Are You Receiving The Support for Success or ……

I love motivating and inspiring individuals but more so females who think they are challenged and want to give up or just aren’t aware how great they are. More so I like and encourage any one that has goals for change or changes in their lives to surround themselves with that support of like mind.Continue reading “Are You Receiving The Support for Success or ……”

Consistency… My Response

I am always reiterating the need for consistency and was questioned recently about it because. To this individual I am not consistent in posting on IG and was criticized about me always saying “consistency and focus makes changes. True and not true. It is so easy to look for flaws (depending on your mindset) thanContinue reading “Consistency… My Response”

How Are You Standing?

I’d like to know, and to clarify I’m not speaking of posture. I’m speaking on your goals, in specific your health and fitness goals as well as the action applied. Let’s talk, we are in October and where are you? Have you been 100 percent dedicated to those fitness and health goals are did youContinue reading “How Are You Standing?”

Is It True- Can Fit Be Curvy

What the heck, it is really appalling in 2021 I have heard and read post from others confronting negativity and a few wanting to stop their fitness journey or training . Why, because of negative comments. Really I want to speak to females first. Females should empower each other as those making positive changes inContinue reading “Is It True- Can Fit Be Curvy”

How The Change in Seasons Affect My Workouts

That title doesn’t seem correct, just looks off. What the change in seasons affecting a workout, how? I know it sounds so unreal, but it is real at least for me. First of all know that I go all in on my workouts even if I don’t really want to workout, yes I do haveContinue reading “How The Change in Seasons Affect My Workouts”

The Forgotten Benefit of Working out

There are many benefits in working out and I’m only going to list a few before I list an important benefit that most people would benefit from if they just got up and did the smallest workout or even sitting and doing a workout. It’s hard to believe that so many people think a workoutContinue reading “The Forgotten Benefit of Working out”