My Current Workout Programs

21 April 2023 – Wow it’s been a awhile, but I’ve been doing the LIIFT More and LIIFT4 alternating for months. It’s been months until last week. I begin an OG workout, you may know 21Day Fix but there’s a twist. It’s on BODI block a new addition to the old Beachbody. In case you didn’t know we’re no longer Beachbody, nope a new face, so many new great features in workouts, live workouts, bike and updates to the nutrition programs. So yes 21 Day Fix week 2

21 November 200 …..I completed a second round of LIIFT More, so satisfied with the results. I am repeating at least 4 weeks of this 8 week program and will decide at that time if I will transition to another strong BODI program or continue. For the ladies, weight lifting is next level.

19 October 2022 I am now in a repeat of the Lift. Doing LIIFT MORE again, today is day 3 of week 4, about to complete Phase I. Phase II begins soon. I am stronger in weight lifting, mindset and challenging myself in my lifts. You’re ALWAYS invited to join me.

22 August 2022. Today I begin week 4 of Liift MORE. I’ve challenged myself in heavy lifting and I’ve succeeded in a few areas and in a few I had to realize I wasn’t ready for the increase. But I didn’t stop. This trainer encourage you with safety. Loving it still. 4 weeks to go.

1 August 2022. Oh my I’ve not shared a few workouts, but today I’m lifting and just keep scrolling for a sample

Click on the link to try a sample

24 January 2022 It’s the consistency. I’m always in a workout but now I’m into a stoke of workout. Can you imagine 20 minutes and feel as if you’ve been working out longer and checking your watch to verify only ”20 minutes”. It’s real a workout thats quick but you do have the option to add on with a few minutes of spin. So i welcome you or anyone wanting a quick, effective workout join me, how just complete contact info and we can do this together.

1 September 2021 It’s hot and getting workouts in before I’m physically drained, at least for energy. The sun drains my energy and so does being so hot. It takes a lot of hydration because I dehydrate fast. Okay enough.
‘My current workout is a combination, for the entire month of September I will do 2 lengthy workouts a dance # Let’s Get Up and a lift #Liift4.

1 August 2021 How I love my workouts and now completing 2 rounds of Let’s Get Up seeing changes and I must share the fun I this dance workout is so AWESOME. I am now into a hybrid workout. This workout has every dang workout ShaunT has made Insanity, Insanity the Asylum, T25, Insanity Max30. I’ve met some challenges and I ALMOST stopped but I remembered it’s not suppose to be easy but definitely rewarding so…. Onward I go.

30 June 2021 Yep that’s the action, and that’s ShaunT. I’m on my second round of a 4 week dance workout. Now don’t get it wrong, it’s dance, it’s lifting and oh my there is an Insanity workout in each workout 6 days a week, the music is fire and the burn during these workouts is unbelievable that’s why I’m repeating it.
Fun, dance, lift , motivational workout. You do receive motivational words to inspire through the workouts and apply daily. Let’s Get Up

1 May 2021- I am now in Phase III, and week one done. I was challenged and my weight range has been 8-20 lbs. I usually lift heavier but this trainer is working muscles big and small at different angles. Every workout I’m patting my skin dry. With the weights, there is also the core ball small but it’s use is strong and the control track, wow a different use to resistance and that step so different. Two weeks to competition, inches down but the scale slow to move. But hey a lot of non-scale victories. Until next review have a good workout.

12 April 2021 – I am on my second week of PHASE II of Control Freak, honestly I almost stopped in week one but didn’t want to disappoint myself, so today I am still moving on. Why did I want to stop, I was challenged and sometimes it is much easier to stop and return to a familar program although challenge but because I have defeated those challenge I was going to just stop. I am so glad I did not. Yeah it is a challenge not only with the core ball but the control track . I have another week after this week in PHASE II then it’s 3 weeks in PHASE III. Oh my.

8 March 2021 I’ve bounced about for a couple of months because I was just undecided if I wanted to free style my workouts or follow one specific workout program. Free styling for me is doing several Beachbody programs without being committed to a schedule or program . Currently I am doing “ Off the wall” which is control freak workouts with just weights and thus far a week in I’m loving it. Control Freak has weights, a step and a pulley using resistant bands and a ball.

