Is It Time?

Not sure what time it is, I know sometimes we don’t know. I just want to know if it is time for an upgrade or downgrade. What the heck am I talking about?

Your goals or intentions as many say. It’s February and yes still the love month so how is it going? Loving yourself does not mean setting unrealistic goals in that love. Of course I am focusing on your fitness journey, but thus applies to personal life as well. It is so easy to set those goals and by the way PLEASE write them in your planner or calendar and set a time to review. And…..

PLEASE don’t set goals without including an action plan. Yes write those action steps and review. If you feel like your goal maybe too steep for you and frustration has set in and you feel helpless or want to stop. Uh NO. Your goal is not too steep, don’t doubt your GREATNESS, but your action plan may need a rewrite. Yes you may need to pace yourself.

If this is fitness you may have wanted to lift heavier (increasing the weights) or workout 5 days even 7 days a week. But if you’ve never lifted was your goal realistic? Lifting heavy looks easy peeping in but it’s with progress. Your muscle and body will tell you it’s time. It will say hey get a heavier weight. Lol, just kidding; but when the weights begin to feel light and the routine you’re doing is too easy be it a curl of any kind, squats with weights then it is really time for an increase. Oh yeah don’t get upset if at time you may need to decrease again. Your body is protecting you, you will be able to return to the heavy lift. But most of all don’t STOP.

Now if you feel you are breezing through your goals without a challenge, well don’t toot your boot, but do applaud yourself. Go ahead do a mirror high five or pat yourself on the back because…..

You have definitely underestimated your GREATNESS. Now it’s time to raise the bar, step it up. You need to challenge yourself more, rewrite those goals

Either way you’re GREAT, we’re GREAT. Just check the time 😉

Published by nitrice

I am sharing my Fitness journey with others. I have experienced weight gains and weight loss both unhealthy and healthy. My journey now is one of a healthy lifestlye with fitness and nutrition. I want others to be EMPOWERED with my shared journey and know they too, can overcome the challenges and join me on my journey and make it an "Our Journey"

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