Workouts Must Be A Challenge – Why…How

If you are just beginning a workout as I once was, DO NOT challenge yourself and also know your limits. Challenge is just another way to say PROGRESSION. I am a fond follower of BOD (beachbodyondemand) which means I choose my trainer, their program and follow the calendar which is what I need.  Yes IContinue reading “Workouts Must Be A Challenge – Why…How”

Self Relationship and Care- Did You Know

Self relationship is one of my most rewarding activity.  Did you know motivation and feeling good after self relationship AND CARE is great. What is self relationship, it is a massage, a spa day (total),  or hey whatever makes you relax.  This will rejuvenate your mindset and body, how? Well for starters and I amContinue reading “Self Relationship and Care- Did You Know”

Which Direction areYou Looking

I experience this often and I have to call myself out.  “Which direction am I looking”.  It is so easy to look at the past whether it is a week of 50% workout instead of 100 %, a bad relationship, a tough job which ended not favorably,  We all have experiences in life of dislike.Continue reading “Which Direction areYou Looking”

My Beginning, Resumption,Continuation is MINE

I know these words seem harsh and confusing but let me explain as this all has to do with my focus on my health, life journey. There are times I may incorporate a healthy habit into my life or food or sometime omitting an unhealthy behavior or food from my life.  It is a newContinue reading “My Beginning, Resumption,Continuation is MINE”

It Has To Be FUN

  I am rolling over, hesitating  to rise and then I remember, to give Thanks and praise, morning chores and then my chore. Of course my chore is not really a chore it is FUN. What the heck am I speaking of ? FUN , my workouts they are FUN.  Wow I have said thatContinue reading “It Has To Be FUN”

The Last Time – REMEMBER

I have days as today when I am so undecided, what to eat, (even though I have meal prepped), should I workout out by my calendar or do my own work out, should I, should I.  So many should I, I am not always indecisive but, then some days I am so indecisive I haveContinue reading “The Last Time – REMEMBER”

Thin vs Fit….. the time

Being thin is to many an ultimate goal. Small, Xsmall and sometimes XXS. If this is a natural for you I applaud you and by the way, there is nothing wrong with being small.  But being FIT is so much of a better choice. Let’s compare those not small by nature and not by fitness. Continue reading “Thin vs Fit….. the time”

How Deep Must I Dig

Actually, this has nothing to do with the size or shape of shovels, neither does it relate to the depth, but it relates to how deep me, you and others dig when it comes to our goals. Using a shovel, the strength and endurance to complete a task depends on each individual.  Is it easierContinue reading “How Deep Must I Dig”

Working Out- How Hard

My workouts especially like today, I want to stop when the pain in the muscles, not a pain indicating hurt, becomes intense.  I have a silent, brief chat with myself and ask, how much do I want change,  I am measured my goals on a red light or a green light. It is okay toContinue reading “Working Out- How Hard”


I am uncertain if “how dare you” are the best choice of words or “are you serious”.   I recently ran into an ex co-worker  and we both or I thought was excited to see each other after several years, okay many years.  Our greeting was great and we had a few laughs as we bothContinue reading “HOW DARE YOU….Miss RUDE”