We all have it, yes in any fitness program, whether you are streaming along with me on BOD, gym, training or however your fitness program captures your attention it is normal to hit that ’Plateau”.

Now a plateau is not always about the scale. No, it can be a plateau in just working out. In other words a bit burned out. How to overcome?, well…… there are several approaches.

  1. Get a friend or family member to join you
  2. Incorporate several workouts instead of just lifting, cardio , pilates, yoga, barre, dance just add them all into your workout week.
  3. REMEMBER, what workout program you did that was fun and the benefits was mind blowing.
  4. Or just give yourself a week off. Just a week then get back to it. PLEASE don’t go beyond a week unless the physician says so.

Now let’s kick plateau in the platooty

Published by nitrice

I am sharing my Fitness journey with others. I have experienced weight gains and weight loss both unhealthy and healthy. My journey now is one of a healthy lifestlye with fitness and nutrition. I want others to be EMPOWERED with my shared journey and know they too, can overcome the challenges and join me on my journey and make it an "Our Journey"

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