My Current Workout Programs


4 Weeks of the Prep- A 5 day workout to prepare you for intense workouts, fitness programs, improved or increased endurance to a run or just 4 weeks to a moderate increasing intense workout.

I begin this workout 6 January so I’ve completed a week and it begins slow each day and the intense increases throughout the workout.  Each muscle worked, I’ve performed before but another trainer another approach and dang it another challenge to my muscles.  Each day of my first week I felt like okay I need to increase my weights and noted so when that workout comes around to increase the weights.  Now hours later I feel the workout and I’m thinking well should I or not? I will I just need to remind myself I will feel it later and I’ve seen a few body changes so yes I will.  Second week begins and we shall see. Stay tune.

WEEK 2 DONE- January 19. The second week was more of a challenge and my mind set had to be prepared to challenge myself or give up.  You know I challenged myself and proud that I did.  I did under estimate myself a few days by beginning with less weight and had to increase the weights.  I was a bit pissed at myself for skipping range and relax day which is stretching last week because I thought it was just stretching muscles and body but it is a new approach and it stretched and relaxed me, so I will not skip it again.  Week 3 begins tomorrow and yes it begins.



I have several workouts I do, but my main focus now is LIIFT4.

This is a 4 day workout with weights and without. There is an ab workout included in each workout. Depending on the day it’s all lift with light, medium and heavy weights or lift and HIIT and leg day can be lift and HIIT or complete HIIT.
Is there a modifier, of course and every level of fitness is welcomed. It’s your journey. Not a quick fix, not a one day or one week magical change. It’s about committing to yourself for yourself. Time to be selfish it’s about YOU, to change inner and outer and your surrounding world will change.

Dec.14 2019 – I completed week 5of this workout, I was able to increase my weights on a few sets as well as to prevent loss of form and reduce the possibility of injury had to do a few drop sets.

Dec 23 2019 – Week 6 completed and I’ve begin week 7 which is Shred week.  Day one was a shocker because  I was set for “Chest and Triceps”, but it was “Chest and Back”. Week 6  was an increase weight week and I was proud of my gains, however with the change in week 7 my lifting may be that of week 5 or 6 but no increase. I will share how it ends.

Dec 28 2019 Week 7 completed, it was a change in workout days the sequence in the workouts and I once again was not ready but the sweat poured at each workout.  One more week remains in this workout- Week 8 and I’m uncertain if I will repeat or do another workout calendar with another super trainer.  This is one of my joys with Beachbody, I can choose my trainer and workouts. Each trainer has a calendar to follow. Just LOVE IT.

Jan. 5 2020 Week 8 completed and it was a BANG of a workout.  I was able to increase my weights this week with only a few drop sets.  The drop site were so I could keep my form and do 10 reps. Otherwise it would’ve been 3 maybe 4 reps.  I made gains and loss in this program.  Gained muscles, lost a few inches in the waist, few on the scale and gained improved confidence in me.  Not certain what’s my next workout but possible it can be a hybrid calendar workout, which is a workout with two super trainers. Hmmm