Is It Time?

Not sure what time it is, I know sometimes we don’t know. I just want to know if it is time for an upgrade or downgrade. What the heck am I talking about?

Your goals or intentions as many say. It’s February and yes still the love month so how is it going? Loving yourself does not mean setting unrealistic goals in that love. Of course I am focusing on your fitness journey, but thus applies to personal life as well. It is so easy to set those goals and by the way PLEASE write them in your planner or calendar and set a time to review. And…..

PLEASE don’t set goals without including an action plan. Yes write those action steps and review. If you feel like your goal maybe too steep for you and frustration has set in and you feel helpless or want to stop. Uh NO. Your goal is not too steep, don’t doubt your GREATNESS, but your action plan may need a rewrite. Yes you may need to pace yourself.

If this is fitness you may have wanted to lift heavier (increasing the weights) or workout 5 days even 7 days a week. But if you’ve never lifted was your goal realistic? Lifting heavy looks easy peeping in but it’s with progress. Your muscle and body will tell you it’s time. It will say hey get a heavier weight. Lol, just kidding; but when the weights begin to feel light and the routine you’re doing is too easy be it a curl of any kind, squats with weights then it is really time for an increase. Oh yeah don’t get upset if at time you may need to decrease again. Your body is protecting you, you will be able to return to the heavy lift. But most of all don’t STOP.

Now if you feel you are breezing through your goals without a challenge, well don’t toot your boot, but do applaud yourself. Go ahead do a mirror high five or pat yourself on the back because…..

You have definitely underestimated your GREATNESS. Now it’s time to raise the bar, step it up. You need to challenge yourself more, rewrite those goals

Either way you’re GREAT, we’re GREAT. Just check the time 😉

Self Love, So Many Components

February and you should still be on board feeling the love and sharing it. Now please let the memories and actions especially self love become habits.

Yes let these feelings and emotions roll into March, April, May well you get it on through the year.
Self Love Moment can be as easy as intentional breathing.

Take time to be intentional with your breath each day? Breathing is so natural and automatic for us, we can forget that it is actually an incredible tool. In moments of overwhelm, big emotions, frustration, etc. take time to just breathe! Set a 1 minute timer and try to clear your mind and focus on that breath.

What Does It Mean

What does it mean to eat like you love yourself?

For me, it means eating foods that releases that feel good without guilt or stress around choices. Most people believe (or have been taught) that losing weight, gaining muscle, or maintaining our figure means giving up the foods we love and building ourself a long list of “No’s!”.
Eating like you love yourself allows you to eat foods you love AND feel good, in simple choices.

Are you a meal prepped, if so as you get ready to prep for a new week, here is one tip I want you to try to eat like you love yourself – make a schedule for your meals that allows you to enjoy your foods.

I love easy, on-the-go recipes… but setting aside time to eat in peace and be present with your food can bring up feelings about food that we miss when we mindlessly eat in the car or in front of the TV.

Make a goal this week. Aim to eat at least one meal a day this week where you can sit with your food, chew slowly, and be present with your plate.

I invite you to click on the link and join my FaceBook group on posts for the love your body this February

Let’s Talk About the Real- Real -REAL

Yep that’s a lot of real, why? because I want to keep it real, so real.

We are days into 2023, and where are you on that fitness journey? Are you already about to throw up your hands or are you in the hand clapping group because you are making BIG. gains?

I’ve observed over a few years how easy it is to make those big resolutions or intentions. First be assured you can DEFINITELY make it happen BUT…. How real are you?

You cannot commit to 5 days a week at the gym if you have started for 3 years, and stop after 2 weeks; perhaps you are a candidate for home streaming and if so contact me I can share awesome streaming. Okay back to it, you can probably commit to 2 days a week and set a month when you can increase to 3 days a week and again to 4. See it’s getting the body and mind ready for the change and enjoying the process.
Another break here, you must enjoy the process of working out, if not then find what type of workouts bring you joy and sitting down is not it -NOPE.

Enjoy the workout, commit and increase, never stop; set the pace. Keep it REAL. Remember no comparison, you should be comparing and competing only with yourself. As you progress who knows a competition just maybe in your future, but now it’s just you so…..

Don’t stop, just dial back a bit so those visions will be real only because you were able to KEEP IT REAL


Still don’t understand?, well just a second for a quick explanation. It is so easy to look at what we need to change especially in the fitness world, but also in our personal and professional life. We critique ourselves that we forget to give ourselves a smile, applaud of GRATITUDE for the day.

Regardless of the changes we are about to implement, we forget about our past and all we’ve thus far accomplished because we are humans. Yep we just forget.

Let’s make it a daily routine, and yes I’m including myself, to give gratitude of where we are today, our bodies, mindset because we are prepared and ready to implement the changes that will raise our GREATNESS to a new level.

Personal Chat Today and Yes, It’s About You

How often do we hear PD (personal development).
Personal development comes in reading or listen to audible book, podcast listening, BUT what if you did it or are doing it with no results. Hmmmm

This happened to me and then “the real” set in. It was never going to have ANY value, By the way this does not apply to all my readings or pod cast. Back to the no value personal development, it did not apply to me at all and for a few maybe later but 0 value at current.

Personal chat today to you, don’t listen, read, any personal development that does not apply to you. I have wasted time reading personal development or pod cast because they were recommended and I got NOTHING from it. It’s okay to accept a suggestion with a yes and say I’m not ready for that.

If your mindset is to build a team of positive fitness why listen to someone talking about their woes and growth in landscaping business. Or if change your mindset to be positive, fitness may help but you need another personal development. Personally if it does not apply to the you today, well toss it, or place it on the later pile.

VALUE YOU and Personal Development should be

When Is The Last Time You Did It?

Really, when is it, we focus so much, and not only in the fitness world but our daily lives what we are doing wrong; we forget to look at all the rights we’ve accomplished.

Today self applaud yourself for ALL those rights applied that has gotten you to your level of GREATNESS today, and guess what ?? There is more to come.

Slow Down and Breathe It In

As we move into the final weeks of 2022, it is SO easy to double up on our actions to meet our end goals. Guilty, yes I am.

Still we must pace ourselves and enjoy what we’ve accomplished. If we move too fast sometimes we forget to applaud as well as noticed what GREAT accomplishments we’ve achieved.

Our accomplishments means we’ve done our best. It also means STOP the comparison where your BF is. Accomplishments are that, each and everyone of yours and mine has a value.
Recognize, show gratitude after all YOU are awesome.
‘Gratitude is …..

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