The Jump

Jump how high? Well you decide, but know It’s your fitness How high you want to jump into it, well yes that’s you too Your jump action, commitment will dictate how high and how far that jump is So what’s about the JUMP, hmmm how about making June your jump month

I Can Always Use a Reminder

Hey, how’s it going? You know it’s okay for me because everyday I have a new challenge for myself. Now these challenges are not always big, but they do assist me on my fitness journey. So glad for my streaming workouts and my virtual fit group and sometimes we workout together and it’s a joy.Continue reading “I Can Always Use a Reminder”

Nope, No and That’s the TRUTH

Your body, with its instinct for self-preservation, knows, on some level, that Human Giver Syndrome is slowly killing you. That’s why you keep trying mindfulness and green smoothies and self-care trend after self-care trend. But that instinct for self-preservation is battling a syndrome that insists that self-preservation is selfish, so your efforts to care forContinue reading “Nope, No and That’s the TRUTH”