Tempting The Good & The…

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I’m raising my hand, no both hands, I AM GUILTY. Just a reminder, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand it’s a binding relationship FOREVER. Now don’t misunderstand this because you can get fit on changing your nutrition without being physically active. As well as you can get fit without changing your nutrition. In both instances it will take longer and in both as you begin feeling good, your mindset changes and guess what happens?
You got it for the nutrition only you begin incorporating some type of activity of fitness in your life, walking, spinning, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates and the list continues. By the way all of it can be streamed on BOD , want details ask and I’ll share and you can join me and so many others.
Okay the tempting, that I’m guilty of sometimes. My nutrition is a 75/25 just being honest I haven’t made it to that 80/20. What are those numbers well it’s the so healthy and the off the record. Now to understand eating too much good has it’s backfire. I love salads, lots of greens, nuts, pumpkin, yams, all good right, of course. However too much for me because of the fiber can cause a GI disturbance yep unless the water consumption is increased.
I love nuts and good as they are for you an over consumption means increased fat you have to balance the servings. I fail every time. I try bulk purchasing and I bulk eat not good. I had to be reasonable stop tempting myself with the good. What did I do?, well I purchase the 100 calorie packets and I really limit myself what a change. How do I manage the other good, I purchase single servings so I won’t over indulge.
Now this was difficult as it cost more to purchase small than large but I had to stop the temptation because I have no control on good nutritional food and that goes for fruit. Fruit is good but too much converts into sugar and really I can’t burn that sugar in workouts including my daily activities. Tempting the good.
Now about the other I learned I’m not good with chips so I stop that purchase. Really I can eat a large bag of chips, drink lots of water and be satisfied as I huff and puff through a workout, 5 lbs feel like 20. Now when I have that craving, and I do; I purchase chips I serve myself a few and with tears I immediately toss the remaining in the garbage and the same when I bake and no one else wants anymore I toss it. I know wasteful why not freeze it. Really freeze it, nope I know how to defrost it so I toss out the temptation.
I know I’m not the only one that fight temptation so let’s be strong for each other and I’m tossing strength to you.


What Ignites YOU on Your Fitness Journey

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There are days I’m not sure if I want to workout  or when/  Now don’t misinterpret I hate working out because I love it, enjoy it; however there are days I just feel a bit lazy for awhile.

When this happens I can only justify for a few minutes because there really isn’t an excuse.  With my streaming programs, the community that is involved I can do a workout in 10-45 minutes if I just want a change for the day because each workout has a calendar.   If you have never had an inspiring, motivational community then you have got to try my community. Beachbody On Demand Homepage: https://www.beachbodyondemand.com?referringRepID=1262129.  It’s a community like no other. ok now on with igniting

Okay I will go onto social media and see the inspiring comments from my previous workouts or view someone else on their workouts or just log onto wp and see inspiring posts from those I follow or and follow me.  Fire is higher when I listen to one of my many pod casts and then I am lit, on fire and ready to prepare for a great workout more so a great workout.  Sometimes we just need a little push.


When Do I Increase My Weights

My barbells

Weight lifting has become a HUGE part of my fitness journey, and I am still working on as well have improved on my nutrition which is major.  I am fond of my home workouts for reasons I shall share later but my focus is on weight increase.

My workouts are with a trainer, and still at home.  There is a sheet to record weights used and monitor growth and the trainer actually suggests when to increase the weights. I am good in following the trainers because they have more knowledge than I.  However if my current weight use is still challenging I will not increase for reasons of : possible injury and compromising form to get the benefits.  When I am able to lift, lunge or press with weights that are not challenging or I am able to do 3-5 more reps without feeling a challenge then I will increase my weights.

I know by how much well, this depends on what I have at home.  There weights in between the 5 pound increase such as 10 to 12 instead of 15 or 15 to 17 instead of 20 and yes 20 to 22 instead of 25.  Oh yeah I am speaking of dumbbells because I can increase in increments of 2 or 2.5 on the barbels.  For me I have only that 12 on the dumbbells so I have to up my weights by 5 .  Which I do with caution.

