Changing The Self Talk

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I know we’re told talking to yourself is somewhat of an insane practice and forbid if you answer with a resolution. Okay honestly have you ever talked to yourself? I’ll answer for me with both hands 🙌 raised. GUILTY. For me it’s a check and balance system. Okay another raise for the honesty when I self talk first I am not always aware it’s verbal. Really it’s a thought or thoughts I’m processing and it just comes out. So what. Now about that self talk.

I once was unable to do two workout routines and kept modifying. What were they pushups and knee tuck jumps. I’d hear push-up and down on my knees I went. Knee push ups were good and easy especially my range of motion was so similar to a high plank. Knee tuck jumps I’d just step it out with high knee raise. Okay, I’m not knocking modification because the benefits are there and for many it’s a safety approach to prevent injury. I knew when I wanted to attempt each and it was a change in my mindset. How well instead of saying I couldn’t do either (that self talk) I changed my words. Haha yep I begin telling my self after each attempt l just hadn’t mastered the move yet. Yes it worked for me, however I still need to get a little lower on those push up and I have mastered knee tuck jumps. Next it’s those tricep push-ups off the knees.

How about you, what talk should you have with yourself? Go ahead I will never label you because I know you’re resolving and evolving. Self talk to your hidden greatness.

We’re Halfway, Are You and Please Don’t

We’re halfway the first month of 2021, how are those resolutions, goals, intentions coming along? I’m going to share on my intentions at least one and that is my boxing. My intent is to box twice a week, thus far I’m at one time a week. Will I just accept that once a week is probably my limit? Uh no, because the time is there I need to get better on my timeline. The thing is if I can find time for that which has no value and definitely will not be an assess to me then surely there 30 maybe 40 minutes of boxing in addition to my regular workouts. I know and love the benefits of boxing for me. With this said “how about you?”

Are you still focused on your goals, resolutions or intentions? You can choose whatever word satisfies you. But really are you? Because many people are throwing up their hands ready to just stop and do what? Yep restart not next month but January 1 2022.🤔. That’s how long? Please stop it. Don’t stop, how can you accomplish what you want, what you know you deserve if you keep restarting. 🛑

It’s time to look and just tweak it and keep moving toward the greatness in your life that’s waiting for your change. Oh yeah it doesn’t have to be just about your fitness journey, it can be about whatever journey you are on . So PLEASE DON’T stop.

Happy New Year again.

Tempting The Good & The…

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I’m raising my hand, no both hands, I AM GUILTY. Just a reminder, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand it’s a binding relationship FOREVER. Now don’t misunderstand this because you can get fit on changing your nutrition without being physically active. As well as you can get fit without changing your nutrition. In both instances it will take longer and in both as you begin feeling good, your mindset changes and guess what happens?
You got it for the nutrition only you begin incorporating some type of activity of fitness in your life, walking, spinning, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates and the list continues. By the way all of it can be streamed on BOD , want details ask and I’ll share and you can join me and so many others.
Okay the tempting, that I’m guilty of sometimes. My nutrition is a 75/25 just being honest I haven’t made it to that 80/20. What are those numbers well it’s the so healthy and the off the record. Now to understand eating too much good has it’s backfire. I love salads, lots of greens, nuts, pumpkin, yams, all good right, of course. However too much for me because of the fiber can cause a GI disturbance yep unless the water consumption is increased.
I love nuts and good as they are for you an over consumption means increased fat you have to balance the servings. I fail every time. I try bulk purchasing and I bulk eat not good. I had to be reasonable stop tempting myself with the good. What did I do?, well I purchase the 100 calorie packets and I really limit myself what a change. How do I manage the other good, I purchase single servings so I won’t over indulge.
Now this was difficult as it cost more to purchase small than large but I had to stop the temptation because I have no control on good nutritional food and that goes for fruit. Fruit is good but too much converts into sugar and really I can’t burn that sugar in workouts including my daily activities. Tempting the good.
Now about the other I learned I’m not good with chips so I stop that purchase. Really I can eat a large bag of chips, drink lots of water and be satisfied as I huff and puff through a workout, 5 lbs feel like 20. Now when I have that craving, and I do; I purchase chips I serve myself a few and with tears I immediately toss the remaining in the garbage and the same when I bake and no one else wants anymore I toss it. I know wasteful why not freeze it. Really freeze it, nope I know how to defrost it so I toss out the temptation.
I know I’m not the only one that fight temptation so let’s be strong for each other and I’m tossing strength to you.

