Should It Always Be Easy

This easy is relating to my workouts. There are days I want to stop because I just look at the trained (BOD) and the workout name of the day I know it will be challenging.

Now, honestly there was a time I skipped around on a program or a few minutes in I’d stop. I wanted easy. No sweat, no muscle burn I moved my arms, body with little effort so I was taking the easy but wanting the results of a challenged workout. How was that to be.

I did self talk and a lot of it, surrounded myself with those experiencing the same, positive motivation and I was on my way.

Easy is comfortable, but sometimes it takes us no where. So on to accomplishments. Of course an easy receipe is good but for our goals let’s meet and beat the challenges. Challenges of fitness and life.

How Strong Is Your Why

This is a question I often ask myself especially when I procrastinate on an action in moving toward my goals especially my fitness goals but also in my life goals.

A question and an answer-the answer. If you want it bad enough not only will you not procrastinate, you’ll also find ways to improve your mindset. It is so easy to say what you’ll do later but will the delay help you accomplish your goals.

My why helps me, push me and definitely silence the noisy clutter to delay. If YOUR why is strong then so will your applied actions. Lesson learned. Yes for me it was a self taught because a one time I made excuses on my whys. Later self evaluation on my goals and why I was making gain but at a slow pace. Well my WHY had been eliminated in the progress.

Now incorporating my why into all my goals, my commitment, my actions I am focused.

Today and any day you hear that clutter noise rolling about in your head with excuses, remember your WHY and shut down the noise. Make Your Why Strong.

Are YOU Ready to Defy It

Defy seems a bit rebellious but I think it’s time to be rebellious. Now don’t think this is about negative behavior and yet it’s rebellious.

It’s time to defy some of those ancient beliefs. No you nor I created them but we heard them. Not only did we hear them we believed in a lot of them. If you didn’t, well I did.

There is a certain age that working out should stop just relax and enjoy life. No, if you have the mindset, the energy, the capability to workout do it. It can be weight lifting, running, jogging, dancing, cardio, boxing, barre blend this list is long so I’m gonna stop but don’t you.

If working out to your level is what you want well do it. Does it matter if you’re 50, 60, 70 plus. Uh NO. Does it matter if you’re a grandma/grandpa, great grandpa/grandma, aunt/uncle, great uncle/aunt? No it does not.

Yes you’ll get looks, stares because so many are wondering how it is done. How are you, me, us defying what is suppose to be our limits. The easy secret….

We became rebellious, we defied the untruth and we push those made up limits and boundaries out of our path. And because you and I did, we are motivating and inspiring so many to do the same.

Defy, Rebel and yes Inspire, Motivate we have a fitness journey that welcomes all.

Swallow or Cheer

The lesson or the lesson of life. The goals. I have daily, weekly and monthly goals. Many times the daily and weekly goals are the steps to my monthly goals.

HOWEVER, the last few weeks I’ve fallen short partly because I’m not making big steps out of my comfort zone. That fear. I’m currently evaluating what is my fear.
Can you evaluate fear, why of course. How? You must list the actions you’re implementing, then know you must implement them all and it may be one or two of those actions you’re so uncomfortable with. THEN you must explore why you’re uncomfortable.
Now returning to me coming up short and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve actually discovered my why and still shaking on dealing with those steps. Nonetheless I’ve made progress but here’s the swallow or cheer breakdown.

Should I swallow my pride and throw my hand up and just stop because these small steps ‘out of that comfort zone’ has delayed a couple of goals. Should I give up on me or…. Should I cheer myself on for the progress made and continue to make those small steps.
My choice is to cheer of course at first I thought swallow and toss out. This was once a habit. I’ve evolved into a different person. Toss to regret later an old habit an old me. Cheering is my direction.

See in life it’s easy to stop and start on something else and when you’re challenged stop and restart. Nope, no no, that’s not fulfilling. Fulfilling is pushing through, small steps do cover distance, yes steps to the goal line and the pride of achievement.

So to you if you’re undecided whether to swallow or cheer, I encourage you to cheer. CHEER and CHEER because your momentum will get you to your goals.

My Obsession Has Stalled Me

I really over did it and now I see it, but I’m back on schedule. What happened? I love, love peanut butter. Almond butter is okay like it, but I love peanut butter.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve had peanut butter in so many ways. First of all I usually have PB2 for my shakes (Shakeology), the powder had less calories and high protein . But I had peanut butter as a snack, yep just off the spoon, peanut butter sandwich. Oh yeah I rarely eat bread so uh huh. I had fried peanut butter sandwich, made snacks with oatmeal, peanut butter and Shakeology blend. I had sauce for my veggies, you guessed it the main ingredient “peanut butter”.