1 January 2021 I am currently just bouncing over everywhere in my workouts not committing to any one in particular due to an injury in November. I was on ice, elevate, compression and rest for 2 weeks then light touch down for (supposedly 3 weeks). I shortened it to 1 week and complied with crutches and a knee roller for 2 weeks, then 1 crutch for 2 weeks and a slow walk. As the pain and pressure and healing process continues I add workouts, weights and step outs instead of jumping jacks. The end of January should be full recovery so until then……

11 November 2020 My current workouts are on fire. I’m actually in a group Dig Deeper Nation. What’s that about well it’s a ShaunT group with all his insane workouts. Now they are intense but there is a modifier and surprisingly I’ve made it to week5. Insanity, Insanity Max30, Insanity the Asylum.

I’ve doing intense moves I’ve never been able to do such as genie jumps, and jump under the knee claps. After each workout I am drenched . I think I have another week before I begin another training program. I am seeing toner everything and my endurance is so high and energy level has soared, sleep habits are now great.


13 July 2020 – Day 1 of 21 This workout will be challenging I know by day one.  Today the workout within 10 minutes had me sweating and my muscles especially my quads were on fire, being it was a Lower Body Burn. I am anxious and excited to see how I will endure the next 20 days as well as my results.  My results as always are the scale victory but more so the non-scale victories.

20 July202- Day 8 of 21 – Week one complete and the challenge continues.  I can say I’ve so much energy doing this workout and my focus is so on point. I’ve already built my endurance with all the jumping to a level past my expectation.  There are a lot of non-scale victories thus far.

5 August2020- I have completed by first round of MBF and am now on a second round which is 3 weeks today is day 3 of round two.  This workout does increase the metabolism for hours, there is a modifier, there are couples and others on the screen with the trainer, the music has awesome beats.  Now this workout was recorded during a pandemic so everyone except the trainer is at home.  Oh even though I’m doing a second round I am still challenged, how I increase my weights and the speed when possible on the rope jumping.  The ropes are air ropes, short weighted.


24 June 2020- I am in my 4th week of a 6 week program that requires a step and 20 minutes.  STOP there is an ALERT this is not an old step workout nope it is in my words an insane step workout. The 20 minutes go so fast and there are 3- one minute transformer in each workout, very fast and you are trying to beat your previous week number as record keeping is necessary.  There are three phases each 2 weeks.  COMMIT CLIMB and CONQUER. Today I’m in the Climb phase, oh each phase is six days a week.  At one time I or in the advertisement phase of the program I just knew 20 minutes was going to be a breeze. Uh no I’m still trying to understand how this trainer took 20 minutes and make it feel like an hour. Yes an hour you are so sweaty. SO 2 weeks to go. Wait for it.

10 July2020- I did it, I completed Transform20  all three chapters and as challenging as the workout was it is just as rewarding when you see those small changes and your numbers on the transformers increase. Transformers are 1 minute intervals X 3 in each workout where you do a routine as fast as you can.  This is my second round of Transform20 and my body continues to respond and beat those numbers and it is still a challenge. DONE


8 April 2020 – I begin 10 Rounds 3 days ago and it has proven to be a bit more than and I thought but as always I’m  off on my streaming programs.  This is a 6 week program with a combination of boxing and lifting and each day there is an ab workout (love it).  I’m committed as of now to 2 weeks as I will be continuing another 8 weeks of Barre.  As of today I have twisted my waist more than any boxing program I’ve previously tried so for the next 2 weeks I will update my thoughts on 10 Rounds as I continue with Barre Blend.

20 April 2020- Two weeks of 10 Rounds completed and I must say I’ve noticed a change in my waist line, but it is difficult to contribute all to 10 Rounds since I’m also doing Barre Blend. This workout is one of boxing, agility and strengthening exercises and each day there is an ab workout.  I do love it although I get a bit confused sometimes on the numbered moves.  All future updates will be in my blogs.


Barre blend is a barre workout that is the strengthen, tone and build.  It is built on a lot of ballet, yoga and Pilates moves with use of a bar and weights at intervals.  I’m excited however I’m just as afraid as excited.  In my weekly updates I will include my inches lost or gain as well as weight loss or gain.  I do love that in this eight week program there are motivation cards daily – “I AM”.  So stay tuned.

