Tempting The Good & The…

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I’m raising my hand, no both hands, I AM GUILTY. Just a reminder, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand it’s a binding relationship FOREVER. Now don’t misunderstand this because you can get fit on changing your nutrition without being physically active. As well as you can get fit without changing your nutrition. In both instances it will take longer and in both as you begin feeling good, your mindset changes and guess what happens?
You got it for the nutrition only you begin incorporating some type of activity of fitness in your life, walking, spinning, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates and the list continues. By the way all of it can be streamed on BOD , want details ask and I’ll share and you can join me and so many others.
Okay the tempting, that I’m guilty of sometimes. My nutrition is a 75/25 just being honest I haven’t made it to that 80/20. What are those numbers well it’s the so healthy and the off the record. Now to understand eating too much good has it’s backfire. I love salads, lots of greens, nuts, pumpkin, yams, all good right, of course. However too much for me because of the fiber can cause a GI disturbance yep unless the water consumption is increased.
I love nuts and good as they are for you an over consumption means increased fat you have to balance the servings. I fail every time. I try bulk purchasing and I bulk eat not good. I had to be reasonable stop tempting myself with the good. What did I do?, well I purchase the 100 calorie packets and I really limit myself what a change. How do I manage the other good, I purchase single servings so I won’t over indulge.
Now this was difficult as it cost more to purchase small than large but I had to stop the temptation because I have no control on good nutritional food and that goes for fruit. Fruit is good but too much converts into sugar and really I can’t burn that sugar in workouts including my daily activities. Tempting the good.
Now about the other I learned I’m not good with chips so I stop that purchase. Really I can eat a large bag of chips, drink lots of water and be satisfied as I huff and puff through a workout, 5 lbs feel like 20. Now when I have that craving, and I do; I purchase chips I serve myself a few and with tears I immediately toss the remaining in the garbage and the same when I bake and no one else wants anymore I toss it. I know wasteful why not freeze it. Really freeze it, nope I know how to defrost it so I toss out the temptation.
I know I’m not the only one that fight temptation so let’s be strong for each other and I’m tossing strength to you.


What Ignites YOU on Your Fitness Journey

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There are days I’m not sure if I want to workout  or when/  Now don’t misinterpret I hate working out because I love it, enjoy it; however there are days I just feel a bit lazy for awhile.

When this happens I can only justify for a few minutes because there really isn’t an excuse.  With my streaming programs, the community that is involved I can do a workout in 10-45 minutes if I just want a change for the day because each workout has a calendar.   If you have never had an inspiring, motivational community then you have got to try my community. Beachbody On Demand Homepage: https://www.beachbodyondemand.com?referringRepID=1262129.  It’s a community like no other. ok now on with igniting

Okay I will go onto social media and see the inspiring comments from my previous workouts or view someone else on their workouts or just log onto wp and see inspiring posts from those I follow or and follow me.  Fire is higher when I listen to one of my many pod casts and then I am lit, on fire and ready to prepare for a great workout more so a great workout.  Sometimes we just need a little push.


When Do I Increase My Weights

My barbells

Weight lifting has become a HUGE part of my fitness journey, and I am still working on as well have improved on my nutrition which is major.  I am fond of my home workouts for reasons I shall share later but my focus is on weight increase.

My workouts are with a trainer, and still at home.  There is a sheet to record weights used and monitor growth and the trainer actually suggests when to increase the weights. I am good in following the trainers because they have more knowledge than I.  However if my current weight use is still challenging I will not increase for reasons of : possible injury and compromising form to get the benefits.  When I am able to lift, lunge or press with weights that are not challenging or I am able to do 3-5 more reps without feeling a challenge then I will increase my weights.

I know by how much well, this depends on what I have at home.  There weights in between the 5 pound increase such as 10 to 12 instead of 15 or 15 to 17 instead of 20 and yes 20 to 22 instead of 25.  Oh yeah I am speaking of dumbbells because I can increase in increments of 2 or 2.5 on the barbels.  For me I have only that 12 on the dumbbells so I have to up my weights by 5 .  Which I do with caution.

Cautious weight increase is important to stay on the journey without injury and to benefit from the challenge of increasing the weights.  To a week of increasing weights and or reps with safety.


My Reasons for Combining Caridio and Weights

My fitness journey like so many has ups and down but there is one thing I know for certain it is necessary for me to combine my workouts with cardio and weights.

