What’s Your Engine Speed

I bet you didn’t know you had an engine, nor was you aware you had an internal speedometer.

Well, yeah you now know, but the speed. I’m speaking on fitness, however it also applies to our daily lives. See we all start our engines and then we get to moving. We follow the speed limits (sometimes), but depending on the traffic we have to adjust and on those early AM or later PM we may just accelerate a bit.

That’s our fitness. We begin a new program or incorporate another fitness routine into our fitness regimen. We are moving along at a speed we’re in love with then we look to the left or right at the gym, maybe social media then we adjust because we begin that dang doggone comparison.

Guilty, I am too. But we must take accountability first. That is love YOU for YOU just as you are right now. Then just as the traffic on roadways we too must adjust our workouts accordingly to the traffic in our life.

Start your engine, decide your speed. You got this.

Average vs Great

How similar and how different can these words be in our fitness life. But there is clarification.

If you are into fitness and working out to your already weekly schedule. What does this means? Working out is great, but honestly with work demands, family, social interactions and of course our only self time; time can be limited in working out.

Workouts can be 3 to 7 days a week or for many it can fit in. I know this is a life i once had until I begin BOD. What’s BOD, it’s a streaming workout program with the greatest trainers -Barre, Pilates, Boxing, Lifting, Dance, Spin, live classes where you are on the screen. Uh huh the choices are multiple not only that BOD has nutritional programs (no diets).

Okay moving to Average which is doing your normal workout but what transform that workout to Great is what you do. Great is when you do that extra rep or reps you previously wasn’t able to do or uncertain if you could do. How about reworking your schedule to an extra few minutes into your workout or an extra day. Average is giving into a workout plan instead of working out because you’re being lazy. Great is pushing beyond lazy and getting that workout in.

Now that you know you’re NOT Average, but instead as always you’re GREAT.

On Being Brave and the ReInvent

There are moments in our lives we make change even when we have fear and doubt. Starting with that extra squat, slight weight increase in a lift, taking that extra step to talk to someone about a project or reinventing a current plan that requires adjustment.

It doesn’t matter what it is but stepping up and stepping out to change means being BRAVE. I know you’re brave so, yes it’s time. Step up, Step out. Be BRAVE Reinvent.

Don’t Over Judge Yourself

Setting goals or intentions as some say is easy, but the most tasking part of this is the judging.

Know your direction, apply action; but do not judge your self harshly. Having a mentor or coach is awesome, however there is no reason to compare. Although there maybe similarities but EVERYONE has circumstances making each persons journey unique to them.

Just as you are unique so is your journey. So today raise your hand to not judging your beginnings harshly. Be UNAPOLOGETICALLY UNIQUELY YOU.


How grateful of you to you, for you? I mean right now at this moment.

Before you think too hard just know to begin a day, a journey, or making ANY changes I need you to be GRATEFUL. Being grateful is acknowledging you are already GREAT and appreciate where you are today.

You may not like the situation and in fitness you may not like yourself because of wanting a change but stop that thought. I need you to be grateful to seeing and knowing you want that change, but most of all loving yourself.

Being grateful for all your accomplishments and now it’s time to begin that journey or continue that journey or perhaps restart that journey. But first be grateful because being grateful is your show of GRATITUDE.

The Seed And Being Brave

A seed of a journey. My seed is on my fitness journey and career. For you it maybe a different journey.
1. A seed must be planted. What is your destination? Remember you can have more than one destination, just a garden- flowers, fruits, or vegetables there are many.

2. You must know the best climate, shade, sunshine best season. We as humans must have the right people in our community. This community is now one in which we reside (but it helps). This is the community of people we surround ourselves with and interact with as well as support us.

3. The vase or ground the seed is planted. That’s the community of growth, maybe small, or large but supported.

4. The soil and fertilizer, is the actions we apply.

5. The growth is how our actions support the journey. As we know as the seeds grow we may need to water more (apply more actions), prune the leaves (pivot our actions).

5. The most of all rendering care to that seeds has a great yield. Taking care of that seed (our health).

6. Being brave and proud when we take that necessary action, re-plant, re fertilizing, taking care of the soil and all that surround it and most of NEVER STOPPING.

Being BRAVE and NEVER STOPPING on our journey.