I Know, I Am Who I Am and You are You

Yes I am. I have listened to concerns in the first week of 2021 about individuals starting to implement change to look or similar appearance of someone else. Now I know we all sometimes look at another and silently or loudly if you know them complement them on a look. BUT I NEED you guys to listen to me…………….

We all have similarities but we are all different. No you cannot look like that person if you’re not changing habits, thoughts and many times the people who you accompany yourself with that have total contradictory views on your goals, in other words negative. What takes someone 2 months to change may take you a week or six months are you willing to stick with your program or goal until then. Perhaps their metabolism is different or their life style, the stress, the routine so many variables. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop it.

You are who you are. Be realistic know your weakness and strengths in working toward your “committed change”. Uh huh you have to be committed and know YOU. The change in my workouts are all on my strengths and weakness I gravitate to my strengths first because they are so easy to increase the momentum for change. I adjust my weakness slowly so they can become my strengths (we need a cross over). I have learned and if you are different, halleluiah, if I move to rapidly in changing my weakness I slow down and it happens. Yes, those weakness will remain my weakness until I do that gradual change. Okay gradual may not be for you but know how fast you can go and again stay committed.

Just as I want to make change in my fitness journey, lifestyle with ongoing noticeable, positive change well I’d like you too as well. And if it’s not the fitness journey whatever journey you are making a change in I’m cheering you on. GOOOOOOOO

Beat The Fail

It’s 2021 and man everyone is opening their arms of welcome, how about you? Now 2020 gave us a lot of challenges and the changes we made WOW, a lot of changes.
Although I too had adjustments and a few loses, but honestly was everyday a lost. Okay I’m not deleting my losses but I’m cherishing some of my change.
How so I’ve learned much about myself, family, a few friends. I’ve learned I’m stronger in areas of my life I thought I could not conquer. My love for myself, family and friends has grown a new respect for all and most of all my Blessings and relationship with God.
I’m welcoming 2021 with this motto “BEAT THE FAIL”

I now know I’m stronger (not physical strength), but so many areas in my life I need to cancel out 🚫 any doubts interfering with my intentions. So I ask of you are you too “beating the fail”?

My Workouts Are Like a Tetter Totter

Really they are, you know my workouts. I feel as if I’m ready to go high intensity but I get a reminder. The calf gets to pulling and then the knee. Now let me explain, it was a calf injury; one I hope to never, ever experience again. The injury had at first no pressure on my foot so with the knee slightly bent with crutches then the knee roller. Oh my the change. Later I used toe touch, then the ball of my foot which again the knee slightly bent.
Now that I’m able to walk still short distance but now getting my knee to not feel the discomfort in normal position and having RA doesn’t really help.

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Okay my workouts I am so ready for high intensity but I have to modify. There’s nothing wrong with modifying but I feel blah and on a few routines in following my trainers which of course are streamed, Yes still a beach body fan, Beachbodyondemand, I am doing normal workout and then the pull. Yeah back to modification. I’m just like a teeter totter, up down and I have to motivate myself not to stop.
It’s change and I am not adjusting very well, BUT to myself and for you it’s so important to listen to our body. It’s never a good thing to push through an injury but man sometimes the healing process is so long or appears to be.

So to patience and modification I’m saluting all those recovering from an injury and ready to resume their workouts.

Is It A Virus or Were YOU Hacked

When we normally hear the two words virus and hacked we think of computer, a system, but how about you your mindset.

