What’s Trending, You Know

How often do we make a decision on ”what’s trending”. I see, I hear so many people make decisions on the trend. Are you aware people do the same in fitness workouts. What’s the popular trend. Now a brief share, this is why I like BOD (beach body on demand). WHY, because the choices in workouts are limitless as is nutrition.

OK, OK, yes I do have a home gym with a variety of equipment and I need more room so it maybe time to look at the garage, maybe. Yeah back to the trend in fitness. Is it a fit, you know the trend, no need to purchase equipment if you will not commit to the use. Now do I use every piece of equipment daily, NO. but-every equipment has use. I follow programs but also do solo workouts and to prevent burn out I add on extra workouts sometimes using my equipment.

Why is this important, well I see, hear individuals selling off equipment to purchase another equipment or join a gym then question why. Its important to start slow, know your strengths. In knowing your strength you must know what you can commit to. I will never do the bar with a lift for the core, why it looks good but not a fit for me, I can never do a mirror on the wall workout, because it’s not a fit for me.

The trend just may not be you. Better yet it is okay to recognize a trend is just not for you. and find what works for you. You’d be surprise you may need a bit more.

You know making your own decision really looks good on you. Uh huh wear your fitness because it’s your trend.

It’s A Simple Solution BUT …

The solution is simple and the but. Sometimes the BUT is a reminder for us to get to the solution.

Now this message will be easy and simple. On a fitness journey it is so easy to say, “it does not work”. 🤨 How true is that. To begin any fitness journey you must have that relationship with your body and your mindset.

The relationship in knowing your limits and the mindset to know when its time for a change. Huh? , first you can’t begin at a lift, squat, run, boxing rate of someone that has been working out for awhile. You also must know when to increase, and here it comes-BUT. But if your mindset is not in sync with the change (the necessary action) then the struggle to achieve the change becomes real.

The solution is easy and it is – You must apply action to the change. That action MUST be applicable to the results. I have to remind myself this every time I hit a plateau. Yes time to increase the weights, or box longer or look at that nutrition.

That input action necessary for the output results. It doesn’t matter the speeed, unless you’re in a competition. See you can get to 10 in so many ways. 2+1+5+2 or 1+1+ 1+ 1+6 or .5+3+1.2+1 +.3+4, you get it. Just remember input =output.

Okay stop reading and go put your action plan together

Forgive Yourself – Only if NEEDED

Forgive yourself. It is easy to deviate from your path on any journey, but today I’m speaking about your fitness journey. Being on a fitness journey isn’t just about workouts. Nope, it’s also about your nutrition and your hydration.

Of course you’re human and will fall off, perhaps you shortened a workout, or ate an extra piece of fish (because I did today ha ha, he he). Maybe it was the water. Perhaps you just stopped, and having difficult getting back to the routine. By the way if you need help, just send me an email or comment I really can assist you.

Whatever don’t go punishing yourself. Forgive yourself and get back on that journey. I hear so many phrases such as “I probably should skip a meal”, (why, starvation is not the answer just get back to your norm). ”Workout an extra hour”, (there is nothing wrong with working out longer as long as it is beneficial, not over fatigue or possible injury but workout balance is important). “Just stop now” (remember why you started, there is a reason. ”Never should have started” ( you are human, we all are , uh I think so 😉. Yes you should have started, again revisit your reason. ”I’ll restart someday, when I know l’ll be better. Yes, you must be committed, but most of all you must erase those excuses with no value. On a fitness journey there is no perfect time. Commit to a level appropriate to and for you.

Forgive yourself if you need to, but I don’t think you need to forgive yourself for being human.

Now it’s time, time to resume your journey, go ahead get moving.

Lets Talk About The GUT

Did you know the gut has an important part in your health. Now before I go further let me inform you the information I’m about to share is not a medical cure, nor a replacement for any medical regimen you’re on. It is about what can help in decreasing to what maybe a contributing factor to GI discomfort, skin alergies , sleep disturbance. Again not a diagnosis, nor a cure but an aid.

Okay, it’s a new program established by one of Beachbody’s supertrainer. No introduction needed, but just in case you’ve never heard of her she is well documented several fitness programs, cookbook, a book and the original of ”the container system” to aid in balancing your nutrition.

I’m sharing because so many people including myself, shy away from this- you know the extra belching, the farts we try to hide and pretend someone else did it, or that bloating and discomfort when we only took a few bites. Oh yeah that fatigue after we eat and thought it was all healthy more so we ate little. This share is just in case you need it.
Now there is a short workout program too. So come on over and join me.

