The Friends Hesitation & Failure

How long did it take me to discover they were friends a few years, no really several.

I became aware that most times I decided to challenge myself with a new workout or a new goal in my life I would hesitate. The hesitation because of all that rattling noise I was hearing. The noise doesn’t always come from people around us or those we associate with nor family. The noise can and for me is my own voice. You know 100 of the “what if”, that list can be long and loud.

What happens? Well I quite it down first by eliminating each what if to it’s opposite and then there’s silence. I can see many positive possibilities and the cure. What cure ? The cure of overcoming the “what if syndrome”.

That hesitation is a fear of failure or not following through. Will I always succeed 100 percent?, heck no, do you? BUT I can try and retry, tweaking areas I know requires adjustment. Yes putting a distance in the friendship of hesitation and failure.

Today help me, please let’s put a larger gap in the friendship of hesitation and fear. To a successful week, and much love on your journey.

The Containers

I was recently asked how do I use my containers because I should be hungry all the time. Let me back up a second, when I know or feel I’m off on my nutrition I bring out the containers.

My being off references my over eating ( yep I do that sometimes) as well as my under consumption of nutrition. The containers have been around for a few years and there are mimics of the containers but Beachbody initiated the containers. Each has meaning, proteins, carbs, seeds, vegetables, healthy fats.

The confusion 🤔is so many think you are to use the containers once a day and divide the food into three meals. Well that’s so wrong and incorrect. There is calculation. Depending on your life style (activity), your weight you calculate how many you need to either maintain or lose weight. Or perhaps you want to gain muscle. Does it work absolutely, are there specific foods nope but there is limitation.

I must share you must be committed and know you may consume more or less than your current intake. The consumption is balanced and I’m guilty of not being 💯. Yep because that’s just me but when in use I set my commitment time Be it 2 weeks or 2 months. Now that doesn’t mean I revert back to eating whatever I just know my focus in the nutrition area of my life.

However, you can not workout a bad diet. Nutrition and fitness are partners. Bad diet is not just overeating, it’s under-eating, prolonged fasting, anorexia,bulimia. Since I’ve experienced all of these and learned how to demolish the later two I have to be cautious of the over and under eating. So I use the containers.

Should you be interested in the containers and how they can work for you, there are awesome nutrition programs on BOD that can assist you. Contact me let’s support each other.

It’s Important

It is so important, who? what?

You. It’s important to allow self care time. Now I know you may do it and hopefully you’re not ANYTHING like I once was. Notice the once.

Yes, I would schedule that massage, even facials this is self care. HOWEVER it’s not self care if your schedule has you on edge. That edge when you may have to decrease your time allowed because you have something else pending and the time slots are so close.

Okay so what does this mean? It means you have your muscles relaxed and had skin care. What? Uh huh see when you take time for self care any even a nice bubble bath, set outside sipping on tea, wine, reading a book connecting to nature. No limits so your body and mind can relax and truly unwind.

To true self care and the importance of I’m congratulating you in joining the commitment to “self care”

Now I Know – I Can Treat It

What the heck or hell if you like, is this going? You will not believe what I discovered about me. It’s a bit humiliating but now that I know I can better handle my fall.

Have you ever wonder why certain things in your life isn’t so great or for me “think you’re doing everything 💯 percent correct”. Yep that’s me thought I was doing my nutrition though not 💯 but so close or thought I was.

I was and still am better in dialing in my nutrition BUT I became aware of a bug. Yep a personal bug that needs to be exterminated. What, well with my head hung and slowly rising I still overeat. Yes when I tackle a fear, stepping out of my comfort zone. Now this is not deciding, the decision is made it’s making the first action move. I get sweaty and then I eat and it’s not my usual food. It maybe 600 calories at once then I’m ready and I don’t really chew it. Nope it’s a huge gobble. One, two and swallow. Not good. Not sure what happened to make me aware but I begin to think and realized when this happens.