The virus is two fold and it’s my shared life. Again the virus believing in self limitation imposed upon us by those with their self limitation with no motivation toward any goals and just sliding through. Or the virus in those stating that isn’t normal because of ….. (that list can go on). Or how about the virus of those who want us to follow their path because of their fear.

Now the hack. We believe, you and I then comes along that person or persons with a list longer than the year as to why we should not be pursuing our goals. They can hack into our positive vibes, system (if we allow them). What to do, well for me turn, walk no run away.

Yes we have to stray away from the virus and hackers into our life. The goals, YOUR goals, MY goals, OUR goals must have a malware removal….US

How I Really Feel

I’m serious it was not easy to take a step back in my workouts. I felt as if a small part of me had been snatched. Although I am so much better, it took me a minute to get here after the muscle injury. I knew it was temporary but sometimes temporary seems so long you know when 5 hours feel like 15 hours.
Everyday I had to do self talk. Listen to positive pod casts read books of motivation.
Now how does this change my workouts moving forward? It doesn’t I know I will have to modify for awhile, no jumping, running or high stepping . You know I am good with modification for now.
To continuous recovery and getting back into my fitness workouts I’m going to salute me.


Alignment is so important in out life. Just as we make certain our vehicles, portraits, wall decorations, furniture is aligned so must our life. I didn’t realize until my recent muscle injury our was off alignment. In my fitness life & journey I must realize it has to be aligned with my life.

Alignment doesn’t mean just yoga, meditation, essential oils, reading or and listening to motivational books, podcasts, following motivational individuals on SM, being a part of groups also of positive reflection & motivation, journaling. Although it is all great and needed but applying what we hear or learn is utmost important .
I was in need of realignment. I had become complacent and was unaware. That injury down time. To assist me I returned to the use of my Panda planner which has so many areas to write down focus. It aides me to focus on all ares become aligned with my several goals/intentions.

I know we all have different methods to stay aligned and to eradicate the complacent slope. How are you staying aligned?

It’s TRUE It’s NOT Always The Age

It doesn’t always matter but then again it can. What doesn’t matter, “age”. Again there are circumstances and I’m not going there age is a factor but the list of mindset, believing in yourself, perseverance is much longer.

My recent muscle injury has help me with growth, healing the muscle and strengthening the mindset. My workouts are really a part of my life now, so with my injury I was limited and felt a small snatch. No cardio workouts, limited weight lifting because I had to remove and re-rack which meant a few choice weights. I did have a choice do a little something or keep the pity poor me face.

It’s so easy to accept the pity poor me because I was temporary defeated. Defeated, honestly the third day I cried like a 2 year old because I needed two crutches or the knee roller to move about and I was moving so dang slow with the pain. I really could’ve just “RICE”, rest, ice, compress, elevate and I did. I really did for a short time but I was uncomfortable 🥵 restless. After the cry, puffy eyes and pitying myself I had to push past myself and others.

Others because I was encouraged to rest and take care of me, told this was a sign of age need to slow down in my workouts, laughed at because “someone said you knew it would come”. No and no I didn’t know. Told you can’t do hard cardio, weight lifting or boxing. Yeah I call BS on that absolutely BS.

Sounds angry no, but if I allow others push my reset button in a negative direction, yeah well I called it. I knew I could pace myself and still follow orders without further injury. I also knew I have a greater love of being me than the person a few wanted me to become. Yes if you allow yourself to back pedal you can easily become what others want you to become. I’ve learned take the advice that supports and motivate you, the rest toss it out(there’s someone that will catch it).

I definitely believe we must sometimes push past the old limitations and believe placed by others because of gender or age. We must become the best we’re destined to become and set our own limitations (because there are only a few) and they are only temporary.
Remember it’s the positive mindset, believing you can and will achieve, you can endure just persevere.
I had to remind myself of all this, and soon I’ll be back to my cardio workouts, boxing and just all after all I’m using one crutch 20% of the time and this is ahead of my 2 weeks suppose to be on crutches with probability of being able to walk independently in 4-6 weeks.

Believe In YOU