Deleting The Noise

Just delete them. Some days the noise we hear is our own mixed with so many others. You know, you probably shouldn’t do that, you’re a bit old for that don’t you think, why are you doing that now, you should probably throw in the towel, what the heck just toss it, are you strong enough to endure that, is this for you, I don’t think I could do that you should just stop now, are you absolutely sure?

This is the noise we hear and a few days ago I kept hearing so many of these phrases. Well not aloud but they were cluttering in my mind. I stopped, sat and was just silent for awhile (like 20 minutes) then it happened. I hit the DELETE button. If I want to continue on all my journeys and right now I’m on a few, I had to delete the noise.

That noise was a combination of fear(change can be a bit scary sometimes), doubting myself (down playing my capabilities), the voices of negativity (fearing the voices of the known unsupportive and). This was too much and too loud so I deleted the noise all of it.

I feel better and my visions and actions are clearer. So to you if the noises are too loud, just delete them. We have our journey to complete.

The Swing

Hello, I was on a swing a few days ago; at least it felt like it. I know and always stress you can undo a GREAT workout with BAD nutrition. This was me a couple days ago. Loving my workout and satisfying my sweet tooth. I was swinging back and forward and sabotaging not just my workout but myself. How so?

I was adding useless intake that offered no benefit what so ever. Now I have to stop, there are times I don’t really give a hoot about the caloric makeup of certain deserts especially on holidays Either way I know there is a healthy way to enjoy desserts and to satisfy my sweet tooth. I prefer the healthy in satisfying my sweet tooth and I do take on the I don’t care during holidays as long as I don’t over indulge and usually I don’t.

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How I sabotage myself with the swing on the sweet tooth? Oh it’s a wow, my mood changes and my endurance in working out is sluggish and not a mild sluggish. I had to get off the playground and run away from the swing. What did I do?

Water, the magic of water, I increased my water intake to where it was suppose to be and that sweet tooth craving vanished like a puff of white smoke. So it is true when we don’t drink enough water we can increase our cravings. I know that everyday we cannot drink in the water we like to, but PLEASE don’t allow the days to build up on decrease water hydration. Oh and water is not the substitution for eating is just assist with decreasing the cravings of no value calories.

Raise your glass to water hydration.

The Combination

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The combination is not numbers, well not by itself, but numbers can be applied if you like but the combination I’m speaking of is the interaction towards goals.

It takes strength in mindset for any journey, the strength to stay focus, the strength to override the negative input (usually unsolicited input), the strength to deal the curve balls life tosses to you and to keep moving forward, the strength to believe in yourself when the support you want is not available. Strength is POWER.

As strong as strength is most of all it takes action. Action to stay focused, action to ignore the negative input or just plain silence it. Silence it by disassociation. Action to knock that curve ball out of your life or catch it and call “OUT” in others words handle the situation positively and move on. Action in knowing that it appears that you are alone but really you’ve not looked around you because once you do you’ll find you’re not alone.

The combination of it all for me in my fitness life and life it self is the combination of STRENGTH + ACTION. Together those goals or intentions (as some might say) are closer than we see or think.

To weeks ahead of experiencing the combination.

The Satisfaction, Dedication, The End

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How the struggle in any area of fitness is not as glamourous as it looks. I know for me the journey (which is life long). I often hear individuals wanting a quick fix and in admiration of others think it was so easy. It’s not y’all. STOP thinking fitness is always easy. Yes there are many with bodies and metabolism on a high and fit (seems as fi they were just born that way, a few are).

First of all and most important you must be satisfied with yourself, right now, at this moment. This does not mean you do not need to work on yourself but being satisfied right now and loving you right now is a start because that will propel you to the next level of fitness journey change.

Dedication, you must be committed and dedicated to the change YOU want. You see that capitalized, yes your want. If you’re not doing it for you there may be a bit of fluctuations. Okay I’m not negating that in dedicating for a change it also gives us better interaction with family and other areas in our lives but the dedication has to be the ultimate change of YOU. Of course I accept if you disagree, but it was ME first.

The End is that dedication will lead the path to the end of a temporary journey and it becomes a part of your life. Fitness has become a part of my life. Satisfaction, dedication leads to an end and a new beginning which begins with YOU, ME, US.

Being Trapped -The Power Of Meditation

The power of working out has greater value at times than physical. I’m speaking of my current situation of feeling trapped. Yes I am. As an individual with greater than one profession the one I love is the medical field. I am being challenged almost bullied and really recently I want to just scream and say things I know I would regret later but will make me feel great at the moment. How great it is to know your self and have that control.

I know the power of Meditation and recently it has become a routine. Now I am one that always favor if you’re not happy move on, so I’m trapped. I enjoy the work, what is it well in this particular area of my profession it’s treating individuals with IV or injections. Love it, so yeah I’m trapped. However the meditation is and has assisted me. I meditate anyway and for me there is a difference. I meditate to relax my body and focus and now I’m meditating to see the beauty of my situation and to keep my mindset and behavior positive.

ALWAYS allow your INPUT be so POSITIVE that your OUTPUT is equally POSIYIVE.

Are You Socialized

Are you? This question may make you raise your eyebrow or both because you’re probably thinking 🤔 what the heck. Yes, and if you’re like me have a few social media accounts, RIGHT.

Well you have it right and wrong. The socializing I’m speaking of is allowing the greater population decide your norm so you will not feel like the odd ball. Odd ball being what you’re doing is so out of characteristic for let’s say your age, your financial status, your professional, your gender, your family, your friends this list is long but you get the picture.

You’re SOCIALIZED when you allow the limits, history standards set your limits. You’re socialized when you do them because you feel you maybe cast out of a group, lose friends, or as I do sometimes carry those labels “odd, so different”, there are many. I once was so socialized listening to a few on my fitness journey. I also am so glad I became aware, surrounded myself with like minded individuals, and detached myself from limiting socialized standards. Remember if you’re not harming you or others your journey be it fitness as mine or whatever is on the rise.