Cautious weight increase is important to stay on the journey without injury and to benefit from the challenge of increasing the weights.  To a week of increasing weights and or reps with safety.


My Reasons for Combining Caridio and Weights

My fitness journey like so many has ups and down but there is one thing I know for certain it is necessary for me to combine my workouts with cardio and weights.

It took me awhile to like  weights, what got me interested?  There are a several reasons :
1. With my history of eating disorder it has assisted (not solely) in increasing my metabolism.
2. Weights has assisted me in giving shape to legs, arms and (in the works) lift that butt and the boobs.
3. I feel stronger also.
Now for the cardio- endurance, fat burning but so are weights, toning and leaning out muscles. By the way it took me a minute to realize with continuous weight training and no cardio, my muscles become define and contracted that it shorten my stretching another reason to combine the both.

All of my reasons for the combination which I am certain I have left out a few, these are my REASONS and may or may not apply to anyone else.

To a week of workouts, choose what works best for you and go get it.

Are You Receiving The Support for Success or ……

I love motivating and inspiring individuals but more so females who think they are challenged and want to give up or just aren’t aware how great they are.

More so I like and encourage any one that has goals for change or changes in their lives to surround themselves with that support of like mind. However I recently encountered a situation I was so lost in.

First I love fitness, I love supporting anyone with this love as well. Of course I do have a professional life outside the fitness world. However I was pissed and yes again I will say it I was pissed when someone decided to tell me how to adjust my fitness life and fitness coaching with my other professional.

I think it is so welcomed to make suggestions to encourage and motivate and if you see a flaw PLEASE let me know. I however will no adjust my life of fitness or any to make you and your life happy.

What I say is why would you want me or anyone to adjust their life making them miserable to make your life happy. This is not support, what is it? It is CONTROL.

Control is not support. Our goals are our goals. Our goals may not be aligned with all friends but by the greatness of us all we are created equal and yet uniquely different.

I almost allowed an interruption before realizing what was occurring. So I ask you today to evaluate whether your support is coming from actual support, motivation, inspiration to move forward, jump higher, reach further or is it to be suitable to someone or several people not in aligned with your goals of success.

Support for YOUR SUCCESS reigns high. Be GREAT, Do GREAT because you are GREAT.

Hoping these words encourage you to keep moving.

Consistency… My Response

I am always reiterating the need for consistency and was questioned recently about it because. To this individual I am not consistent in posting on IG and was criticized about me always saying “consistency and focus makes changes.

True and not true. It is so easy to look for flaws (depending on your mindset) than to applaud for so many. Consistency for many is following the same pattern each day, each time and just the pattern. I am however going to share my consistency in sharing my journey on IG and if you’re interested follow me #nitricehealthyfit. I share a workout 6 days a week, unless for an unknown reason I do not share on Sundays. My pattern so respectfully don’t ask why. Oh and it’s not about attending a worship service, I attend Mass on Saturday evenings.

Back to my consistency, I post 6 days a week, I share my workout and a few other things, invite people to by FB group, a few recipes and inspirational/motivational card with deeper explanation. Now for sure it is not always shared at the same time everyday, WHY?, because my schedule is not the same each day and most of all I have to prioritize my day. What’s a priority to me just may not be for someone else. I’m okay with that also RESPECTFULLY I accept that my consistency my not be in accord with someone else. Uh huh, yep my definition is just different why, well I’m me.

Being consistent does not mean I need to follow what others are doing. I am consistent to me for me and most of all I am being UNIQUELY ME!!!. Yes being uniquely yourself is not always accepted but it does bring joy to me and hopefully to you. As I say “We are all created equally and yet WE are uniquely different. Be YOU”

I just learned consistency for many has different meanings and obvious different values and I still say ” Be consistent in your actions if you are wanting change and stay focused”

Cheers to all in being consistent and focused on whatever positive journey you are travelling.