So today I ask how is the growth of your seed and are you being brave?

Believe, Be Brave

It’s easy to be just okay. it’s better to feel super. When I feel either one of them I have AWESOME workouts and then there are days I need help to push through.

That need can be anything form self check and mindset-reset to push through a workout or just to push through an unorganized day or a day when there are unexpected occurrences.

Believe you can endure and applaud yourself.

Believe and then BE BRAVE. Being brave means applying the positive actions necessary for you to be okay and super.

One way to be really brave is to be honest about how you’re doing, and ask for help – this is your chance to do just that.

Rate your morning routine on a scale of 1-5.

Rate your movement on a scale of 1-5.

Rate your nutrition on a scale of 1-5.

Rate your mental health on a scale of 1-5.

What’s Your Meter Reading

Where are you in your “Intentions/ Goals” for the year. We are almost at the end of the six month of the year. I know if you are like me I need to do a pivot review. But this is okay because we ALL must sometimes check ourselves or do a self.

Yes it maybe time to recalibrate. Time to think about the actions we are applying and if we care committed to ourselves to achieve that one or several goals. Yes you can have more than one goal but best to tackle one at a time.

Recalibrating does not mean to compare yourself to another. PLEASE don’t do this. Recalibrate your actions. And do not up the speed to exhaustion because you will have burn out. Recalibrate means are your actions in sync with what ever journey/intention/goals you have set.

Those actions are the steps necessary and the steps maybe small (baby steps) or large (giant steps). As long as you are moving along you are probably within normal. BUT if not don’t STOP, just do that pivot, recalibrate and get going.

To your mid year Recalibration to fulfill your Inner Champion

Say It…

What are the words to say? Whatever it takes. I had to shout this to myself yesterday.

I begin my Tuesday AM as always, roll out of bed at 3:15, bathroom, potty, wash face. That face washing give me a jump to fully wake up. Look around, sit for a few minutes of meditation. Then my day gets to moving.

Clean liter box, change dog pads (which are actually adult underpads, work better than dog pad). Fresh water and give Lucky (canine) first eye drops. Spot clean areas the fur babies missed on side of the pads, drink pre workout and now time for Lucky’s second eye drops, BUT, Lucky did not move, wake-up says I and then I noticed, his tongue was out, purple and no breathing. My little fellow had received his dog wings.

What, this was quick and why was I so warm. I checked the thermost -78. What? I raised my hand, no air flow, ran outside to check if the system was working. No funny noises.

I cried and cried and cried, I could not workout, what to do with my fur baby, and the air, what about Versace and FJ (my other fur babies). I cried again, washed my face and looked in the mirror. You are not making history, now you are Good, no GREAT, put your mind in positive mode and handle this.

I didn’t want to but I did. I’m still mourning the loss of my fur baby but 17 years is great, however I was blessed to have him for 7 great, beautiful, lovely years. A/C working. Today is another missed workout day and I’m not beating myself up. I will resume tomorrow.

Just a reminder, sometimes we have to deal with those curves tossed by life. In dealing with these curves we must remember to say it. Say those things to remind us of ourselves.

Don’t Believe It

No please don’t. There is so much occurring in the world today and then we have our own lives that for so many, including myself this can be overpowering. Working out is a BIG help but it just may not be the help needed.

Yes, it is always a way to assist with our mental health. NOW remember what works for Sue, Jane, John and the others may not be applicable to you ( by the way I just pulled those names out of the air, they were floating by 😉). So don’t believe it will work for you it just may not and on the flip it may.

What is necessary is find out what works for you. For many unplugging from social media a few days, not listening to the news or reading it. However with the weather going crazy you may want to keep up on that.

Don’t BELIEVE … you are weak. Say what? nope you are not weak. Get over it- what the, (yep almost said something) nope find out what’s necessary for your strong mental health. Go have a drink, hmm well I’ve never heard of a drunken hangover as a solution to ANYTHING. People have been going through this forever so what makes you special. Well, uh I need you to look in a mirror right now or open that camera on your phone and speak out to yourself; because – YOU ARE SPECIAL, YOU ARE UNIQUE and most of all YOU ARE AWESOME.

Now know it is always important to check your mental health status. so check in

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