It took me awhile to like  weights, what got me interested?  There are a several reasons :
1. With my history of eating disorder it has assisted (not solely) in increasing my metabolism.
2. Weights has assisted me in giving shape to legs, arms and (in the works) lift that butt and the boobs.
3. I feel stronger also.
Now for the cardio- endurance, fat burning but so are weights, toning and leaning out muscles. By the way it took me a minute to realize with continuous weight training and no cardio, my muscles become define and contracted that it shorten my stretching another reason to combine the both.

All of my reasons for the combination which I am certain I have left out a few, these are my REASONS and may or may not apply to anyone else.

To a week of workouts, choose what works best for you and go get it.

What’s Your Meter Reading

Where are you in your “Intentions/ Goals” for the year. We are almost at the end of the six month of the year. I know if you are like me I need to do a pivot review. But this is okay because we ALL must sometimes check ourselves or do a self.

Yes it maybe time to recalibrate. Time to think about the actions we are applying and if we care committed to ourselves to achieve that one or several goals. Yes you can have more than one goal but best to tackle one at a time.

Recalibrating does not mean to compare yourself to another. PLEASE don’t do this. Recalibrate your actions. And do not up the speed to exhaustion because you will have burn out. Recalibrate means are your actions in sync with what ever journey/intention/goals you have set.

Those actions are the steps necessary and the steps maybe small (baby steps) or large (giant steps). As long as you are moving along you are probably within normal. BUT if not don’t STOP, just do that pivot, recalibrate and get going.

To your mid year Recalibration to fulfill your Inner Champion

Say It…

What are the words to say? Whatever it takes. I had to shout this to myself yesterday.

I begin my Tuesday AM as always, roll out of bed at 3:15, bathroom, potty, wash face. That face washing give me a jump to fully wake up. Look around, sit for a few minutes of meditation. Then my day gets to moving.

Clean liter box, change dog pads (which are actually adult underpads, work better than dog pad). Fresh water and give Lucky (canine) first eye drops. Spot clean areas the fur babies missed on side of the pads, drink pre workout and now time for Lucky’s second eye drops, BUT, Lucky did not move, wake-up says I and then I noticed, his tongue was out, purple and no breathing. My little fellow had received his dog wings.

What, this was quick and why was I so warm. I checked the thermost -78. What? I raised my hand, no air flow, ran outside to check if the system was working. No funny noises.

I cried and cried and cried, I could not workout, what to do with my fur baby, and the air, what about Versace and FJ (my other fur babies). I cried again, washed my face and looked in the mirror. You are not making history, now you are Good, no GREAT, put your mind in positive mode and handle this.

I didn’t want to but I did. I’m still mourning the loss of my fur baby but 17 years is great, however I was blessed to have him for 7 great, beautiful, lovely years. A/C working. Today is another missed workout day and I’m not beating myself up. I will resume tomorrow.

Just a reminder, sometimes we have to deal with those curves tossed by life. In dealing with these curves we must remember to say it. Say those things to remind us of ourselves.

Don’t Believe It

No please don’t. There is so much occurring in the world today and then we have our own lives that for so many, including myself this can be overpowering. Working out is a BIG help but it just may not be the help needed.

Yes, it is always a way to assist with our mental health. NOW remember what works for Sue, Jane, John and the others may not be applicable to you ( by the way I just pulled those names out of the air, they were floating by 😉). So don’t believe it will work for you it just may not and on the flip it may.

What is necessary is find out what works for you. For many unplugging from social media a few days, not listening to the news or reading it. However with the weather going crazy you may want to keep up on that.

Don’t BELIEVE … you are weak. Say what? nope you are not weak. Get over it- what the, (yep almost said something) nope find out what’s necessary for your strong mental health. Go have a drink, hmm well I’ve never heard of a drunken hangover as a solution to ANYTHING. People have been going through this forever so what makes you special. Well, uh I need you to look in a mirror right now or open that camera on your phone and speak out to yourself; because – YOU ARE SPECIAL, YOU ARE UNIQUE and most of all YOU ARE AWESOME.

Now know it is always important to check your mental health status. so check in

The Jump

Jump how high? Well you decide, but know

  1. It’s your fitness
  2. How high you want to jump into it, well yes that’s you too
  3. Your jump action, commitment will dictate how high and how far that jump is

So what’s about the JUMP, hmmm how about making June your jump month

I Can Always Use a Reminder

Hey, how’s it going? You know it’s okay for me because everyday I have a new challenge for myself. Now these challenges are not always big, but they do assist me on my fitness journey.