Debunking The Trying Theory

Let’s look at that again. ”Debunking the try theory . I hear this often, ”well I tried”. Now just to share I’ve said it often “I tried”. Uh huh

We have, well I was always told and once believed. If you try something new, be it challenging or easy you are not a failure if you stop.

Well I’m calling BS on that one . WHY? Because I see it totally different. If you stop because it really wasn’t for you then okay as long ad you made that decision honestly. Confusing, no. Through challenges I’ve learned I stopped for reasons of no reasons. Again a bit of confusion.

Stopping because you didn’t want to put in the effort and time because you wanted easy doesn’t count as trying, you never started. Stopping because others couldn’t see your vision or know your goals is not trying. Stopping because life threw a curve ball is not trying. Stopping because you were needing your friends to be on board is not trying. I’m guilty of giving way to all of these and a few more.

Further evaluation of me, made me aware I hadn’t tried several things I once had as a goal or goals. I never started what I did try was finding excuses one after another and labeled the excuses as ”I tried”. I have learned it takes action, tenacity, consistency and believing in yourself, knowing what you want.

So beginning today, head high, eyes and action on your goals and debunk ” I tried”. Instead be a warrior of your goals.

About Your WHY Is It Tiring You Out

I’m one to raise my arm no both arms when it comes to having a vision as to the why your actions are favorable to your goals.

However, what I’ve learned is our why must be adequate to our current lifestyle and as we accomplish one goal then move on and up.

What? It is good to have many goals. I certainly agree. BUT if we don’t step by step it is so easy to burn out and more so give up. Neither of the latter should be an option. Never allow a burn out decide the actions to your goals, just tweak the goal a bit and NEVER, NEVER give up.

Now lets applaud each other as we step towards those goals.


How Is Your Mental Health

The mental health is important. October 10th was mental health day, a day set aside in observance of mental health. So how is your mental health?

Your mental health is of the utmost important for you to achieve all your goals. Your mindset can be affected by your past, and your current status. We go through life and sometimes peoples action can affect us. That’s to say regardless of our race, economic status we sometimes need a listener.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek help. Sometimes a good friend will do. Just make certain it’s not a spread the word friend. The friend has to be a confident. A Priest, a Pastor.

Now let’s debunk a psych therapist theory. Some think this approach is insane but NO. They are professionals to assist us to get to a stable state of mind. Developing clarity and understanding as to what is occurring in your life. It’s insane not to seek help when needed.

The fear of anyone knowing or that you’re alone. Never. You are NEVER alone. Do you fear going to the doctor when you have medical issue? No. So why not take care of your mental status.

No Everyone doesn’t need a therapist, a good support group may suffice only you will know. What ever your choice, make certain it is working for the betterment of you.
Remember your mindset will assist you in moving on to your goals, improve relationships and your overall health. Strength in the mind, so be strong and let’s move on to that goal line.

How Are You Standing?

I’d like to know, and to clarify I’m not speaking of posture. I’m speaking on your goals, in specific your health and fitness goals as well as the action applied.

Let’s talk, we are in October and where are you? Have you been 100 percent dedicated to those fitness and health goals are did you step away then returned or did you stop completely after a week or two in January?

Honestly I’ve had a few hiccups but jumped back in. That’s the key. Learning to deal with those hiccups and get back in motion. Change and adjustment to different fitness level, tweaking our nutrition, handling our daily life will not happen in one day, one week or one month. That change will ONLY happen with consistency. That change can be small and slow or big and fast; but with consistency for SURE it will happen.

One important thing to remember, you/me give to others frequently and neglect to extend it to ourselves. “PATIENCE”. Set the goals, believe in YOU, apply those necessary actions, be consistent (should you detour for a minute, don’t make it long, get back in it), applaud yourself with all gains (be it small or large) and know everyday YOU ARE A WINNER.

Now, how are you standing?

Is It True- Can Fit Be Curvy

What the heck, it is really appalling in 2021 I have heard and read post from others confronting negativity and a few wanting to stop their fitness journey or training .

Why, because of negative comments. Really I want to speak to females first. Females should empower each other as those making positive changes in their life. We all have a journey whether it be fitness (as mine is, but I do have a few others yeah but mainly fitness), business, family or self past you are growing past. Our words should be so encouraging we see sunshine in each word. Now about the curvy.

