The Twinning Syndrome

I know is there really a twinning syndrome? Of course not but that’s what I call it and I had to learn to stop it.

This is when you mock the behavior of a fitness enthusiast you want to be like. You eat what they eat, do all their workouts (or so you think), sleep their number of hours in other words try to mimic their fitness life as much as possible to bet the muscle tone and body just like them.

Aha. the possibility of that occurring is just that. A possibility. Why because our bodies are so different. You must first of all and for most love you as you first. Then you must have that relationship with your body to know what you can keep and what you need to toss out. That relationship with the body will hell you differentiate what’s best.

I know there are certain workouts I must modify to prevent injury and certain foods will not work for me at all regardless of the great value so I must substitute.

Our bodies are individualized. Does this mean you will not achieve your goals, of course not. I’m still working on and seeing progress in my fitness journey or rather the change in my fitness life style; which includes both scale and non scale victories. I learned through critiquing myself I’ve stopped that. I was angry with why I wasn’t getting results I wanted and fast. Well I had to tweak a few things and as always dial in my nutrition that was for me. Yep that relationship with your body makes a difference.

So STOP the twinning and be YOU. Use all and every encouragement that applies to you, which does not mean take it easy. Just know what accelerates and what decelerates the journey. This journey is not just for fitness of course I am speaking of fitness it also applies to life goals.

Did You Really Screw Up Or….

I hear this a lot and have written about it but really a screw up to me is an unintentional mistake. So when you say “I screwed Up” relating to your workouts or overindulgence of a joyful meal now now.

Who’s in control? Skipping a workout due to circumstances is not a screw up, skipping a workout because you’re too sick, fatigue yep that’s understandable. BUT skipping a workout to just watch a movie, show or for no real reason is not a screw up it’s an intention. The same applies when you overindulge in a meal lots of carbs, yeah (I’m guilty of this sometimes) but it’s not a screw up because we know exactly what we are doing at least I do. Yep I am so aware what I put in my mouth every darn bite.

Not a screw up, but it is a screw up when you over indulge and skip several workouts and then just over exhaust the body in hard workouts for several hours and then days of limiting your intake or starvation. NOPE, STOP. This behavior can cause harm to the body just get back on track.

Live and enjoy life but don’t punish yourself. Reboot that self energy and well get back to it.

Being Me Is So Confusing to Many

I must confess I will not always look the same, my hair, my clothes, my makeup. Nope I change and on a regular but that’s me.

How often I must hold my tongue and then just smile when people learn that I have more than one profession and I’m enrolled in volunteer programs, read books of motivation, listen to podcasts, write, workout and this list can go on.

Just because I am ME and I look different than what you’d expect don’t prejudge me. If you’re interested get to know me or anyone. People we are humans all of different personalities and strength. Love and respect and stop the darn gone prejudging.

You do you and let me an others do ourselves as long as it is positive then PLEASE step aside.

To week s of being YOU

Uniquely Me Uniquely You

Did you get it?, because so many don’t. Heck it took me a minute to get it. We are so good at admiring others on any journey mine being fitness and compare myself to others. I had to tell myself as I am you. STOP THE COMPARISON. You and I are uniquely ourselves, there is no one like us, maybe similar but not 100% like us.

We are unique individuals. Before any journey we must love ourselves as is then begin tweaking for the change we want whether it’s fitness or lifestyle change in another arena in you awesome life. So in unison let’s shout “UNIQUELY ME UNIQUELY YOU”. For a cap off Yes you’re UNIQUE.

Yes and So What

I don’t know about you or any one else but I do enjoy holidays. What does that mean? Well I do consume a little more carbs than usual but I don’t go overboard like 2 to 3 slices of dessert or anything else.

With that said I don’t continue the indulgence nor do I punish myself. What happens is I get back on the journey path on my fit lifestyle. I also apply this if I skip a workout day or days (although it’s been awhile this has happened). Don’t stop just resume. Remember as I tell myself (self talk) stopping is easy, and if you keep stopping there is one goal you will for certain reach. The goal of nothing.

So yes you may step off that path for a second and so what, it’s life. But what you do to get back on that path is what really matters.