22 February 2020- I have completed two weeks of Barre and I must say I have stretched and work every muscle at a new angle.  Challenged I have been and on so many days 3 lb weights are just too heavy that I had to drop and use “nothing”.  I am contemplating on purchasing one pound weights for the remaining to have that resistance.  I know one pound isn’t heavy but THIS workout is one that heavy weights ARE NOT suitable to complete any routine.  I have lost inches in week one, little weight loss so results for weeks two will be taken at the beginning of week 3 which is tomorrow, 23 February.

3 MARCH  2020- Completed week 3 and today begins week 4.  I have wronged myself with my thoughts.  I will raise my hands as I was so wrong, totally wrong about a barre workout.  It’s just a different approach to working the muscles, toning the body, with light weights.  My balance and endurance has been tested.  Barre is no easy workout and I am happy to admit my wrong but more so to continue into this week.  Low impact, high intensity has new meaning to me.

06 MARCH 2020- Week 4 of Barre Blend completed, I had challenges, failures and success but for me my failures are my growth and strength.  I improved my balance and on day 4 I was completely balanced as I was today day 5.  Today marks the 1/2 mark only 4 weeks left.  Although Barre Blend is low impact the intensity is high and be raised high just depend on the individual.  I was able to increase my intensity a few days but also I had to drop my weight.  Can you believe 3 lbs were heavy and I just dropped the weight to nothing, thinking about those 1 lb weights I need to purchase.  It’s hard to think for me Miss heavy lifter or semi that 3lbs are heavy well in this workout they are on a few routines and that’s for me.  Next week begins week 5 and the intensity will be higher.

15 MARCH 2020 – Week 5 of Barre completed, this week the workout time was increased to 35minutes, up 5 minutes from the previous 30 minutes.  The intensity was increased and new moves incorporated all using ballet slang as well as muscle building,  Post each workout for a few minutes (5-15) my butt and legs are on fire. Oh so important I decreased my weight from 3 -2 lb dumbbell because I was dropping the 3lbs., and using nothing.  I was able to complete every  set without dropping weights. Upcoming week 6…

22 MARCH 2020- Week 6 is complete and I will shout it out with pride, the 2lb  dumbbells    in this workout are just what I needed.  I didn’t have to drop weight and my balance continues to improve.  I was unaware until Barre how unbalance I was. I’m sure my legs haven’t gotten longer (growth spur is OUT), but they appear to be longer from the toning. The intensity was increased again which means you can be low intensity, mod or high a few days (when I was showing off for me), I was able to do the entire workout at high intensity, on other days I either modified or kept it at low intensity.  Either way I worked up sweat each day, and had to do an additional stretch for the  muscles.

30 March 2020 – Week 7 well the time increases as is does the intensity.  I’m back to week one balance (all over the floor) because of new moves increased speed and well I’m no ballerina nor a dancer so I was challenged.  I did burn more calories during the workouts and every muscle was fatigued after each workout.  Not certain if I’ll repeat Barre again or if I will and include another BOD workout. I guess I will have a decision by week end as week 8 is here.

6 April 2020- Week 8 completed and I will be do another round of Barre Blend with at least 2 weeks of 10 Rounds.  Why 2 weeks?, well this is new and the intensity of both may or may not be too much but I am committing to 2 weeks of 10 Rounds and if I can I will continue with both. However for now it’s 2 weeks of 10 Rounds with Barre Blend.  Week 8 of Barre challenged me not sure if it was the intensity or if I was glad to be near the end or both.  With this next round of Barre I will be sharing every 2 weeks instead of weekly as well as the first two weeks of 10 Rounds.

20 April 2020 – I’m in my third week of the second round of Barre Blend and am shock as to how long my legs are which means toning. I will continue updates on Barre Blend in my blog so interested follow the blog posts.

20 MAY 2020 – Week 7, day 3 only 2 days remaining in this week and one week in Barre. My endurance, balance has changed as well the toning of my legs, arms and oh yeah my butt is lifted.  Barre Blend is working for me STILL


SHAUN WEEK – 7 Days of intense workout. Not sure if I’m ready for this one.  First all Beachbody’s workout will challenge you and give you TOP TRAINERS, but it’s up to each individual to actually give their 100.  I’m all in and as of now 3 February 2020 I’ve completed DAY 1. Insane Basic. Not sure how in the heck “basic” was in the title of the workout. How be ever, it was half correct because it was “Insane” truly so I will update my week later.

