BEFORE Any Changes You Must ….

Before you, me, make any changes it is necessary to first love yourself. That’s right love yourself today just as you are. Because loving you for you, will be your best cheer to moving forward to any changes you will make in your life.

Accepting the you today will help you move through applied changes without sabotage. Quick explanation on sabotage is easy, no over doing any action (burn out); no starvation diet (possible negative health changes). This list can go on. It is necessary to go through our improved changes by lifting our Greatness to new levels all with love and safety to ourselves.

It’s Okay Just Don’t Stop

Yep, all is okay. My new workout program, Liift MORE, is a challenge. Five days a week, but I always add an extra day because I prefer 6 days a week and I get to choose.

A quick break, I enjoy my streaming workout because I have so many choices, not just in lifting, but dance, Pilates, yoga, boxing, no impact, low impact, barre, spinning, live interactive workout and so much more. Just love it all BOD, BODI, Open Fit. Oh my. Okay I’m going back.

Back…I’ve challenged myself to increase my weights. Okay please note there are many trainers and each one is great. BUT each has a few different approach to working our muscles. I say our because I’m hoping you too are in a fitness workout, if not then let’s chat. Just fill out the contact form and we can chat. So with this trainer I feel strength building and as anyone wanting change I challenge myself. There are days in a few routines I have to drop weight and also sometimes I may increase.
It’s the drop weight that sometimes be challenging because I thought I could. However, it’s okay because I know with CONSISTENCY I will get there. I also know I must give my 💯 to get there and most of all…..

I must not stop. So to you whatever challenge you encounter give it your 💯, be consistent, it’s OKAY to adjust, just don’t stop.

It Will NEVER Happen

I recall when I wanted to make changes to my body. Now I’ve experienced “eating disorder” all of them. To unhealthy weight 99 lbs and I’m 5’7.5 to unhealthy overweight greater than 230.
I’m so glad of the recovery and I hesitated to these changes. Eating healthier and working out. I used every doggone excuse in working out. I can’t do that, oh no I will not do that, or is that safe. How about just do it. Sometimes stepping out of a comfort zone is not just for life style changes but fitness.

We must try, and change our mindset. So glad I did both.

So today and everyday thereafter, evaluate how you can challenge yourself to unveil a greater you. Yes I said GREATER, because you are already GREAT. Time to step up on that ladder to your Greater Greatness.

Where Is Your Glow

There is so much happening in this world today. We can always use a bit of sunshine in the manner of someone shedding a ray or two into someone else life.

That shed can be any way you want it. A donation to a favorite organization, a few extra dollars in a tip, a smile and a nod to a person with a frown, treating a friend, calling a friend, pay for someone else coffee, giving a coworker extra break. This list goes on.
No it’s not necessary you do any of these, but that inner glow, joy , energy that you’ve acquired after that workout should or can be shared in so many ways.
Okay, you got it not share your glow.

Where Do You Begin?

I love my workouts, love my workout groups, love my trainers although sometimes I feel my trainers are a bit aggressive. I love BOD, if you don’t know about BOD or want more information, just send me a response. Oh yeah, just kidding about the “aggressive trainers”. I’ve been challenged on a few workouts.

Now, where to begin, I’m always invite others to join me but I cringe when I hear these statements

  1. I need to loose weight first. Huh, hello, No. just start and it’s not about the weight to begin a workout program. It’s your mindset
  2. I don’t have the equipment. Really, how many times do we make a recipe work when one ingredient is missing. And yes, we can do the same for our workouts. Story share, I begin with 5lb weights and when I knew they were too light I hiccuped (stopped) until I purchased 8 and 10 lbs. What happened? Nothing. By the time I got my mindset back on track I had to begin with 5lbs again. Meaning had I not stopped, well you know the rest.

It’s okay to start with what we / me/ you have. Baby steps propels us to larger steps, leaps and jump.

So where do you begin? Exactly where you are. Put a plan in -lace, then apply action. Oh a word to many our own body has weight, yes can curl, raise, squat using your own body weight. And once again females debunk that theory you gonna get bulky lifting weights. Females with muscles are on a different regimen, nutrition.

Okay, get moving, join me or just go get started on your fitness journey.

Yes It’s Possible

Yes, it is. These are the words I had to repeat over and over again today. I begin a new workout program. Now this is not a new trainer to me. In fact I’ve completed a program with the trainer. However a new approach to the muscle burn and using weights.

Okay I used weights before, same trainer but the new approach to the lift had me second guessing myself. It was a challenge and this being day 1, I had a lot of noises going on in my head. One was could I do this program 5 days a week for 8 week. Well who knows; but I do know this, with a positive mindset, believing in oneself and never stopping, even if modification is necessary it is possible. So day 2 is coming and I will be mentally prepared.
Because it is possible.

Click on the link to try a sample of LIIFT MORE

What’s Your Engine Speed

I bet you didn’t know you had an engine, nor was you aware you had an internal speedometer.

Well, yeah you now know, but the speed. I’m speaking on fitness, however it also applies to our daily lives. See we all start our engines and then we get to moving. We follow the speed limits (sometimes), but depending on the traffic we have to adjust and on those early AM or later PM we may just accelerate a bit.

That’s our fitness. We begin a new program or incorporate another fitness routine into our fitness regimen. We are moving along at a speed we’re in love with then we look to the left or right at the gym, maybe social media then we adjust because we begin that dang doggone comparison.

Guilty, I am too. But we must take accountability first. That is love YOU for YOU just as you are right now. Then just as the traffic on roadways we too must adjust our workouts accordingly to the traffic in our life.

Start your engine, decide your speed. You got this.

Average vs Great

How similar and how different can these words be in our fitness life. But there is clarification.

If you are into fitness and working out to your already weekly schedule. What does this means? Working out is great, but honestly with work demands, family, social interactions and of course our only self time; time can be limited in working out.

Workouts can be 3 to 7 days a week or for many it can fit in. I know this is a life i once had until I begin BOD. What’s BOD, it’s a streaming workout program with the greatest trainers -Barre, Pilates, Boxing, Lifting, Dance, Spin, live classes where you are on the screen. Uh huh the choices are multiple not only that BOD has nutritional programs (no diets).

Okay moving to Average which is doing your normal workout but what transform that workout to Great is what you do. Great is when you do that extra rep or reps you previously wasn’t able to do or uncertain if you could do. How about reworking your schedule to an extra few minutes into your workout or an extra day. Average is giving into a workout plan instead of working out because you’re being lazy. Great is pushing beyond lazy and getting that workout in.

Now that you know you’re NOT Average, but instead as always you’re GREAT.

On Being Brave and the ReInvent

There are moments in our lives we make change even when we have fear and doubt. Starting with that extra squat, slight weight increase in a lift, taking that extra step to talk to someone about a project or reinventing a current plan that requires adjustment.

It doesn’t matter what it is but stepping up and stepping out to change means being BRAVE. I know you’re brave so, yes it’s time. Step up, Step out. Be BRAVE Reinvent.

Don’t Over Judge Yourself

Setting goals or intentions as some say is easy, but the most tasking part of this is the judging.

Know your direction, apply action; but do not judge your self harshly. Having a mentor or coach is awesome, however there is no reason to compare. Although there maybe similarities but EVERYONE has circumstances making each persons journey unique to them.

Just as you are unique so is your journey. So today raise your hand to not judging your beginnings harshly. Be UNAPOLOGETICALLY UNIQUELY YOU.

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