So glad for my streaming workouts and my virtual fit group and sometimes we workout together and it’s a joy. Now I’m gonna admit sometimes I can get off so, Yes I’m a person that uses a planner. A calendar is good but a planner keeps me organized and i can see where I maybe able to move somethings to another day because on a scale 1-10 they are a one. Yep but thats just me.

What I use regularly for my fitness is this ⬇️

I Went To The Gym or I Worked Out At Home

I think it is a personal choice for everyone where they want to workout. I am a person of virtual home workouts. Yes I am all about BOD.

BOD is my home workout programs to fit my needs and I can do anytime of the day, dressed how I want to BUT that’s not my focus today and what I want to ask you.

My focus and question is, have you incorporated ’JOY’ in your workouts.

That joy will keep you committed only to your workouts. So if you have not and you’re struggling with each workout because it’s not just what you want, well I need you to bring your partner with you on your next workout.

Uh huh, time to bring JOY along, and then if you’re ready to experience my virtual workouts then just send me a message, fill out contact and I will share a few samples, but FIRST I need you to hook up with JOY


We all have it, yes in any fitness program, whether you are streaming along with me on BOD, gym, training or however your fitness program captures your attention it is normal to hit that ’Plateau”.

Now a plateau is not always about the scale. No, it can be a plateau in just working out. In other words a bit burned out. How to overcome?, well…… there are several approaches.

  1. Get a friend or family member to join you
  2. Incorporate several workouts instead of just lifting, cardio , pilates, yoga, barre, dance just add them all into your workout week.
  3. REMEMBER, what workout program you did that was fun and the benefits was mind blowing.
  4. Or just give yourself a week off. Just a week then get back to it. PLEASE don’t go beyond a week unless the physician says so.

Now let’s kick plateau in the platooty

Nope, No and That’s the TRUTH

Your body, with its instinct for self-preservation, knows, on some level, that Human Giver Syndrome is slowly killing you. That’s why you keep trying mindfulness and green smoothies and self-care trend after self-care trend. But that instinct for self-preservation is battling a syndrome that insists that self-preservation is selfish, so your efforts to care for yourself might actually make things worse, activating even more punishment from the world or from yourself, because how dare you?”

We’ve been told for years that putting ourselves first is selfish and to suck it up. Okay that’s two fold. First I need you as I have erase those words and thoughts. Now if there is an emergency, someone needing a friend to listen, the immediate attention to family; by all means go to it.

Second I’m speaking of that down time for you and it’s just not about a workout. That time to meditate, listen to a podcast that motivates you, pray, read a book, a massage, bubble bath. And yes sometime during the week include a workout as many as you can. A pause a workout can be one that works for you and the time as well. Not sure what workout, then send me a message and we can talk via email. Now that down time is for you. This time can be early AM before everyone in your house rise midday on a break or even late night when everyone is asleep.

This down time is what will keep you in a synced mode on what is occurring in your life and how to approach it. Being selfish sometimes mean you must take care of you. WHY? Simple, so you can be there for those that depend and need you, and most of all will build that great strength, love you have for all those you care and love.

So Nope, you are not selfish for taking care of you and that is the truth.

How’s It Going

Spring brings about refreshing. It’s common to refresh the house, the yard, but what about you.

You meaning how are you rejuvenating YOU. Yes our bodies are different in the Spring. Yep we bloom in energy that is most people. Again that rejuvenation, how are you doing? How about your body?, meaning your fitness.

Is your fitness level where you want to be? If not start implementing small changes. PLEASE don’t be drastic. If you are starting over or increasing make smart, safe changes.

NOW where is your mindset. Is your mindset in sync in what changes you are making? If not then it’s evaluation time. Do you need to journal, see or speak to a specialist? Or perhaps you need that positive group setting for motivation or accountability. Now you’re welcome to join me on FB ”Healthy Fab Fitters” or reconnect with your group.

Whatever you do or commit to Refresh Rejuvenate YOU

Spring Time and YOU ALMOST Forgot

It’s spring snd why we are making those changes, in the house, outside and as we all venture out after a couple of years of so many limits we are doing a bit of catch up.

BUT did you forget about the importance of you. How easy is it as we water our surroundings and allow the beautiful sunshine to bring in the green of spring and yet we forget ourselves.

This is okay, I am sharing an easy chart for you to look at and fill in. Yep now you can water and spruce you. Don’t Forget YOU.

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