The Magic Of You

Did you know you had magic? Well yes you do and that is not a wand, or magical words. No it’s the maid of ACTION.

There still is, which makes me smile under my bowed head, when I hear people say that was easy for them or you. I’m speaking in the fitness world of course it applies to personal goals.

Just because you are not aware of all the details of change anyone endured in their fitness journey please don’t assume it was an easy change. It was the magic of consistency, believing in oneself, ignoring the negativity, and never STOPPING.

Brief story of me, I remember in lifting weights I began with 5 lbs and wondered how the hell other females were lifting 50 up to 100 lbs depending on the workout. Big mistake and I wanted to stop give up. BUT….. I didn’t. First thanks to the community I am connected ( interested in positive community just complete the contact information and we can talk). Second it was a strong accountability partner that said, look at you, give your best every time you lift and the magic of change will happen because you will increase your lift when you are stronger.

What? Magic?. And that’s my encounter to acknowledging I had magic. The magic of changing me which was Action. So I say to you and everyone we all have magic. Stop the comparison because we may have similar magic, but your magic is uniquely yours.

Believe. Consistency. Ignore NEGATIVITY. Toss out that Stop sign and CREATE YOUR MAGIC.

Published by nitrice

I am sharing my Fitness journey with others. I have experienced weight gains and weight loss both unhealthy and healthy. My journey now is one of a healthy lifestlye with fitness and nutrition. I want others to be EMPOWERED with my shared journey and know they too, can overcome the challenges and join me on my journey and make it an "Our Journey"

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