I complete Shaun Week- Insane Focus and every day was “Insane”, but I made it through.  I did fall off on my nutrition which means my results weren’t as great as I wanted.  I did not over indulge, no I did not take in enough of the correct nutrition.  Macros and micros were all off, but now onto the next program and I will be taking weekly measurements and weights.


4 Weeks of the Prep- A 5 day workout to prepare you for intense workouts, fitness programs, improved or increased endurance to a run or just 4 weeks to a moderate increasing intense workout.

I begin this workout 6 January so I’ve completed a week and it begins slow each day and the intense increases throughout the workout.  Each muscle worked, I’ve performed before but another trainer another approach and dang it another challenge to my muscles.  Each day of my first week I felt like okay I need to increase my weights and noted so when that workout comes around to increase the weights.  Now hours later I feel the workout and I’m thinking well should I or not? I will I just need to remind myself I will feel it later and I’ve seen a few body changes so yes I will.  Second week begins and we shall see. Stay tune.

WEEK 2 DONE- January 19. The second week was more of a challenge and my mind set had to be prepared to challenge myself or give up.  You know I challenged myself and proud that I did.  I did under estimate myself a few days by beginning with less weight and had to increase the weights.  I was a bit pissed at myself for skipping range and relax day which is stretching last week because I thought it was just stretching muscles and body but it is a new approach and it stretched and relaxed me, so I will not skip it again.  Week 3 begins tomorrow and yes it begins.

WEEK 3 COMPLETED ON 26 January with an awesome stretch workout.  I mean muscles are loosened, the body relaxes and you want to just do nothing after.  Doing nothing not because you are fatigued but because you feel so relaxed. I increased my weights and I challenged myself on a few of the routines I’d modified because I doubted my ability to perform without falling over myself and yeah I didn’t need to modify.  Sometimes that self doubt will hinder progress (I’m still learning me). Week 4 is in action so stay tune for the ending.

Week 4 COMPLETE – DONE. Yes I completed 4 weeks of the Prep, this workout  and the trainer, Amelia Cesar, gave me challenges as all do but this one was with so many twists I was once more challenged.  I will need to do it again before moving on to his more advanced workout 6 Weeks of THE WORK.  I did not see much change in the scale 3 pounds but the inches, YES. I did on the last week was able to increase my weights as well as on a few of the routines I increased and had to drop the weight. Safety first.  But my next workout will be only for a week and it will be……..

I have several workouts I do, but my main focus now is LIIFT4.

This is a 4 day workout with weights and without. There is an ab workout included in each workout. Depending on the day it’s all lift with light, medium and heavy weights or lift and HIIT and leg day can be lift and HIIT or complete HIIT.
Is there a modifier, of course and every level of fitness is welcomed. It’s your journey. Not a quick fix, not a one day or one week magical change. It’s about committing to yourself for yourself. Time to be selfish it’s about YOU, to change inner and outer and your surrounding world will change.

Dec.14 2019 – I completed week 5of this workout, I was able to increase my weights on a few sets as well as to prevent loss of form and reduce the possibility of injury had to do a few drop sets.

Dec 23 2019 – Week 6 completed and I’ve begin week 7 which is Shred week.  Day one was a shocker because  I was set for “Chest and Triceps”, but it was “Chest and Back”. Week 6  was an increase weight week and I was proud of my gains, however with the change in week 7 my lifting may be that of week 5 or 6 but no increase. I will share how it ends.

Dec 28 2019 Week 7 completed, it was a change in workout days the sequence in the workouts and I once again was not ready but the sweat poured at each workout.  One more week remains in this workout- Week 8 and I’m uncertain if I will repeat or do another workout calendar with another super trainer.  This is one of my joys with Beachbody, I can choose my trainer and workouts. Each trainer has a calendar to follow. Just LOVE IT.

Jan. 5 2020 Week 8 completed and it was a BANG of a workout.  I was able to increase my weights this week with only a few drop sets.  The drop site were so I could keep my form and do 10 reps. Otherwise it would’ve been 3 maybe 4 reps.  I made gains and loss in this program.  Gained muscles, lost a few inches in the waist, few on the scale and gained improved confidence in me.  Not certain what’s my next workout but possible it can be a hybrid calendar workout, which is a workout with two super trainers. Hmmm

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