Tempting The Good & The…

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I’m raising my hand, no both hands, I AM GUILTY. Just a reminder, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand it’s a binding relationship FOREVER. Now don’t misunderstand this because you can get fit on changing your nutrition without being physically active. As well as you can get fit without changing your nutrition. In both instances it will take longer and in both as you begin feeling good, your mindset changes and guess what happens?
You got it for the nutrition only you begin incorporating some type of activity of fitness in your life, walking, spinning, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates and the list continues. By the way all of it can be streamed on BOD , want details ask and I’ll share and you can join me and so many others.
Okay the tempting, that I’m guilty of sometimes. My nutrition is a 75/25 just being honest I haven’t made it to that 80/20. What are those numbers well it’s the so healthy and the off the record. Now to understand eating too much good has it’s backfire. I love salads, lots of greens, nuts, pumpkin, yams, all good right, of course. However too much for me because of the fiber can cause a GI disturbance yep unless the water consumption is increased.
I love nuts and good as they are for you an over consumption means increased fat you have to balance the servings. I fail every time. I try bulk purchasing and I bulk eat not good. I had to be reasonable stop tempting myself with the good. What did I do?, well I purchase the 100 calorie packets and I really limit myself what a change. How do I manage the other good, I purchase single servings so I won’t over indulge.
Now this was difficult as it cost more to purchase small than large but I had to stop the temptation because I have no control on good nutritional food and that goes for fruit. Fruit is good but too much converts into sugar and really I can’t burn that sugar in workouts including my daily activities. Tempting the good.
Now about the other I learned I’m not good with chips so I stop that purchase. Really I can eat a large bag of chips, drink lots of water and be satisfied as I huff and puff through a workout, 5 lbs feel like 20. Now when I have that craving, and I do; I purchase chips I serve myself a few and with tears I immediately toss the remaining in the garbage and the same when I bake and no one else wants anymore I toss it. I know wasteful why not freeze it. Really freeze it, nope I know how to defrost it so I toss out the temptation.
I know I’m not the only one that fight temptation so let’s be strong for each other and I’m tossing strength to you.


What Ignites YOU on Your Fitness Journey

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There are days I’m not sure if I want to workout  or when/  Now don’t misinterpret I hate working out because I love it, enjoy it; however there are days I just feel a bit lazy for awhile.

When this happens I can only justify for a few minutes because there really isn’t an excuse.  With my streaming programs, the community that is involved I can do a workout in 10-45 minutes if I just want a change for the day because each workout has a calendar.   If you have never had an inspiring, motivational community then you have got to try my community. Beachbody On Demand Homepage: https://www.beachbodyondemand.com?referringRepID=1262129.  It’s a community like no other. ok now on with igniting

Okay I will go onto social media and see the inspiring comments from my previous workouts or view someone else on their workouts or just log onto wp and see inspiring posts from those I follow or and follow me.  Fire is higher when I listen to one of my many pod casts and then I am lit, on fire and ready to prepare for a great workout more so a great workout.  Sometimes we just need a little push.


When Do I Increase My Weights

My barbells

Weight lifting has become a HUGE part of my fitness journey, and I am still working on as well have improved on my nutrition which is major.  I am fond of my home workouts for reasons I shall share later but my focus is on weight increase.

My workouts are with a trainer, and still at home.  There is a sheet to record weights used and monitor growth and the trainer actually suggests when to increase the weights. I am good in following the trainers because they have more knowledge than I.  However if my current weight use is still challenging I will not increase for reasons of : possible injury and compromising form to get the benefits.  When I am able to lift, lunge or press with weights that are not challenging or I am able to do 3-5 more reps without feeling a challenge then I will increase my weights.

I know by how much well, this depends on what I have at home.  There weights in between the 5 pound increase such as 10 to 12 instead of 15 or 15 to 17 instead of 20 and yes 20 to 22 instead of 25.  Oh yeah I am speaking of dumbbells because I can increase in increments of 2 or 2.5 on the barbels.  For me I have only that 12 on the dumbbells so I have to up my weights by 5 .  Which I do with caution.

