The Carbs We Consume

Carbs have some benefits especially the ones that provide energy in workouts. There are so many carbs although healthy and fiber filled it is easy to overindulge without being truly aware. What happens we, or rather ME sometimes have eaten too many carbs. It did take me awhile to become knowledgeable of this. I begin tracking my carbs, I wasn’t eating excessive on the truly recognizable carbs. I’m share a few.

VEGGIES – acorn squash, butternut squash, green peas

BEANS – bean pasta, hummus, peas

FRUITS – apples, bananas, cantaloupe, grapes, mango, oranges, raspberries, watermelon.

GRAINS – bran cereal, oats, quinoa

I’m sharing only a few for there is more and I’m aware that modification is so important, however sometimes it is easy to lose control on what we know is good for us. Depending on your active level is a good start to know your limit. Just remember as I have to too much of any food can have a backlash in my fitness journey. Still learning and growing my fitness knowledge, what’s new on your journey and it doesn’t have to be on fitness.

Life Makes Changes

There are changes in life we must adapt to regardless and sometimes well I’m just a bit slow at it especially when there is a lost. This past week end I lost one of my felines and she was responding so well to her new medication. I’m uncertain if it was just too strong or if was her antibiotic injection or a combination of both. Tarby was my alarm clock most days she’d wake me up just a few minutes before the alarm would sound. She found a way to communicate with me when someone or another feline or canine was doing something unusual. She was hyper, loving and always purring.
Well in the mist of me cleaning her eyes she took her last breath. I was heartbroken. I know many of you will think it’s an animal or just a cat and that’s okay. To me Tar Tar which I called her a lot was a part of the family. I’ve had her for 17 years. Her condition was hyperthyroidism, 3 times the normal level of feline. I am 3 days post her death and just getting to return to myself but I miss her a lot.

In my mourning I really had no appetite I just wanted to curl up. My family attempted the fed but I really had no appetite. I missed my little black feline. BUT I knew I probably needed nutrition. So I made myself a nutritional shake because it has so many ingredients and I knew my body wouldn’t be starving. Of course a shake should never be the entire nutrition for the day but I couldn’t eat anything. One package mixed with cashew milk, ice and 1/4 of a banana (just to make it smoother), I was satisfied. What’s your go to substitution when food is not just for you?

My choice is Shakeology, not because it taste good but because of the ingredients and the benefits I knew I was in good hands.
RIP Tarby.