Being over weight has changed as well as challenged me for years. I have experienced many phases  of “weight loss” and “weight gain”.

First let me share I am five feet seven and a half inches. I would love to have that one half inch, but it is not happening.  I have been 99 pounds and I have been 245 pounds. Yes that is a large gap.  My best weight, well the weight I received so many complements  was 115.

People thought I was the perfect size, and wanted to know how I maintained my weight, I ate constantly. I lied. I told them I just work out here and there.  Truth. I exercised like crazy, I was bulemic with food and exercise. Yes you can be bulemic with exercise. You count calories and workout every morsel of intake and more.  I went though phases of anorexia.

I would gain weight when life was not in my favor, lost of my father, lost of a boyfriend, fear of a promotion. I know that is odd. However I would loose the weight. Yep back to those bad habits.

I finally decided “enough”. I begin to exercise, eat better not necessarily healthy and exercise.  I maintained 140 -150, yes a bit larger but I was no longer bulemic nor anorexia. After the demise of my mother, yep I gained weight. This weight was a mourning .  I missed my mother because of our most precious, loving bond  I had a big void.  I even blamed the clothing manufacturers for me having to increase sizes. This continued for two years.

I was looking at tv late one night and saw one of the exercise program. Uh huh I thought, and changed the channel. Another night the same thing. So I decided to purchase the program. I received it, followed the calendar and start feeling good. Energy returned, work no longer stressed me out. Well not as much.

I  was not however seeing the outcome I wanted. I then signed up on the site and begin to interact with others. Yep, beach body . I learned I still needed help and it was there.

I was doing it wrong, all wrong. My food intake. Thanks to beach body, the programs, the supplements and the coaches I was directed and begin seeing results.

Now I am wanting to help others begin their journey to a healthy, fit body.



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