Commit or Cancel

This week yes I am posting a lot about how I, in the past have started my New Year and mistakes I made and have since corrected.

Making new resolutions (keep it real), and follow through on them.  Once  you agree to a resolution, what steps must you do to accomplish the goal.  In my experiences especially on my fitness journey I previously made resolutions and yes by day 10 I’d begin to dwindle off and eventually cancelled that goal.

I have since  learned to set steps and weekly review.  This is only on my fitness journey of course it applies to any resolution.  I am a “beach body on demand”  lover and following through with workouts at one time was a flush.  I could not do the jumps, and push ups, have you ever did a ShaunT workout? Well yeah it is a workout in minutes you think the clock has stuck.  Lifting weights what the heck was this hulk looking man doing Sagi Kalev?  Okay this was a couple of years ago and I have since completed workout programs on beach body demand.

Through error and growth I no longer commit and cancel, because I will have cancelled the future and better me.  To beginning your greatness  and commitment and No No No cancellations.

2019 Filling The Pages….Writing My Story


It is a New Chapter, because it is a New Year, YEAH!!!! 2019.  I am writing my story of self improvement.  I have exactly 365 days (starting from January 1) to write this chapter of my book.  I  want to  wear the biggest smile ever  on the completion of this chapter               31 December 2019.

How and What will you fill your empty pages with.  To a Year of “GREATNESS”

Thanks 2018 For 2019


In 2018 I set goals, some I accomplished and several I allowed to fall by the wayside because I failed to keep MY focus.  This is a contribution to my growth on my fitness journey. My mindset for  life.

I learned a lot in 2018 about myself in my world of fitness, professional growth, growth in and with my family and friends.

2019 is here and I am being allowed to grow in all aspects of life, correct a few of my errors (because somethings cannot be corrected later).

Thanks 2018 for allowing me to begin a new Chapter of me for 365 days in 2019.

To YOUR New Beginnings Happy New Year.

Self Relationship and Care- Did You Know

Self relationship is one of my most rewarding activity.  Did you know motivation and feeling good after self relationship AND CARE is great.

What is self relationship, it is a massage, a spa day (total),  or hey whatever makes you relax.  This will rejuvenate your mindset and body, how? Well for starters and I am only sharing my experience I am able to see clearer on many situations only in my thought were complicated.  My positive vibes become greater and my workouts are with greater force.

I ENCOURAGE  this practice, it is one recipe for a greater ME. I implore you to give it a try if you have not already. To the greatness in and about YOU.

My Beginning, Resumption,Continuation is MINE

I know these words seem harsh and confusing but let me explain as this all has to do with my focus on my health, life journey.

There are times I may incorporate a healthy habit into my life or food or sometime omitting an unhealthy behavior or food from my life.  It is a new beginning for me and it is about ME.  I love and welcome all positive motivation words of encouragement.  I erase and yes sometimes rudely reject the negative response, “why now, after years of eating the food or habit why change, at your age will that help and so on”. It’s MY beginning, another chapter of improvement in my life. Maybe I missed something but is there an age limit to empower your life or health?, uh no.

If I stop a behavior for a short time such as early AM workout to mid morning or later, don’t tell me I really should reconsider.  Why ? There are days I may require longer hours of sleep but 7-8 works and just daydreaming of a workout will not assist me to my goals, yep ACTION is required. Yes I will resume without your permission friend, (I think you are my friend)

I will continue on my journey of transition which includes workouts, eating healthy 85/15, drinking water in amounts of satisfaction and whatever is necessary to improve ME. All of this is Mine. I respectfully accept all my friends not wanting to improve their life and health  just don’t share your excuses and negativity with me PLEASE, as I applaud all my friends on their journey for life and health changes.

Change is awesome and I really believe we are all awesome, just need to shake off a few things. To your beginning, resumption and continuation …..Much love.


It Has To Be FUN


I am rolling over, hesitating  to rise and then I remember, to give Thanks and praise, morning chores and then my chore. Of course my chore is not really a chore it is FUN.

What the heck am I speaking of ? FUN , my workouts they are FUN.  Wow I have said that enough.  But really if you are working out one, two, three, times or more a week at home with your trainer on my loved BOD or at the gym, maybe with friends it should be fun. If your workouts are unfilling, and not FUN, (there goes that word again), you need to change.  Having fun and challenging yourself keeps you motivated well it does me and make me feel guilty when I am trying to skip a workout or just not giving 100 in my workout.  The Fun and joy of seeing and feeling my results is so awesome.

If your workouts are not FUN, then it’s time to rethink. Oh challenging yourself, swearing during your workouts and sweating does not mean it’s not fun it means you have a goal and you are pushing through.  Boring is not fun just clarifying.

To a year end and year beginning of FUN workouts.

The Last Time – REMEMBER

I have days as today when I am so undecided, what to eat, (even though I have meal prepped), should I workout out by my calendar or do my own work out, should I, should I.  So many should I, I am not always indecisive but, then some days I am so indecisive I have to remember who the hell I am.

Okay back to “the last time”.  In my indecisiveness I now reflect on past decisions.  Remember the outcome, was you satisfied with that awful decision and how far did it set you back and on a few and I mean few I can say I made gains.

See for me, my indecisiveness usually is because I am lazy and want to do something else such as not working out by a set calendar that will show physical gains sometimes slow bu the gains are positive or delaying a chore that needs attention and the delay is time-consuming or eating too much or not enough and the awful outcome of either is not satisfying.

Today I ask you if you are hesitating to make a reoccurring decision, REMEMBER  the last time and the outcome.  To all Champions and you are one REMEMBER and make the BEST decision.