Now I’m aware I now know what to do. My new action is water, drink 20 maybe 40 ounces of water. When we know an action is working against a goal then we must tackle it. Put a plan in action and follow it. I’m ready and for you I know

The Belief The Change

We all have beliefs we know or hear and experience 🙋🏽‍♀️ that are not true. Just a few I had to debunk.

Working out will make you fit, well yeah BUT you can’t get fit with poor nutrition whether it’s too little or too many calories. You can’t workout a bad diet. Diet meaning your nutrition.

Working out will change your energy, it gives you a different perspective on so many areas in your life. It does however takes CONSISTENCY & CONTROL. You hear or fell if there’s no change in one week because your BFF saw change in a week. Well you’re YOU. Stop the comparison and note the small change. Small change a belt loop, a dress or shirt still tight but not so, you’re able to walk 40 minutes to an hour, last week 20 minutes was a struggle. Your nutrition you can’t consume as much, these are CHANGES.

Keep the focus, believe in you because I do as I too believe in me. Stay CONSISTENT and the CHANGE will come.

To your forever CHANGE.

That Feeling After…..

What feeling? Well there has been a few days I fight with myself in working out and then I remind myself (self talk is good) to achieve anything it takes action. Yes action no scientific osmosis will get me there.
When I have that umm lazy feeling and trying to find excuses to satisfy my inaction. Trust me those excuses for me be hiding or I’ve shut them up too much they will not populate. Anyway I will get my move on and WOW.

That WOW is the feeling I get after the workout and that smile I exhibit is big. Yes it’s good to be proud of your accomplishments too. Contrary to some saying you should allow others to smile and shout out your accomplishments is a pile of yeah that.
This week and forever award your accomplishments with a smile, clap, a booty shake, then share with others so they too can be as proud of you as you are. That feeling is priceless.

Reflection-It works

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Reflection is what has and continues to assist me in growth. This growth applies to all areas of my life not just fitness. Yes I hit every corner.

What do I reflect on and when? I reflect usually at the end of the week, occasionally I’ll do it midweek. Why so long we’ll I have a full picture. I reflect on my growth again every area, what I need to improve on, what needs to be scaled back and yes the BS I need to toss out as well as what rattling noises have no value I need to silence.

I have a planner that allows me to write all this down, yep evaluate my week and my month. Does it help absolutely I’m able to monitor so much more because regardless to what we think we remember and our intentions without writing them down a few always slip through the crack.

Clarification now meditation and reflection are different, another day to discuss for now, however Let’s reflect on our goals in every area and take actions on the results.


I remember this poem and the first few lines of it still rings in my head as I encounter change or that noise that clatters so loud like today but I was able to silence it but it did take a minute. I recited this poem for a program in elementary school and still today it is powerful.

If by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you

Or losing theirs and blaming it on you

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you

But make allowance for their doubting too

This is where I stopped today because these words were and are so powerful. Somedays it takes self empowerment and the reiteration on exactly who you are. This was my day for a few hours. IF years later is so real.

To a Great WEEk

The List

I’m in the process of making a new list or adding to my current list of goals and what it takes for me to get there. The biggest addition to the list is my mindset.

A few of the additions or not new it’s what I call a renewal. Why a renewal because they are already on my list but I have did absolutely nothing to achieve those goals and they aren’t difficult. It’s my mindset, my own noise or lack of.

It’s okay to have a list of goals, I always say begin small, strive for large. Sometimes you can strive large immediately but it’s the small things we need to do to complete it all.

I’m dedicated to fitness not going to include my professional life now as those goals are going great as of now but still in motion.

Okay my fitness I’m good at following my workouts, thank you BOD. However my nutrition although improved I need to dial into it more. Yep I’m dialing the wrong number. Now I do have to be careful due to years of horrible eating disorder(I’m lucky, no blessed because I was about to cause big harm to myself); yeah another story. My nutrition I’ve got to get better.

I know before you make any list or steps toward any goal (s) the first list is to clean out the clutter of your mindset. Be willing to apply necessary action (not just the thought) to achieve the goal. This applies to fitness or any goals you really want to achieve. Most of all YOU, no one else but you MUST WANT it. Then commit with action.

To a week of completing our lists.