WOW!!! We, thats you and me have made it to March and it’s time.

Time to evaluate our goals, where we are, changes to make.

Just know if you’ve made to March and still focused on those goals you’ve made it to the land of ”AWESOME”. So many people give up on those goals just a few weeks into the new year. Its easy to make those goals, man how good they look on paper. And then it happens.

ACTION, we must apply action and where does that begin. Well you have to start, just start. Now starting your inner engine means you have to fuel each day. Fuel each day? Uh huh, fuel each day with an action or two to get you to those goal/goals. The speed of action will vary. There are days you can accomplish several things, then there are days you may accomplish only half of an action. So what, just don’t stop. Consistency.

Time to evaluate what you need to do to adapt for your goal/goals. Before you make those changes, do me a HUGE favor. APPLAUD yourself for being AWESOME, and not giving up on yourself and keeping your greatness for you’ve surpassed many. Now make those changes and lets see what’s going to be your proud moments this quarter.

Go get, going !!!!!!!

Action plus PATIENCE

These are the two most important components in fitness for results.

The pace of your action. Who decides this?, of course you and I, we. We decide how frequently we will workout, the weight lift, the cardio, boxing, cycling, yoga and whatever we include in our workout.

Now with the workouts there is the nutrition. Each of us have similarities and differences in nutrition. Sometimes you may try several nutrition programs before deciding the best for you.

The important component in making changes is, that patience!!! Yes you must have patience in the fitness program (that’s me including my BOD workout). Don’t know about BOD? well it’s my workout buddy. No gym, at home, effective workout. Whether you’re at home or the gym, it is important to have patience. Allow your fitness program and nutrition time. Actually set a time to reference your change and one day or one week is not the answer.

Action + Patience = RESULTS

Reminder, Can You, Will You and Thank You

This is a reminder to you and me for us. The REMINDER is yes you can.

Yes you can make those changes you want to and yes you’re great and know that you are beautiful /handsome . If you are stumbling through and want to stop on your fitness journey. Don’t. You may need to pivot your plan, that’s okay.

Will you now continue to on that journey, continue to be honest and faithful to you for you? Will you now take action on those goals and pick up all those toss away gains (time to reactivate them). Will you commit to the journey? If you need an accountability partner, find one; if not send me a message via contact and join me. But most of all……

Thank You for believing in you. Now get to moving.

Concerns, Is It Calorie Deficit or Is It Starvation

I listen and I see. There are many especially females on the yoyo style of eating. I share the frustration, I too have experienced this behavior, and for several years.

There is a difference in calorie deficit and starvation. With calorie deficit you can follow through with your daily routine including working out. With starvation you can follow through with tour daily routines with easy to fall asleep because your body requires fuel and it is coasting on empty fuel. Also expect medical issues of course this can happen anytime.

For the love of yourself and those that love you PLEASE no starvation. Find an app to assist with monitoring your intake or we can chat about two great nutrition plans for healthy lifestyle, catered to your level of fitness.

Know that a change in nutrition should be for a lifestyle. Let’s stop the yoyo, focus on nutrition and cheers to the changes in the new you.

There Is More

How about that for an intro to a blog. There is more. More of ?

This will be a simple blog. Best understood by those with a big FEAR of applying learning skills.

I’ve listened to motivators, I’ve listened, took notes, applaud talks because I could relate and then …….

Yes, that’s it nothing after then. I’ve learned again, reminded myself again, stop wasting time. It’s a waste of time to listen, take notes, applaud if you are not going to apply any of your learnings.

Yes, I, you, we must stop giving FEAR a laugh because we are adding on. That add on is the action. So today let’s acknowledge the more we need to apply to get to the place in life we want to be.


How many times have we’ve heard, “don’t you want to be like (person name)”? How many times we nod our head to yes especially if a lot of individuals are committing on the yes and more so on any social media platform.

The top of this we will imitate that person’s behavior. If you’ve never been a victim of this, I applaud you a million times, because honestly, I have. Not a million times but as I sit here and think about it those numbers are adding up.

My point is do you really want to be like someone else or is it there is a feature about that individual you admire and would like to know a few actions to achieve that feature. NOW and truthfully you probably are and have applied most of the necessary actions but have failed to follow through or you may be on the path and need to tweak what you are doing.

We are all uniquely different, we need to be ourselves, learn and apply or tweak what we are currently doing rather than erase what we are doing and beginning anew to mimic someone else. Understand this is not by any mean discrediting someone’s effort to assist you in change. Absolutely not. What it means is to evaluate the YOU now, actions you’ve applied or not applied then move forward. We can always learn something from a person (I am referencing the fitness world here) and apply it.

This may seem confusing if so, you’re thinking too hard on this blog. I’m asking of you as I MUST remind myself look at you now don’t do a 360 makeover of you. NOPE this is someone else, but you can once again add to or tweak your actions and become the BEST VERSION OF YOU.


Its America Heart Month

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When you hear it or read it what really do you think? I’m okay, I’m young I have many years before this concerns me, I’m already on medication for my heart, I only have blood pressure problems my heart is okay. If you have thought any of the above, WELL, it’s time for a bit of heart education.

Before I begin let me share a few tips that will assist you in contributing to a healthy heart.