Deleting The Noise

Just delete them. Some days the noise we hear is our own mixed with so many others. You know, you probably shouldn’t do that, you’re a bit old for that don’t you think, why are you doing that now, you should probably throw in the towel, what the heck just toss it, are you strong enough to endure that, is this for you, I don’t think I could do that you should just stop now, are you absolutely sure?

This is the noise we hear and a few days ago I kept hearing so many of these phrases. Well not aloud but they were cluttering in my mind. I stopped, sat and was just silent for awhile (like 20 minutes) then it happened. I hit the DELETE button. If I want to continue on all my journeys and right now I’m on a few, I had to delete the noise.

That noise was a combination of fear(change can be a bit scary sometimes), doubting myself (down playing my capabilities), the voices of negativity (fearing the voices of the known unsupportive and). This was too much and too loud so I deleted the noise all of it.

I feel better and my visions and actions are clearer. So to you if the noises are too loud, just delete them. We have our journey to complete.

The Swing

Hello, I was on a swing a few days ago; at least it felt like it. I know and always stress you can undo a GREAT workout with BAD nutrition. This was me a couple days ago. Loving my workout and satisfying my sweet tooth. I was swinging back and forward and sabotaging not just my workout but myself. How so?

I was adding useless intake that offered no benefit what so ever. Now I have to stop, there are times I don’t really give a hoot about the caloric makeup of certain deserts especially on holidays Either way I know there is a healthy way to enjoy desserts and to satisfy my sweet tooth. I prefer the healthy in satisfying my sweet tooth and I do take on the I don’t care during holidays as long as I don’t over indulge and usually I don’t.

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How I sabotage myself with the swing on the sweet tooth? Oh it’s a wow, my mood changes and my endurance in working out is sluggish and not a mild sluggish. I had to get off the playground and run away from the swing. What did I do?

Water, the magic of water, I increased my water intake to where it was suppose to be and that sweet tooth craving vanished like a puff of white smoke. So it is true when we don’t drink enough water we can increase our cravings. I know that everyday we cannot drink in the water we like to, but PLEASE don’t allow the days to build up on decrease water hydration. Oh and water is not the substitution for eating is just assist with decreasing the cravings of no value calories.

Raise your glass to water hydration.

The Combination

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The combination is not numbers, well not by itself, but numbers can be applied if you like but the combination I’m speaking of is the interaction towards goals.

It takes strength in mindset for any journey, the strength to stay focus, the strength to override the negative input (usually unsolicited input), the strength to deal the curve balls life tosses to you and to keep moving forward, the strength to believe in yourself when the support you want is not available. Strength is POWER.

As strong as strength is most of all it takes action. Action to stay focused, action to ignore the negative input or just plain silence it. Silence it by disassociation. Action to knock that curve ball out of your life or catch it and call “OUT” in others words handle the situation positively and move on. Action in knowing that it appears that you are alone but really you’ve not looked around you because once you do you’ll find you’re not alone.

The combination of it all for me in my fitness life and life it self is the combination of STRENGTH + ACTION. Together those goals or intentions (as some might say) are closer than we see or think.

To weeks ahead of experiencing the combination.

The Satisfaction, Dedication, The End

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How the struggle in any area of fitness is not as glamourous as it looks. I know for me the journey (which is life long). I often hear individuals wanting a quick fix and in admiration of others think it was so easy. It’s not y’all. STOP thinking fitness is always easy. Yes there are many with bodies and metabolism on a high and fit (seems as fi they were just born that way, a few are).

First of all and most important you must be satisfied with yourself, right now, at this moment. This does not mean you do not need to work on yourself but being satisfied right now and loving you right now is a start because that will propel you to the next level of fitness journey change.

Dedication, you must be committed and dedicated to the change YOU want. You see that capitalized, yes your want. If you’re not doing it for you there may be a bit of fluctuations. Okay I’m not negating that in dedicating for a change it also gives us better interaction with family and other areas in our lives but the dedication has to be the ultimate change of YOU. Of course I accept if you disagree, but it was ME first.

The End is that dedication will lead the path to the end of a temporary journey and it becomes a part of your life. Fitness has become a part of my life. Satisfaction, dedication leads to an end and a new beginning which begins with YOU, ME, US.