You want more information just reply or better yet join my Facebook group.

The Hill We Climb

Yes, that hill. I’d like to use it as a hill and sometimes a mountain with several peaks. Although it’s just goals but the path is just like a hill. Each step you make toward your goal or goals is a climb up the hill, then we reach the top.

All that input, do you stop, should you/ we stop? Of course not. We should applaud ourselves, treat ourselves (not to sabotage our gains) and then…… Well its time to climb another hill, how steep it is depends on your goals, how fast, depends on our determination and resources, but most important is that we keep climbing.

Today I need you to look at your hill, determine your height and get to moving. YOUR GOALS await you.


WOW!!! We, thats you and me have made it to March and it’s time.

Time to evaluate our goals, where we are, changes to make.

Just know if you’ve made to March and still focused on those goals you’ve made it to the land of ”AWESOME”. So many people give up on those goals just a few weeks into the new year. Its easy to make those goals, man how good they look on paper. And then it happens.

ACTION, we must apply action and where does that begin. Well you have to start, just start. Now starting your inner engine means you have to fuel each day. Fuel each day? Uh huh, fuel each day with an action or two to get you to those goal/goals. The speed of action will vary. There are days you can accomplish several things, then there are days you may accomplish only half of an action. So what, just don’t stop. Consistency.

Time to evaluate what you need to do to adapt for your goal/goals. Before you make those changes, do me a HUGE favor. APPLAUD yourself for being AWESOME, and not giving up on yourself and keeping your greatness for you’ve surpassed many. Now make those changes and lets see what’s going to be your proud moments this quarter.

Go get, going !!!!!!!

Action plus PATIENCE

These are the two most important components in fitness for results.

The pace of your action. Who decides this?, of course you and I, we. We decide how frequently we will workout, the weight lift, the cardio, boxing, cycling, yoga and whatever we include in our workout.

Now with the workouts there is the nutrition. Each of us have similarities and differences in nutrition. Sometimes you may try several nutrition programs before deciding the best for you.

The important component in making changes is, that patience!!! Yes you must have patience in the fitness program (that’s me including my BOD workout). Don’t know about BOD? well it’s my workout buddy. No gym, at home, effective workout. Whether you’re at home or the gym, it is important to have patience. Allow your fitness program and nutrition time. Actually set a time to reference your change and one day or one week is not the answer.

Action + Patience = RESULTS

Reminder, Can You, Will You and Thank You

This is a reminder to you and me for us. The REMINDER is yes you can.

Yes you can make those changes you want to and yes you’re great and know that you are beautiful /handsome . If you are stumbling through and want to stop on your fitness journey. Don’t. You may need to pivot your plan, that’s okay.

Will you now continue to on that journey, continue to be honest and faithful to you for you? Will you now take action on those goals and pick up all those toss away gains (time to reactivate them). Will you commit to the journey? If you need an accountability partner, find one; if not send me a message via contact and join me. But most of all……

Thank You for believing in you. Now get to moving.

Concerns, Is It Calorie Deficit or Is It Starvation

I listen and I see. There are many especially females on the yoyo style of eating. I share the frustration, I too have experienced this behavior, and for several years.

There is a difference in calorie deficit and starvation. With calorie deficit you can follow through with your daily routine including working out. With starvation you can follow through with tour daily routines with easy to fall asleep because your body requires fuel and it is coasting on empty fuel. Also expect medical issues of course this can happen anytime.

For the love of yourself and those that love you PLEASE no starvation. Find an app to assist with monitoring your intake or we can chat about two great nutrition plans for healthy lifestyle, catered to your level of fitness.

Know that a change in nutrition should be for a lifestyle. Let’s stop the yoyo, focus on nutrition and cheers to the changes in the new you.

There Is More

How about that for an intro to a blog. There is more. More of ?

This will be a simple blog. Best understood by those with a big FEAR of applying learning skills.

I’ve listened to motivators, I’ve listened, took notes, applaud talks because I could relate and then …….

Yes, that’s it nothing after then. I’ve learned again, reminded myself again, stop wasting time. It’s a waste of time to listen, take notes, applaud if you are not going to apply any of your learnings.

Yes, I, you, we must stop giving FEAR a laugh because we are adding on. That add on is the action. So today let’s acknowledge the more we need to apply to get to the place in life we want to be.

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