Self Love, So Many Components

February and you should still be on board feeling the love and sharing it. Now please let the memories and actions especially self love become habits.

Yes let these feelings and emotions roll into March, April, May well you get it on through the year.
Self Love Moment can be as easy as intentional breathing.

Take time to be intentional with your breath each day? Breathing is so natural and automatic for us, we can forget that it is actually an incredible tool. In moments of overwhelm, big emotions, frustration, etc. take time to just breathe! Set a 1 minute timer and try to clear your mind and focus on that breath.

Published by nitrice

I am sharing my Fitness journey with others. I have experienced weight gains and weight loss both unhealthy and healthy. My journey now is one of a healthy lifestlye with fitness and nutrition. I want others to be EMPOWERED with my shared journey and know they too, can overcome the challenges and join me on my journey and make it an "Our Journey"

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