change in seasons affecting a workout, how?

I know it sounds so unreal, but it is real at least for me. First of all know that I go all in on my workouts even if I don’t really want to workout, yes I do have those days. However when I begin the workout I give it my all and then applaud myself for not allowing all that clutter noise in my head prevent me from an awesome workout. Guys I can’t tell you how my workouts are just AWESOME and not that we have BODi that is just extra fuel.

Off a bit here, BODi is interactive workout live. Yes if you’re sign in and up you get to be live on screen and the trainer can correct you on form if necessary or cheer you on if you’re killing the workout. Aww now I almost forgot we have a spin class imagine that. Okay just sharing the awesomeness of my stream workouts. If you’re interested hey fill out the contact and Ill share the details you want regret it or I can slide you a few sample workouts.

Now, back to the seasons in working out. With the cool weather I always have that extra energy to do longer workouts which usually mean 2 a day and I want to run. Trust me it’s the season because I do not feel this way in the heat of the South. I do sometimes push myself on the treadmill, again committed so I’ll do a few miles and that’s inside. But this cool weather I’m speaking of physical out doors running. Love it.

How about you? Are you favorable to different workouts in different seasons? I’d love to hear your story.

The Forgotten Benefit of Working out

There are many benefits in working out and I’m only going to list a few before I list an important benefit that most people would benefit from if they just got up and did the smallest workout or even sitting and doing a workout.

It’s hard to believe that so many people think a workout has to be strenuous and sweaty followed by aches and discomfort. Okay if you’re just beginning a workout or increasing the weights, the distance or timing our bodies will give us a response indicating there is a change.

However there are so many seated exercises, stretches and long walks or short if you’re just beginning that are beneficial to anyone, With any exercise we will see change be it weight, inches, always energy and that positive mindset.

Now that forgotten benefit is “CIRCULATION”. So many forget or maybe they never knew or thought about it. Workouts will improve circulation and this will assist so many in their health. Again start out small then slowly increase those activities. If you know someone that needs to know this please share regardless of age and as long as there is movement in extremities and if not perhaps a love one can assist,

The benefits of mobility and circulation.

What’s in YOUR Toolkit

I’d like to know what’s in your tool kit?

We, including me, have a tool kit with personal tools. The tools we apply daily to do our normal daily habits, but also for support.

Our support being a podcaster, a book of motivation that applies to our journey and those individuals that support us.

These individuals of support are honest, motivating, loving, positive and caring. All great traits to have for support. But how about that honesty? Honesty doesn’t mean to agree 100 per cent in my thoughts of action. Honesty to me means sharing a different perspective if you feel I maybe wavering off a bit. I waver and when a friend of support in a positive way show me to off the journey trail I’m going. Love it.

I listen, however the key word is being positive in an approach makes a difference. Also supporting me when I am so wrong and thinking that is bonding is so wrong. How so, well it means that individual is the wrong tool for my toolkit. However that’s harsh but maybe for another toolkit, somewhere ( may have to search for it).

It’s not always about my fitness journey and action but applicable to life. That toolkit can be positive heavy, negative heavy or a combo. You decide what’s in your toolkit.

To a day of checking our your tools.

Validation Do you or Are You

How about that, “VALIDATION”. Sometimes we can get so involved in others that we seek their approval and forget about all the gains we’ve achieved.

This is in regard to a recent conversation with a friend. We were both sharing about our fitness journey and nutrition and she stopped. Hello, what happened? Having lost pounds that decrease her down 2 sizes, energy up by 100. She lost validation. Her lost, at least for me was to herself. She didn’t get validation from other friends, family and spouse that she’d lost weight. She actually felt they didn’t notice or anyone else and just stopped working out, nutrition slightly off nit much because she was a healthy eater .

Yes I had to remind her, how she felt, how she looked, why didn’t she praise herself for her accomplishments. Remind her about HER.

It is so important to LOVE you first. Validate you on any success toward your goals. This is about fitness, but applies to any goals in your life. If it is 1 inch or 1 pound you are making progress. Your progress is for You as is your goals. When you, me, we stand proud and validate ourselves our energy is different. Just keep the focus and action applied others will see it. But what happens if it take others a minute that’s okay.

Do you, me, we need others to validate our gains? No. We must love ourselves FIRST. Are you waiting for others to validate you? If so stop. Your goals and journey are life changing for you. Others once again will see it and again FIRST YOU.

It’s YOU for YOU. That doesn’t mean being rude, disrespectful. But you first will release an energy that validates a list greater than you will ever know and the joy will overwhelm you.

Today validate, all that you are, all that you’ve accomplished, and all that you’re moving forward to achieve.

My Current Workout and Why

I’m so enjoying my current workout which is a dance workout, and oh if you didn’t know I’m a BOD. person. Yes there is dancing too. I love the dance and for certain I love and miss the weight lifting.

Knowing your body and how it response to workouts is important, really it is. But before I explain ALWAYS know, you cannot out work, no matter how long you workout, how heavy you lift, bad nutrition intake.

Nutrition intake doesn’t mean a specific diet, it means nutrition intake that complements your lifestyle.

Now to my current dance and lift. I notice a difference in my body with both, inches and weight with cardio, strength and increased muscle tone with weights. However the similarities are I love the adrenaline flow from each and how I feel in body and mindset. For the month of September I’m committing to 3 days of combo workouts. Just to get that heavy lift in .

Oops it seems as if I love fitness, I do. What joy do you get from fitness? Have you found your fitness connection? It’s there if not then join me on BOD.

To fitness love and joy.

Fighting the Fatigue or Is It The Comparison

I’ve shared so many times how great it is to set goals, unlimit yourself, listen to podcasts, read mentor books. But there are a few things to note.

All mentors though recommended is not for you because no matter how great they are (and I believe 97% are great) they are not your relatable person. It’s necessary to be able to relate to get the full understanding and apply the learning. This applies to books and podcasts so pick your mentors with care.

It’s so easy to follow and get fatigue in applying all steps and live your daily responsibilities in life. First understand that the accomplishments didn’t happen overnight. I once didn’t take this into consideration and applied actions without knowing where I was going and doing WAY too much.

I was comparing and not understanding. It was fatiguing. I learned it’s good to listen and follow, but it’s great to be able to relate and apply what’s going to get you to your success level. When you find those relatable individuals you are no longer fatigue because you now know your direction. Before you compare and definitely before you fatigue be able to hold fast to being you and to be able to connect and relate .

As always be the BEST of YOU.

Adapting to Change

I’m good at planning my day but when there is a change I sometimes fumble. I have to self talk and fast. What I don’t do, which was once a behavior of yuck, panic. I no longer panic. As Marie Foleo says over and over “Everything is figure outable” . By the way if you don’t know her google her, listen to her podcast, awesome to it all.

When adapting to change I stay focused, able to still get my workouts in, interact with family, and all the other responsibilities included in the day. Before I would waste valuable time sulking, sometimes near tears and not accomplishing a doggone thing. BUT now I’ve grown adapting and then putting it on paper. A Panda Planner another fav.

Today if you feel like there’s a change that has made a loop or several loops in your day, PLEASE no sulking, deep breathing and adapt to the change and at the end of the day ‘applaud yourself for the champion you are’.

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