Personal Chat Today and Yes, It’s About You

How often do we hear PD (personal development). Personal development comes in reading or listen to audible book, podcast listening, BUT what if you did it or are doing it with no results. Hmmmm This happened to me and then “the real” set in. It was never going to have ANY value, By the wayContinue reading “Personal Chat Today and Yes, It’s About You”

When Is The Last Time You Did It?

Really, when is it, we focus so much, and not only in the fitness world but our daily lives what we are doing wrong; we forget to look at all the rights we’ve accomplished. Today self applaud yourself for ALL those rights applied that has gotten you to your level of GREATNESS today, and guessContinue reading “When Is The Last Time You Did It?”

Slow Down and Breathe It In

As we move into the final weeks of 2022, it is SO easy to double up on our actions to meet our end goals. Guilty, yes I am. Still we must pace ourselves and enjoy what we’ve accomplished. If we move too fast sometimes we forget to applaud as well as noticed what GREAT accomplishmentsContinue reading “Slow Down and Breathe It In”

How Difficult Is It

The environment we surround ourselves in will propel us to the next level of our greatness; or it can send you into a world of confusion. So important to surround yourself with those that motivate, inspire and direct you positively. Those that lift you up in many ways when you need that lift because ofContinue reading “How Difficult Is It”

A Spook for YOU

I’m uncertain if I love Halloween as an adult, or just that it begins in October where there is a change in temps. In the south however it will fluctuate a lot, cool, hot warm, rain but right now never cold. But about October and Halloween with the decorations, cute, alarming and some just dangContinue reading “A Spook for YOU”