Its America Heart Month

When you hear it or read it what really do you think? I’m okay, I’m young I have many years before this concerns me, I’m already on medication for my heart, I only have blood pressure problems my heart is okay. If you have thought any of the above, WELL, it’s time for a bitContinue reading “Its America Heart Month”

Don’t Stop Just Modify Believe In You

I’ve heard this several time recently. First let me share I’ve experienced the thoughts, used the excuses and believed the myths. We are all created equally and yet we are all different. I’m sharing because I want as many females as possible to believe in themselves es in fitness. I’ve heard this recently. ”I wantContinue reading “Don’t Stop Just Modify Believe In You”

The Fumble The Challenge

What’s a fumble? You know just rolling around sometimes we drop it or barely catch it before it falls. Well thats exactly what I did or was doing. I was fumbling, and before I dropped I challenged. This really sounds like a lot if mumble jumble, meaning nothing. Haha. but it is. I was fumblingContinue reading “The Fumble The Challenge”

Rising or Lowering The Bar

Rising or lowering are my chosen words for the goals of 2022. It’s a message I want to ask of myself and you are welcomed to join me. At the beginning of a New Year I make goals. I revisit my year prior goals and see what remains and how to incorporate with my currentContinue reading “Rising or Lowering The Bar”

2022 Is Waiting On THE Call

How many times do you, me make resolutions and in less than a week rethink those resolutions. This was once me and I know why? Making a resolution or resolutions is easy, it’s the dedication and your mindset. If your mind and dedication isn’t in sync with your resolution then, ”it’s not happening”. We canContinue reading “2022 Is Waiting On THE Call”

Don’t Allow The Guilt Ruin The Enjoyment

Tis the season to enjoy. It starts with Thanksgiving and the others follow. Hanukkah, Christmas and all the holidays after Thanksgiving to 1 Januauary. Please don’t allow the calories stop you from enjoying the holidays. What ? Yes I will repeat don’t allow the calories stop your enjoyment. It’s a time to enjoy family, friendsContinue reading “Don’t Allow The Guilt Ruin The Enjoyment”