Now usually this is not a problem when I’m lifting weights and heavy workouts but that’s not the current situation. My current workout is a dance workout. Let me explain it is so much fun, the moves, the music and you sweat like crazy and continue even after the shower. If you’re a calorie conscious person I burn 240 to 285 in 25 to 30 minutes not bad. There are days weights are used in this workout but not heavy. The explanation is because my obsession with peanut butter was so much greater than what I needed for protein.
On the obsession phase I didn’t consume my usual proteins other than my super food shake. My protein sources are my shakes, protein bar, fish, tofu sometimes PB2. But I excluded my usual and this was not good.

But I’m back on target, I’ll be using my color coded containers to assist with Portion Control. Recognizing when we get off course is great, but even better is to implement what’s necessary to get back on track. For me this applies to my fitness and nutrition journey; but it’s applicable to any journey in your life.

Today I say never give up, don’t stop, as humans we sway but use your positive, inner most strength and get back on track to your goals. Great travels on journey.

Constantly Reminding Myself

I am one that encourage others to be themselves always because comparisons can often time set us back. I do however have a time to acknowledge not compare but acknowledge.

Acknowledge that my excuses are sometimes not justifiable. Why because there is someone out there accomplishing what I want in less time and have more tings going on in their life. What to do, me if I know them personally I ask for tips which is a lot better than tweaking my schedule 500 times or so it seems. Of course I ask myself how bad do you want to reach that goal.

The goal, how bad do you want it, or do you really want it or did someone else decide it for you. These are variables to clarify with the excuses, procrastination or the 500 times of tweaking.😉. That self reminder will propel you to the level of a greater, improved and satisfied you.

The REMINDER, keep it all real and yes all about You.

Personal Development…. It’s For Everyone

Personal development does not only motivate and inspire me, it lets me know my challenges are not just mine. What, well although it’s known we all have challenges but hear or read similarities and encouraging words to propel you further. Yes I’m a PD junkie, I have been for years BUT I learned it’s okay to read and listen however if you aren’t willingly to try and apply your learnings it’s all wasteful. I’ve learned to apply and try as well as know everything is not for me so I choose my podcasts and books carefully.

It’s good to have a personal development style!

Vo..would you rather:

Read a personal development book

Listen to a personal development podcast

I know, I know, it’s hard to choose! 

I personally have been listening to a lot more podcasts lately because as a busy individual , it’s super easy to turn on a podcast and listen while I do dishes, fold laundry, drive to work, shower, etc. 

However, I DO make it a priority to spend time on the weekends when life’s a little slower to sit down and read. 

And today, I wanted to share a few of my personal development picks for summer!



Is this an unusual behavior, NO.  I am often, well after a few months evaluating exactly where I am on my fitness journey.  Why? Because so many times I have fell off.

Falling off is not only not working out but my nutrition of which I have emphasized in the past week and to make certain I have not regressed on past eating disorders. 

Not certain how many people know but if you have EVER had an eating disorder it is so easy for it to return especially when you know what causes it. Life happens and as much as we or I try to avoid certain occurrences sometimes they do repeat.  The most powerful outcome is if we’re better at handling these occurrences.  I am but I must do a mental check to be certain.   

I am evaluating the effectiveness of my workouts, how committed I am, if I’m giving it my 100, am I following the proposed workout calendar.  If there is a question, I need to figure out why.

My whys sometimes can be timing, tired or just not happy with the workout as it can be too challenging or not challenging enough or I may need a week off.  The answer could be either or many I then make the changes.  The changes are not mental because I will forget and scream “aww shucks what did I say I was going to do”; ever been there before well if not that day is coming.

I have to make my commitments on paper and implement when and how I will make the change or changes.  Then…. In time I do a repeat.

Is it YOUR time to evaluate not just your fitness goals but any and all goals?  Let’s meet at the finish line we got this.

Portion Control -Too Much Too Little Or On Target

I’ve shared the value of portion control containers. I’m gonna confess, I use portion control to help me stay on target on my fitness journey.

I decided for 2 days to check out my meal intake using the containers. What the heck I really thought I was on target visually looking at my intake and on top of it all I stopped logging my intake on Lose It. Lose it is an app I use to assist in calculating my macros and micros.

What the heck? I’m shocked. One day I was way off too little, another day I was over on carbs. Each day I thought I was on target. Wrong. Am I upset, well NO. What will I do? Well I now know what I didn’t know so I need to implement the containers and back to logging my intake.

Is this a bit much? 🤔 No. if you want a change then you have to be willing to change and if you know what needs to be done then apply it. Of course it’s your calling. The voice I hear is telling me CHANGE.

I’m smiling to change and you’re smiling to ……..

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