How Long Is The List

The list which always a few things or a lot of things, but the list I’m speaking of is one I had to at once (years ago) toss. However in the past several day I have heard people in conversation with a list, I do believe is longer than they are tall.

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Now about that list, it’s a list of excuses to working out and with your complaint on your nutrition why you cannot change it. I really love to encourage and motivate people should THEY WANT to change. Yep you have to want change to begin the process. If you keep adding to your list of excuses instead of finding a way to decrease or toss that list well…….. well………well…..

Okay well I’m just inclined to believe you are not ready for a change. Nope you’re not but I’m one to raise my hand to motivate you and help you remove some of those excuses. Of course this does not mean to make drastic changes because it’s necessary to be realistic and making changes you can be dedicated to with phases of progression to your goals/intentions (your preference)

Do you have a long list or have you joined the reduction list with me and so many others? Come on join us, we welcome you.

Before I Commit…..

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Is it always an approach or a certain way to do anything in life without a guide. Well yeah it is. But since we are ALL different in so many ways, DNA, Beliefs, Morals, Habits and other ways; it is necessary to know what does or does not work for us, you, me.

What I do know about me and it has been a lesson to learn and a few years to realize.

Before I commit to you, to work or any duty(ies), I MUST FIRST commit to me. That’s right ME. I know what works best for me, and that is to allow myself time to workout be it 20 minutes or an hour or longer. See this is what it will take for me to function on that particular day. My mindset, my thoughts and actions will benefit from my workout. My approach to a negative situation (should I encounter one), my workout really assist my respnse and action.

Respectfully and I hope those I encounter will respect my workouts on my fit journey have so many benefits . Please don’t get upset when I say that’s my workout time (this is getting to be a regular thing). Don’t get upset when I say no I will not adjust for you and shannigan that can wait till like, forever. Also dont believe our time shared or spent together is not important, because it is. However I must commit to me, my fitness unless God (yes I am a believer in God) show me an emergency situation; I will gladly adjust but until then…

Respect how I commit and I will do the same for you. Much love

Turn It Up-Will You-Can You

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Turn it up, yes let’s get do it together. What, how and what am I requesting you to turn up.

Our workouts of course. I’m always posting I gave it my 100 and sweat is pouring like crazy in my eyes, every orifice in my body, legs, abdomen and some of these areas are new for me. I now wonder as I’ve recently noted if I gave just a little more perhaps 110 or 150. I tried it and I lift heavier, squatted lower and increased my speed in airless jump ropes.

Now it was a push especially in the ropes, I did pause to catch my breath but only for a few seconds and how I felt afterwards was PRICELESS. I’m still working on building up to that 150 of the push of course eventually it will be my 100 and I’ll push again.

I know and you should too this push will increase our change. To new beginnings of ” Turning It Up”

Set The Stage

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I bet you’re wondering what does that mean, I’ll gladly explain, after a few words to let you know there are two stages and two methods of setting the stage.

Stage I, is for home workouts, just have your equipment available and set ip for the workout. If you’re lifting have a set of lighter weight than projected and a set of heavier weight than projected. Why, especially if you’re keeping a record; because our strength at least mine vary. There are days I am able to lift much heavier as well as days I have to go lighter to maintain form and get a specific number of reps in. Should there be additional equipment such as airless ropes, resistant bands, a towel. Okay the towel, I use for my air boxing workout the agility round(don’t knock it ’til you try it).

Doing a home workout and setting the stage, definently prevents those many times of interruption by the pause button, and slowing the burn of the workout until you resume.

Stage II a gym workout, know exactly which weights and what machine you’ll be using. For now I’m sure there is no wait time due to COVID, however in the future just do a rapid walk about so your energy stays high. I know for me and I’m not the only one that wait for use of a machine will make a big difference in the response to muscles as they have cooled down and now you have to slowly build them up again to tolerate the lift or quad muscles for the squat or for that treadmill run.

This week and every day of your workout “Set The Stage”

Changing Too Much Too Fast

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I was conversing with a friend as she teared up so many times and it was heartbreaking. I’m a good listener and I will not say “I know what you mean” even if I do. Why not, because I don’t want to hear it either when I share moments.

What was going on, well she made so many changes to her life to accomplish her fitness goals, and feels as if she wasn’t accomplishing anything so what happened?, she gave up. My only words were ” Don’t stop, it’s time to re-evaluate and tweak it (the goals).

I did this at one time, I was on a roll, eliminating so much from my diet, incorporating other things in, increasing my workouts because I thought, if I pushed harder than normal I’d make it to my goal much quicker.

What happened?, I put stress on my body with eliminating too much, working out like crazy without knowing how my body would respond and I was in a good way “ a ball of mess, an entangled mess”. I was failing all of a sudden and I gave up on me, for a minute. I cried, I was angry and I then begin to think with reason.

I did a slow elimination, and a slow increase in certain areas of my fitness. The slow but consistent change has allowed me to continue to progress and see change.

To you I say don’t make too many changes and most of all don’t give up on you.

I Had A Moment Of Uncertainty

This was me on Saturday, I was uncertain what workout I wanted to do as this past week did not follow any particular Beachbody program, but did random program workouts. Is this a bad thing no for most, but for me I need a program to follow otherwise I will ponder around, waste time thinking about which trainer I want to follow for the day. This is just me, I know some of you are on it, I applaud you.

