The Balance is Three Fold

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Being balance is so important is many phases of our life especially when it come to change. First change just don’t happen rapidly when moving toward a goal or for many an intention for me I’m good with “goal” but whatever works for you to stay committed and focus I’m with you.

WANT IT – You must want it as I’ve learned you have to yourself want the change. If you’re wanting change to appease another well the joy and commitment may not survive. What are your actual, true feelings in this goal/intention? You really need to break it down and be honest with yourself.

COMMIT – Are you in it for the long haul and for some it maybe a short haul, either way are you in? Being committed and know sometimes there are a few hiccups, curves but being committed to your goal/intention you will work through these obstacles. It is necessary to put a plan to action, actually writing it down in the beginning is such a help until every thing just becomes habit.

DO – You want it, you’re committed and now you have to do it. Yes take action. Taking action means to apply yourself, listen to others on the same page as you which does not mean you have to appy everything but only what applies to you. Get an accountability partner. An accountability partner helps, oh my in so many ways. Read books only those that apply to you, listen to podcasts angain only that apply you.

Reading and listening is not to say blah blah blah I’ve heard that but it is to motivate you and keep you and me “us” on our route to let us know we are not standing solo, with challenges and goals/intentions. Most of all to assist us in deep breathing and say well done because it’s easy to stop than it is to keep moving.

DON’T STOP just remember “the balance”

Consistency – The Challenge For Change

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Simple but no, it’s not. How often I crave for another change and it’s a challenge. Well for change to happen in workouts, life there has to be some type of application to make the change happen, for me it’s workouts and my career. For that to happen I must be consistent. Always consistent, now what is consistent.

Oh you think you know steady, keep up the tasks as laid out for you. Hahaha, you’re wrong. Consistency means to apply the level of commitment YOU can do. Yep you must make it about you. So make the change with your WHY set the rate of consistency you know you can handle. Too much can cause a lot of fumbles, too little, really, let’s not even think of it.

Your WHY will assist every time you think or rethink the change, also when you want to slack off or give up. The Why will make the challenge worthwhile, the consistency will satisfy the why and the challenge.

The Pivot

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“The Pivot”, it’s like a dance step yeah a slight turn and a step but not too fast. Should or do you pivot maybe not but perhaps it’s time as I’ve recently understood the short phrase in a podcast. It’s just a slight adjustment in our goals or intentions which ever works best for you. The purpose is to side step complacent when you want change.

That change you want because you are not really satisfied where you are be it life, workouts or whatever, and you know you can achieve more, do more be more. BUT you are okay for now and those second, third and sometimes fourth thoughts of “what if” is running through your head. Well it’s time to PIVOT.

Pivot with small changes then evaluate, (make sure it’s greater than a day, week) be real on that evaluation time then make a bigger pivot. Now what I learned also is that the pivot may not be complete for once so I’m suggesting and applying a 45 degree pivot instead of a full 360 but it’s your PIVOT.


I Just Cannot …..

No matter how I try, I am finding it so difficult to consume extra vegetables in my diet. First let me explain, I eat loads of vegetables or what I’d like to think of as loads of vegetables. However if I drink the water and the vegetables I am full beyond not the lazy full but full to satisfaction and long lasting.

I am so aware of my need to consume more vegetables just as I am on water but unless you are living next to the potty or traveling short distance that water thing well I get enough in. Can someone, anyone help me only those that are busy and not able to run to the bathroom when the signal comes, how the heck to consume enough water on busy days. Yeah, I’ll be listening now back to the vegetables.

Because the fiber loads you up in vegetables, well me, I now add extra greens in my shakes and I must say it’s a good choice. Thanks to power greens. Please share how do you consume extra vegetables.

The Drop Set-It’s Effectiveness

Increasing my weights and keeping a record of the increase is so important to me. It’s a good habit regardless but if you want to see change I know you (I) must increase those weights and also for all the females, weight lifting helps increase our metabolism, aide in that lean muscle and NOPE you won’t bulk up unless that’s your goal.

The drop set which I am so good at is increasing my weights for several reps then I will decrease. Why? For several reasons.

1.Form, I want to maintain the correct form to benefit from the lift. I don’t want to just go through the motion

2. To prevent strain or possible injury to a muscle or myself in any way.

I’d rather do 20 safe reps than 4 poor reps any day.

It’s Not A Failure….