Fitness comes in many sizes and shape. The good thing on this is that we being fit to their ability, Just to inform anyone that skinny does not make you fit, it makes you skinny. Fit means an individual is working out physically and that can be in any manner that supports an individual lifestyle. Weightlifting, boxing, dance workouts, yoga, Pilates, running, jogging (there is a difference), treadmills combination of workouts just whatever suits an individual.

Just in case you’re waiting for thethe answer, it is YES YES YES. Fit can be curvy. Fit can be small, curvy and strong. Strong in strength and mindset. So yeah to the curvy fit females, keep doing the thang.🙌🏾 🙌 👏🏾 👏🏻

How The Change in Seasons Affect My Workouts

That title doesn’t seem correct, just looks off. What the change in seasons affecting a workout, how?

I know it sounds so unreal, but it is real at least for me. First of all know that I go all in on my workouts even if I don’t really want to workout, yes I do have those days. However when I begin the workout I give it my all and then applaud myself for not allowing all that clutter noise in my head prevent me from an awesome workout. Guys I can’t tell you how my workouts are just AWESOME and not that we have BODi that is just extra fuel.

Off a bit here, BODi is interactive workout live. Yes if you’re sign in and up you get to be live on screen and the trainer can correct you on form if necessary or cheer you on if you’re killing the workout. Aww now I almost forgot we have a spin class imagine that. Okay just sharing the awesomeness of my stream workouts. If you’re interested hey fill out the contact and Ill share the details you want regret it or I can slide you a few sample workouts.

Now, back to the seasons in working out. With the cool weather I always have that extra energy to do longer workouts which usually mean 2 a day and I want to run. Trust me it’s the season because I do not feel this way in the heat of the South. I do sometimes push myself on the treadmill, again committed so I’ll do a few miles and that’s inside. But this cool weather I’m speaking of physical out doors running. Love it.

How about you? Are you favorable to different workouts in different seasons? I’d love to hear your story.

The Forgotten Benefit of Working out

There are many benefits in working out and I’m only going to list a few before I list an important benefit that most people would benefit from if they just got up and did the smallest workout or even sitting and doing a workout.

It’s hard to believe that so many people think a workout has to be strenuous and sweaty followed by aches and discomfort. Okay if you’re just beginning a workout or increasing the weights, the distance or timing our bodies will give us a response indicating there is a change.

However there are so many seated exercises, stretches and long walks or short if you’re just beginning that are beneficial to anyone, With any exercise we will see change be it weight, inches, always energy and that positive mindset.

Now that forgotten benefit is “CIRCULATION”. So many forget or maybe they never knew or thought about it. Workouts will improve circulation and this will assist so many in their health. Again start out small then slowly increase those activities. If you know someone that needs to know this please share regardless of age and as long as there is movement in extremities and if not perhaps a love one can assist,

The benefits of mobility and circulation.

What’s in YOUR Toolkit

I’d like to know what’s in your tool kit?

We, including me, have a tool kit with personal tools. The tools we apply daily to do our normal daily habits, but also for support.

Our support being a podcaster, a book of motivation that applies to our journey and those individuals that support us.

These individuals of support are honest, motivating, loving, positive and caring. All great traits to have for support. But how about that honesty? Honesty doesn’t mean to agree 100 per cent in my thoughts of action. Honesty to me means sharing a different perspective if you feel I maybe wavering off a bit. I waver and when a friend of support in a positive way show me to off the journey trail I’m going. Love it.

I listen, however the key word is being positive in an approach makes a difference. Also supporting me when I am so wrong and thinking that is bonding is so wrong. How so, well it means that individual is the wrong tool for my toolkit. However that’s harsh but maybe for another toolkit, somewhere ( may have to search for it).

It’s not always about my fitness journey and action but applicable to life. That toolkit can be positive heavy, negative heavy or a combo. You decide what’s in your toolkit.

To a day of checking our your tools.

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