Are You Guilty Too?

How many times during a workout have you underestimated your strength just because you’ve become complacent. Well this was me last eve. I under estimated my capability in my workout. First to acknowledge I workout at home. This is the only way I’d be able to workout at least 4-6 days a week otherwise I would be at one. How do I know because I’ve been there. One thing I had to learn was how to eliminate excuses in my fitness journey and still I’m adjusting. So glad I was introduced to beachbody, the benefits, the nutritional meal plans (there is more than the delicious nutritional shakes).
I usually what I call pre stage my workouts. In other words set the stage for the workout. I decided in “Back & Biceps” workout I would use 10,15,20 & 30 lb dumbbells. I knew I can always do a drop set. Not familiar with the term, well that’s when you start heavy for so many reps and if you lose form (without the correct form you just going through the motion), you decrease the weights and continue. Occasionally I have increased instead of decreasing.

This is my pre workout stage. Oh yeah I used the 10 lbs only once and in my rows I replaced the 30 lbs with……..

Yes 40 lbs. So stop second guessing your strength, you’re stronger in strength lifting than you think. You Got This

Changing The Self Talk

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I know we’re told talking to yourself is somewhat of an insane practice and forbid if you answer with a resolution. Okay honestly have you ever talked to yourself? I’ll answer for me with both hands 🙌 raised. GUILTY. For me it’s a check and balance system. Okay another raise for the honesty when I self talk first I am not always aware it’s verbal. Really it’s a thought or thoughts I’m processing and it just comes out. So what. Now about that self talk.

I once was unable to do two workout routines and kept modifying. What were they pushups and knee tuck jumps. I’d hear push-up and down on my knees I went. Knee push ups were good and easy especially my range of motion was so similar to a high plank. Knee tuck jumps I’d just step it out with high knee raise. Okay, I’m not knocking modification because the benefits are there and for many it’s a safety approach to prevent injury. I knew when I wanted to attempt each and it was a change in my mindset. How well instead of saying I couldn’t do either (that self talk) I changed my words. Haha yep I begin telling my self after each attempt l just hadn’t mastered the move yet. Yes it worked for me, however I still need to get a little lower on those push up and I have mastered knee tuck jumps. Next it’s those tricep push-ups off the knees.

How about you, what talk should you have with yourself? Go ahead I will never label you because I know you’re resolving and evolving. Self talk to your hidden greatness.

We’re Halfway, Are You and Please Don’t

We’re halfway the first month of 2021, how are those resolutions, goals, intentions coming along? I’m going to share on my intentions at least one and that is my boxing. My intent is to box twice a week, thus far I’m at one time a week. Will I just accept that once a week is probably my limit? Uh no, because the time is there I need to get better on my timeline. The thing is if I can find time for that which has no value and definitely will not be an assess to me then surely there 30 maybe 40 minutes of boxing in addition to my regular workouts. I know and love the benefits of boxing for me. With this said “how about you?”

Are you still focused on your goals, resolutions or intentions? You can choose whatever word satisfies you. But really are you? Because many people are throwing up their hands ready to just stop and do what? Yep restart not next month but January 1 2022.🤔. That’s how long? Please stop it. Don’t stop, how can you accomplish what you want, what you know you deserve if you keep restarting. 🛑

It’s time to look and just tweak it and keep moving toward the greatness in your life that’s waiting for your change. Oh yeah it doesn’t have to be just about your fitness journey, it can be about whatever journey you are on . So PLEASE DON’T stop.

Happy New Year again.

Tempting The Good & The…

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I’m raising my hand, no both hands, I AM GUILTY. Just a reminder, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand it’s a binding relationship FOREVER. Now don’t misunderstand this because you can get fit on changing your nutrition without being physically active. As well as you can get fit without changing your nutrition. In both instances it will take longer and in both as you begin feeling good, your mindset changes and guess what happens?
You got it for the nutrition only you begin incorporating some type of activity of fitness in your life, walking, spinning, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates and the list continues. By the way all of it can be streamed on BOD , want details ask and I’ll share and you can join me and so many others.
Okay the tempting, that I’m guilty of sometimes. My nutrition is a 75/25 just being honest I haven’t made it to that 80/20. What are those numbers well it’s the so healthy and the off the record. Now to understand eating too much good has it’s backfire. I love salads, lots of greens, nuts, pumpkin, yams, all good right, of course. However too much for me because of the fiber can cause a GI disturbance yep unless the water consumption is increased.
I love nuts and good as they are for you an over consumption means increased fat you have to balance the servings. I fail every time. I try bulk purchasing and I bulk eat not good. I had to be reasonable stop tempting myself with the good. What did I do?, well I purchase the 100 calorie packets and I really limit myself what a change. How do I manage the other good, I purchase single servings so I won’t over indulge.
Now this was difficult as it cost more to purchase small than large but I had to stop the temptation because I have no control on good nutritional food and that goes for fruit. Fruit is good but too much converts into sugar and really I can’t burn that sugar in workouts including my daily activities. Tempting the good.
Now about the other I learned I’m not good with chips so I stop that purchase. Really I can eat a large bag of chips, drink lots of water and be satisfied as I huff and puff through a workout, 5 lbs feel like 20. Now when I have that craving, and I do; I purchase chips I serve myself a few and with tears I immediately toss the remaining in the garbage and the same when I bake and no one else wants anymore I toss it. I know wasteful why not freeze it. Really freeze it, nope I know how to defrost it so I toss out the temptation.
I know I’m not the only one that fight temptation so let’s be strong for each other and I’m tossing strength to you.