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I had to remind myself of the ” not a failure” sometimes when I set my mind to do a workout and it’s usually two and I have the time slot set as well. Here lately I’m only able to complete one and as the day extends out the second one atleast the time for the second one just dissipate. I was feeling I’d failed myself because I have a set goal date for the metamorphous of some of my body. Don’t look like that is going to happen in my time line.

It’s okay I remind myself because my goal is outside of my time line and its’s not a failure. As long as I don’t stop working toward my goal, recognize life throws us a ball sometimes and it’s our choice, (my choice) to slam that son of a gun out the park. Instead of Failure it’s a Delay.

To anyone that shares the experience as I just keep it moving and remember “It’s Not A Failure, But A Delay”.

How Long Is The List

The list which always a few things or a lot of things, but the list I’m speaking of is one I had to at once (years ago) toss. However in the past several day I have heard people in conversation with a list, I do believe is longer than they are tall.

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Now about that list, it’s a list of excuses to working out and with your complaint on your nutrition why you cannot change it. I really love to encourage and motivate people should THEY WANT to change. Yep you have to want change to begin the process. If you keep adding to your list of excuses instead of finding a way to decrease or toss that list well…….. well………well…..

Okay well I’m just inclined to believe you are not ready for a change. Nope you’re not but I’m one to raise my hand to motivate you and help you remove some of those excuses. Of course this does not mean to make drastic changes because it’s necessary to be realistic and making changes you can be dedicated to with phases of progression to your goals/intentions (your preference)

Do you have a long list or have you joined the reduction list with me and so many others? Come on join us, we welcome you.

Before I Commit…..

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Is it always an approach or a certain way to do anything in life without a guide. Well yeah it is. But since we are ALL different in so many ways, DNA, Beliefs, Morals, Habits and other ways; it is necessary to know what does or does not work for us, you, me.

What I do know about me and it has been a lesson to learn and a few years to realize.

Before I commit to you, to work or any duty(ies), I MUST FIRST commit to me. That’s right ME. I know what works best for me, and that is to allow myself time to workout be it 20 minutes or an hour or longer. See this is what it will take for me to function on that particular day. My mindset, my thoughts and actions will benefit from my workout. My approach to a negative situation (should I encounter one), my workout really assist my respnse and action.

Respectfully and I hope those I encounter will respect my workouts on my fit journey have so many benefits . Please don’t get upset when I say that’s my workout time (this is getting to be a regular thing). Don’t get upset when I say no I will not adjust for you and shannigan that can wait till like, forever. Also dont believe our time shared or spent together is not important, because it is. However I must commit to me, my fitness unless God (yes I am a believer in God) show me an emergency situation; I will gladly adjust but until then…

Respect how I commit and I will do the same for you. Much love

Turn It Up-Will You-Can You

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Turn it up, yes let’s get do it together. What, how and what am I requesting you to turn up.

Our workouts of course. I’m always posting I gave it my 100 and sweat is pouring like crazy in my eyes, every orifice in my body, legs, abdomen and some of these areas are new for me. I now wonder as I’ve recently noted if I gave just a little more perhaps 110 or 150. I tried it and I lift heavier, squatted lower and increased my speed in airless jump ropes.

Now it was a push especially in the ropes, I did pause to catch my breath but only for a few seconds and how I felt afterwards was PRICELESS. I’m still working on building up to that 150 of the push of course eventually it will be my 100 and I’ll push again.

I know and you should too this push will increase our change. To new beginnings of ” Turning It Up”

Set The Stage

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I bet you’re wondering what does that mean, I’ll gladly explain, after a few words to let you know there are two stages and two methods of setting the stage.

Stage I, is for home workouts, just have your equipment available and set ip for the workout. If you’re lifting have a set of lighter weight than projected and a set of heavier weight than projected. Why, especially if you’re keeping a record; because our strength at least mine vary. There are days I am able to lift much heavier as well as days I have to go lighter to maintain form and get a specific number of reps in. Should there be additional equipment such as airless ropes, resistant bands, a towel. Okay the towel, I use for my air boxing workout the agility round(don’t knock it ’til you try it).

Doing a home workout and setting the stage, definently prevents those many times of interruption by the pause button, and slowing the burn of the workout until you resume.

Stage II a gym workout, know exactly which weights and what machine you’ll be using. For now I’m sure there is no wait time due to COVID, however in the future just do a rapid walk about so your energy stays high. I know for me and I’m not the only one that wait for use of a machine will make a big difference in the response to muscles as they have cooled down and now you have to slowly build them up again to tolerate the lift or quad muscles for the squat or for that treadmill run.

This week and every day of your workout “Set The Stage”