Cautious weight increase is important to stay on the journey without injury and to benefit from the challenge of increasing the weights.  To a week of increasing weights and or reps with safety.


My Reasons for Combining Caridio and Weights

My fitness journey like so many has ups and down but there is one thing I know for certain it is necessary for me to combine my workouts with cardio and weights.

It took me awhile to like  weights, what got me interested?  There are a several reasons :
1. With my history of eating disorder it has assisted (not solely) in increasing my metabolism.
2. Weights has assisted me in giving shape to legs, arms and (in the works) lift that butt and the boobs.
3. I feel stronger also.
Now for the cardio- endurance, fat burning but so are weights, toning and leaning out muscles. By the way it took me a minute to realize with continuous weight training and no cardio, my muscles become define and contracted that it shorten my stretching another reason to combine the both.

All of my reasons for the combination which I am certain I have left out a few, these are my REASONS and may or may not apply to anyone else.

To a week of workouts, choose what works best for you and go get it.

Personal Chat Today and Yes, It’s About You

How often do we hear PD (personal development).
Personal development comes in reading or listen to audible book, podcast listening, BUT what if you did it or are doing it with no results. Hmmmm

This happened to me and then “the real” set in. It was never going to have ANY value, By the way this does not apply to all my readings or pod cast. Back to the no value personal development, it did not apply to me at all and for a few maybe later but 0 value at current.

Personal chat today to you, don’t listen, read, any personal development that does not apply to you. I have wasted time reading personal development or pod cast because they were recommended and I got NOTHING from it. It’s okay to accept a suggestion with a yes and say I’m not ready for that.

If your mindset is to build a team of positive fitness why listen to someone talking about their woes and growth in landscaping business. Or if change your mindset to be positive, fitness may help but you need another personal development. Personally if it does not apply to the you today, well toss it, or place it on the later pile.

VALUE YOU and Personal Development should be

When Is The Last Time You Did It?

Really, when is it, we focus so much, and not only in the fitness world but our daily lives what we are doing wrong; we forget to look at all the rights we’ve accomplished.

Today self applaud yourself for ALL those rights applied that has gotten you to your level of GREATNESS today, and guess what ?? There is more to come.

Slow Down and Breathe It In

As we move into the final weeks of 2022, it is SO easy to double up on our actions to meet our end goals. Guilty, yes I am.

Still we must pace ourselves and enjoy what we’ve accomplished. If we move too fast sometimes we forget to applaud as well as noticed what GREAT accomplishments we’ve achieved.

Our accomplishments means we’ve done our best. It also means STOP the comparison where your BF is. Accomplishments are that, each and everyone of yours and mine has a value.
Recognize, show gratitude after all YOU are awesome.
‘Gratitude is …..

How Difficult Is It

The environment we surround ourselves in will propel us to the next level of our greatness; or it can send you into a world of confusion.

So important to surround yourself with those that motivate, inspire and direct you positively. Those that lift you up in many ways when you need that lift because of discouragement or just a struggle to get to that next level on your fitness journey, perhaps in your personal life be it your employment or family.
‘But I ask are you reciprocating your support to others as well. Why I ask? Because it is so easy to forget others so how about……..

Perfection vs Best

It is so easy to up our levels especially in fitness, but is it our level or the levels to someone.

When you level up, it has to be on your terms and most of all that level up must be to your best. That best will not be perfect, but once again your best. Each time in weight lift workout I may or may not be able to increase my weights on each routine, but good for a few. What’s important that I do not set out for perfect. Well not in the lift, but perfect body alignment and form is necessary to prevent injury, but on those weights well….. It is important to give our best.

Our best allows growth, but also allows us to not burn out. How is that, because we know of the growth, but that perfection will run you bat crazy. How well imagine you lift 80 lbs on overhead press x 12 reps x3, then a few days later can only do 50 because that muscle strength isn’t there. What a decrease what happened? , well we are not the same every day, but what never changes is “our best”

So on that next workout – give it your best and keep moving.