Anyway Saturday I was wasting time, was pondering around and then I remembered. Beachbody has a section for meditation and relaxation. It was a HUGE help for me. I did two meditations and a hypnosis section.

Now I am not a good candidate for hypnosis, how do I know because I tried it and it did not go well so I was willing to try again, I could always pause or stop it RIGHT. Well it begin and I could not focus was not feeling it and was going to stop it, but decided I owed it to myself to stay with it for a few minutes longer. How surprised was I when I heard you can now open your eyes. What the heck happened? Not sure if it was genuine as of now but will update in a later blog in a couple of weeks because that’s giving myself time to respond. I’m laughing even as I write because I must’ve responded. I remember nothing after I decided to wait a little longer. I do know what the hypnosis is suppose to do.

I did workout later in the day, lifted weights and ran a couple miles on the treadmill. The temp here is too hot and humid for a midday run, 100 feeling like 114. Not for me but there are those that challenge their body in the heat.

Question, have you had a day of pondering what workout to do? or what to do ?

The Transition is Confusing Sometimes

As I continue on my fitness and before I complete the post I will stop just for a moment. If YOU are anyone you know that is interested in working out at home and would love to join me and begin their own or even you, your own fitness journey, I welcome you and just send me your email for additional information. No commitment just info.

Back to this transition thing, on my journey I workout, giving my 100 and am so disappointed when I do not see the changes I want. Should I stop? what the heck am I doing incorrect? Is it time to look at another program? Did my nutrition get off? Just WHAT?

I ask myself all these questions and there are answers. It’s usually my nutrition and I forget to look at the non-scale victories. I know I have shared this before and will continue at intervals to remind myself and you. When on a fitness journey we will have so many non scale victories overlooked.

That scale can be a friend and an enemy. How so because we forget the non scale victories and these are actually what gives us strength. How. well the scale cannot weigh in on how you’ve improved your positive attitude in life even more so than normal (because I know you’re already positive), your commitment to yourself and respect to yourself and others. How your energy is higher and you are doing more for YOUR life as well as happier. Your clothes are looser and you’ve increased your weight lifting range, run longer, jump higher or step higher. Now if this could be weighed in on the transition it would be awesome, but it can’t.

What now, well it’s up to you and me. It’s our mindset and we must remind ourselves of the victories we have achieved on a fitness journey. But don’t stop with the fitness journey on any journey in your life look at the accomplishments. We’re closer than we think.

CLOSER, yes because if we continue I know the change we are moving towards is there. I know if I continue on my fitness journey that transition is there. KEYWORDS continue and don’t stop.

It’s MONDAY And I’m Not Sure

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I know I am not the only one that experience a week beginning like this.  Like what?  Well I have a list  of TO DO so long that I’m not sure where to begin.

Usually I prioritize but looking at this list it’s so similar to a double booking.  BUT I know after my workout well my second workout I will have figured at least a solution and start applying action to this list.

My workouts with the adrenaline flow aides my mindset and focus, today that’s a refocus.  Will this work for you maybe so maybe no.  There are so many ways to handle a double booking in life:  workout, meditation (yoga/ or just sitting quietly).  Set a timer for that sitting quiet as you don’t want to sit the day away.  A jog, walk then begin the organization of your day.

All of the stated works for me, but today it’s working out.  How do you handle your not sure where to begin?

Either / Or

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Now what does that mean, well a lot but I’ll explain, it’s really simple.

I was sharing in general conversation, as I love to share my workouts especially my progress, but I’m a good listener for anyone else who is sharing.  Okay in a recent share it  was about me increasing my weight lift and weights and squats.  This individual said I would like to increase my weights but with all that is going on I cannot purchase any.

Got it sometimes we definitely have to decide how, where and when we are going to spend our coins.  So if you don’t have or can not purchase additional weights be it dumbbells, free weights, bumper weights the adjustable weights how about this. Make a wish list to yourself, I have so many items on that list and cross out each time I purchase my wish; but for the current situation just increase your reps with the weights you have.

Increasing the reps will give you the same benefit as increasing the weight with decreased reps. I call it erasing. My excuses and implementing a new game plan.

So this week erase the excuses and come on make a new game plan.

Does the Weather Affect My Workouts

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I was asked this question by someone knowing I have RA and workout as she also have RA and continues to use excuses to workout a couple of days month.  Yes you read it a month.  I am not making mockery of anyone for we all have limitations just some of us know how to adjust IF WE ARE COMMITTED.

The weather does not affect my workouts completely.  This is not a yes or no question for ME.  I may have a flare especially in my left thumb discomfort.  I can always when this occur adjust my position on push ups as well as decrease my weight lift range.

Now what does affect my joints is my nutrition.  Certain foods will send me into a full flare of the joints, swelling and the pain is out of control.  How do I overcome well I drink a sea of water or so it seems because I am trying to flush out the good tasty high in everything toxic for my body but still good.  Of course if I’d just take a few bites, I will not experience the flare.  Before I close food is not the only contributing factor to a RA flare and I’ve been with the auto-immune disease since childhood.

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If you’re committed and your intentions are aligned with your actions you adjust, erase the excuses, scale back but not down when necessary but YOU KEEP MOVING.