The Last Time – REMEMBER

I have days as today when I am so undecided, what to eat, (even though I have meal prepped), should I workout out by my calendar or do my own work out, should I, should I.  So many should I, I am not always indecisive but, then some days I am so indecisive I have to remember who the hell I am.

Okay back to “the last time”.  In my indecisiveness I now reflect on past decisions.  Remember the outcome, was you satisfied with that awful decision and how far did it set you back and on a few and I mean few I can say I made gains.

See for me, my indecisiveness usually is because I am lazy and want to do something else such as not working out by a set calendar that will show physical gains sometimes slow bu the gains are positive or delaying a chore that needs attention and the delay is time-consuming or eating too much or not enough and the awful outcome of either is not satisfying.

Today I ask you if you are hesitating to make a reoccurring decision, REMEMBER  the last time and the outcome.  To all Champions and you are one REMEMBER and make the BEST decision.

How Deep Must I Dig

Actually, this has nothing to do with the size or shape of shovels, neither does it relate to the depth, but it relates to how deep me, you and others dig when it comes to our goals.
Using a shovel, the strength and endurance to complete a task depends on each individual.  Is it easier to stop when fatigue and wait till later, which can be minutes, hours or days and then we are back to the beginning.  The shovels are just a metaphor to me and hopefully to you to dig deeper.

Sometimes that last push, last rep, maybe the  last shovel is all we need to see results.

As I push through my days of fitness, I am noting that extra second, minute or rep has made a difference in my progress.  I also notice in my life goals  I must dig deeper when I hit that fake wall.  It is fake wall because it is a way to be broken down, in,  off  whatever is necessary to remove for the goal of success.

This week I challenge You and Myself to let’s dig deeper to our goals and results are certainly to be seen

Working Out- How Hard


My workouts especially like today, I want to stop when the pain in the muscles, not a pain indicating hurt, becomes intense.  I have a silent, brief chat with myself and ask, how much do I want change,  I am measured my goals on a red light or a green light.

It is okay to take a break in a workout but only for a few seconds, to stop NEVER, unless that pain is indicating injury otherwise, “rep it up, run longer, lift longer you get it”.

To a day of success workout and pushing through.

Following The Concept of I Can

Is this a real concept, well as I ask myself on a daily basis are you sure?  Then I think only for a second and  recite out loud Yes and again Yes I can.

When I have a thought to challenge myself whether it is in my workout or in my  daily life. I vision a goal and think is this real? can I do it?  Of, course I can and through fails I had to include two other questions  in following the concept of “I can”

  1.  How bad do I really want it, not as a dream but really want it.  Knowing that I can is good, but knowing the meaning of the thought/dream and if I really want it.  I know I said this but again through error I have learned you must really want it.
  2. Now that I know I really want it, am I willing to commit to the time, possible temporary life change and sacrifices to achieve my ” I can”.

So important, following “I can”, the concept is real but I as you must look at these two components which are not limited to workout but daily goals and turning dreams, thoughts to reality.

To a powerful week of I can and much success….