A Spook for YOU

I’m uncertain if I love Halloween as an adult, or just that it begins in October where there is a change in temps. In the south however it will fluctuate a lot, cool, hot warm, rain but right now never cold.

But about October and Halloween with the decorations, cute, alarming and some just dang right scary and spooky. So as I observe all of this I wonder; yep a hmmm moment.

How about me being my own spook? Huh 🤔, Yes spook my behavior to push harder on those actions I’ve procrastinated on and really had to erase that old thought. What thought? , how nice of you to ask. The one we look at the month October and think well, I’d be better since it late in the year to just start fresh in January. Uh not good.

Why wait? To allow for more excuses or reason to procrastinate AGAIN. I think not so spook yourself to a positive, powerful change in you for you, because it’s your life and it’s about YOU.

So get spooky in October for you


How are you doing with it? It is easy to listen to others as they attempt to show you or set expectations for you/me. People listen, we can be vulnerable to our friends or others as they set expectations. But are they your expectations, really think about it.

I have at one time been a victim of satisfying others expectations. It can happen suddenly and it’s easy to apply actions……. Then it happened. I woke up and realized I was living up to expectations that were not me. AT ALL. Why? Because I had and have greater goals. I wasn’t being myself.
There are people who will set expectations of us to their lives. So being unique within we MUST set our own expectations. Most of all those expectations must be true to who we are.

Hitting The Reset Button

It’s time for me to do just that. I’ve hit a plateau AGAIN. The thing with a plateau and that reset button, you must know where you are now, today and where you’ve traveled from.

Hitting the reset button doesn’t mean to delete progress or start over from the beginning. A lesson learned, what it means is to assess. Assess what you need to change. In assessing it is possible of a bit of trial an area to push out the plateau.
Now how ready are you? In my experience I’ve learned and will share you will know if the change is working in 2 weeks. Then move forward for additional change if necessary.

I’ve seen heard the words of many in resetting, trod the same road already taken or do an evaluation on change in 2 to 3 days. REALLY???. It’s necessary to give our body and our mind time to adapt. Yes we reside in a fast moving society but it takes a bit longer when it comes to our bodies. Oh yeah this is about fitness and nutrition, however can be applied to almost any life changing goals.

In hitting the reset button remember:

  1. Love yourself. 2. Be patient with yourself. 3. Be realistic. 4 Don’t be over dramatic in goal setting and yet don’t underestimate your greatness 5. You, me we got this.

Best to all on the reset.

About That Vibe

How great is it to have a Great feeling vibe. Is it valuable, of course. But most of all is it YOUR vibe.

It is so easy to get caught up in the vibe of others, it can also be confusing. I’ve been there. We allow our great friends transpose their goals on us and we feel the joy and follow through with them and then we realize, this isn’t what I want. That vibe can still be for a friend but don’t forget about YOU.
That vibe should be for the joy of you to your friend and about your goals, unless you’re sharing the same goals or a lot of similar goals. Most of all it should be reciprocated.
‘Yep your friend or friends should be as elated for you, it’s that support, accountability buddy friend. These are the best friends ever. Why because they are honest, talk to you in positive ways, remind you to keep moving on those ‘I’m not sure days”. You hold each other to the end and begin another goal today.

See those vibes have direction, for you and your bestie, better known as your BF or BBF.

It’s That Time Of Year

it’s that time or will soon be, there be a change in nature. The nights will become longer and the flowers, well some will lose their bloom and many trees will slowly change to many beautiful colors. Of course I’ll have a hard full of leaves. Not sure how many times it looked like fun as a child to see others rake. Now I don’t always enjoy the raking, but for me it’s outside which is so relaxing and each year I create a new Fall memory, how about you?

In reflecting on this season, Fall how about leafing 😉 behind no longer has value. Reflect and Enjoy this Fall Season.

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