Are YOU Ready to Defy It

Defy seems a bit rebellious but I think it’s time to be rebellious. Now don’t think this is about negative behavior and yet it’s rebellious. It’s time to defy some of those ancient beliefs. No you nor I created them but we heard them. Not only did we hear them we believed in a lotContinue reading “Are YOU Ready to Defy It”

Constantly Reminding Myself

I am one that encourage others to be themselves always because comparisons can often time set us back. I do however have a time to acknowledge not compare but acknowledge. Acknowledge that my excuses are sometimes not justifiable. Why because there is someone out there accomplishing what I want in less time and have moreContinue reading “Constantly Reminding Myself”

Personal Development…. It’s For Everyone

Personal development does not only motivate and inspire me, it lets me know my challenges are not just mine. What, well although it’s known we all have challenges but hear or read similarities and encouraging words to propel you further. Yes I’m a PD junkie, I have been for years BUT I learned it’s okayContinue reading “Personal Development…. It’s For Everyone”

Portion Control -Too Much Too Little Or On Target

I’ve shared the value of portion control containers. I’m gonna confess, I use portion control to help me stay on target on my fitness journey. I decided for 2 days to check out my meal intake using the containers. What the heck I really thought I was on target visually looking at my intake andContinue reading “Portion Control -Too Much Too Little Or On Target”