What’s Trending, You Know

How often do we make a decision on ”what’s trending”. I see, I hear so many people make decisions on the trend. Are you aware people do the same in fitness workouts. What’s the popular trend. Now a brief share, this is why I like BOD (beach body on demand). WHY, because the choices inContinue reading “What’s Trending, You Know”

It’s A Simple Solution BUT …

The solution is simple and the but. Sometimes the BUT is a reminder for us to get to the solution. Now this message will be easy and simple. On a fitness journey it is so easy to say, “it does not work”. 🤨 How true is that. To begin any fitness journey you must haveContinue reading “It’s A Simple Solution BUT …”

Forgive Yourself – Only if NEEDED

Forgive yourself. It is easy to deviate from your path on any journey, but today I’m speaking about your fitness journey. Being on a fitness journey isn’t just about workouts. Nope, it’s also about your nutrition and your hydration. Of course you’re human and will fall off, perhaps you shortened a workout, or ate anContinue reading “Forgive Yourself – Only if NEEDED”

Lets Talk About The GUT

Did you know the gut has an important part in your health. Now before I go further let me inform you the information I’m about to share is not a medical cure, nor a replacement for any medical regimen you’re on. It is about what can help in decreasing to what maybe a contributing factorContinue reading “Lets Talk About The GUT”

Reminder, Can You, Will You and Thank You

This is a reminder to you and me for us. The REMINDER is yes you can. Yes you can make those changes you want to and yes you’re great and know that you are beautiful /handsome . If you are stumbling through and want to stop on your fitness journey. Don’t. You may need toContinue reading “Reminder, Can You, Will You and Thank You”

Concerns, Is It Calorie Deficit or Is It Starvation

I listen and I see. There are many especially females on the yoyo style of eating. I share the frustration, I too have experienced this behavior, and for several years. There is a difference in calorie deficit and starvation. With calorie deficit you can follow through with your daily routine including working out. With starvationContinue reading “Concerns, Is It Calorie Deficit or Is It Starvation”