  1. Regular check ups with your PCP no less than yearly.
  2. If you’re a caffeine person, start decreasing that consumption. Caffeine increases the heart rate and it dehydrates. Dehydration can alter that potassium and sodium balance. These two have an active role in the heart pump.
  3. ‘Nutrition and that does not mean a diet, it’s just that, nutrition. Be aware of what you eat, decrease the fats. Note I said decrease because there are fats that are healthy also no need to starve yourself.
  4. Increase your veggie consumption
  5. Workout. Yep workout, stop using age, weight and those other 100 excuses. You slowly increase any workout once you start, just start. What workouts? You know where you should start, but if you need help in deciding, let’s chat. You can fill out contact on the blog, DM on FB or IG.
  6. Dental hygiene, brush, floss and dental visits
  7. Are you a smoker? Decrease the smokes, speak to your MD about gums and patches. Oh yeah remember neither of the 2 works overnight.
  8. REMEMBER, you are important and loved so contribute to YOUR healthy heart.

Now lets address a few things -being young is great but remember you’ve been eating and lounging for a few years all adding up and contributing to your heart. Heart abnormality doesn’t affect us by age although the older we get and continuing unhealthy behavior does add up.

On medication, yeah for that MD but how about helping the medication with a few changes. Who knows a change in lifestyle may decrease the dosage of meds.

Blood pressure meds not labeled as heart meds but it does regulate the pressure in the heart, the opening and closing of heart valves for blood flow, okay you get it. Yep changes can be made.

Even in adjusting your lifestyle NEVER stop your medication without discussing with your MD. Also there are other health issues that can contribute to heart abnormality so ALWAYS discuss with your MD for changes that YOU know can increase a medical problem. Once you get that Ok then start implementing the changes, hold your head high and get that proud of me walk on why? , because you are now a proud member of the American Heart Healthy Life.

Don’t Stop Just Modify Believe In You

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I’ve heard this several time recently. First let me share I’ve experienced the thoughts, used the excuses and believed the myths.

We are all created equally and yet we are all different. I’m sharing because I want as many females as possible to believe in themselves es in fitness. I’ve heard this recently.

”I want to lift but I don’t want to get bulky and I may be a bit too old to lift weights . No unless you’re lifting for competition heavy you will not get bulky but do know lifting does increase bone density decreasing the readings and decreasing or improving osteoporosis. Lifting with cardio will increase fat burn BUT be mindful you cannot out work bad nutrition.

I don’t have weights or my weights are just 5 and 8 lbs. Note your body weight can substitute with correct form and motion until you can purchase weights. Also 5 and 8 lb. weights are good to begin lifting. Do you want to injury yourself or begin too heavy to stop. Your body will actually let you know when it’s time to increase.

Another one ” I can’t do those squats, jumping jacks, burpees, push ups, mountain climbers. Yes and once more Yes. Yes you can all the above mentioned have modification. By the way if you can’t do full body or knee push ups did you know you can use the wall. Yes standing pushups and as you get stronger head to the mat.

My age, “ I don’t know of many women in my age range that’s working out”. I am guilty of this one then I remembered; it’s about me so yes it’s about you. Believe in you then find that group of females that have your mindset in fitness. You know the ones that’s doing it, flaunting it and supporting each other. Debunk the age myth.

If you’re ready then get started today. Believe in you. Stopping or doubting isn’t an option. Start with you and know you are your own competition in your fitness journey.

Another one, I can’t run or jog. Maybe not today but if it is a goal then a brisk walk, increasing your pace every few days as your body allows then add jogs slowly with your walk.

If you’re dedicated, committed to the change then it’s time for action. You for you because the best of you is waiting at your goal line.

The Power of The Mirror

Did you know there is power in the mirror. We look at mirro for daily image, our atire, make up or in selfies. But did you know?

The mirror has power in your fitness. Yes it does. Until i looked at myself working out I wasn’t aware I was doing my squats incorrectly. It felt right or maybe I was feeling the 25 lbs on each shoulder, oh now I’m at 30 👏🏽👏🏽. My alignment was incorrect but that mirror image assisted in me getting it correct and that muscle burn increased.

The same with my bicep curls and squat jumps almost but I was off. I’ve had a few more adjustments and yes the burn is increased and more so I’m really satisfied .

Thanks to the mirror. You choose your mirror but know it has powers. The power to improve your workouts. Of course if you’re in a gym there are mirrors use them,

To going forth in your fitness and using the power of the mirror.

The Fumble The Challenge

What’s a fumble? You know just rolling around sometimes we drop it or barely catch it before it falls. Well thats exactly what I did or was doing.

I was fumbling, and before I dropped I challenged. This really sounds like a lot if mumble jumble, meaning nothing. Haha. but it is.

I was fumbling about in my fitness journey on my weight lift. Before I go on let me share my journey.

I stream my workouts and love it I’m team BEACHBODY 100 PERCENT. I choose a program with a trainer and follow through however I can do or join live classes on Bodi, this is new and so much fun. Now there are spin classes. My choices are huge. So before I go on if you’d like a trial 14 days just send me a message.

Returning to the fumble, I was not satisfied with my changes in my workouts. Before you judge and say streaming workouts don’t work, remember that nothing works without action be turn something on, applying some type of action is NECESSARY. I applied action. What i did not do was challenge my action.

The challenge of increasing my weight lifts be it shoulders over head press or squats, bicep curl or tricep extensions and a few more. I was fumbling staying with the comfort weights and not challenging myself. I have committed to challenges and my lifts are ups. Before you challenge in weights I suggest comfort, correct body alignment and nothing you foresee as injury. If you are good in these areas then challenge yourself, catch your own fumble.

To weeks ahead of the challenge. You for you in 2022.

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