HYDRATION With What……Water


The heat, humidity is no joke. It is a must to hydrate  in this weather.

Hydrate prior to, during and after any workout be it a walk, weights, cardio, yard work, HYDRATE.

Water not your fave, okay how about choosing a fruit, cut in small size, place in zip lock bag, freeze then add to your water as a flavor.  Yes you can purchase flavored water with ahh so many additives.   You can choose  a few veggies ( without freezing ). Celery and cucumber gives water a snap, refreshing taste.

Hydration is  so necessary for the muscles, skin and yes your  organs.

So today, tomorrow  l I velour sel and Hydrate. Water does the body GOOD .😉

Published by nitrice

I am sharing my Fitness journey with others. I have experienced weight gains and weight loss both unhealthy and healthy. My journey now is one of a healthy lifestlye with fitness and nutrition. I want others to be EMPOWERED with my shared journey and know they too, can overcome the challenges and join me on my journey and make it an "Our Journey"

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