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Have you tried that workout you knew you could nailed but you failed? I can not speak for you. I can however share my experience.

I agree to no carbs for a few days with a friend of mine. The first day I  was a bit slow, thought it was my lack of water intake.  Some days I am busy so getting in the water can be a bit hectic, especially when I am not close to the little excretion room.

The second day I was unable to complete my workout. A thirty pound dumbell felt like 100 pounds, 15 pounds was as heavy.  I did complete my workout but with 5 and 8 pound dumbells, with a struggle.  I was wasted afterwards.

My discussion with my friend was as follow.  Are you consuming the right type of carbs and how much? Then came the list, I listened and it took every ounce of remaining strength to restrain myself from a scream.

I followed someone who ate every unhealthy carb.   on the market.

First and far most to anyone on a diet free of carbs, you are doing your body an injustice. Punish yourself and learn about healthy carbs, go ahead now read on it.  WE NEED CARBS.  Carbs create energy to help tackle those unwanted inches, pounds and fat. The carbs must be the healthy ones and there are many.

Your Body Is Defined By….

The scale alone does not define your weight loss journey



Hey there, how do you define your body?  What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Beauty,  for all the females. Well you men handsome.

Your body, are you just looking at the scale? The scale defines a small, but important role in your physique.  How about the inches, many of us, like me loose inches before that confusing scale moves. I say it is confusing because we see and feel the inches lost.

Your body is defined by your exercise regimen, your nutrition, your water intake, how you feel about you, your beauty.


How Do You Handle Cheat Days?

How were your holidays? For me they were enjoyable in every aspect. Family, friends and of course food.

Holidays for many are “cheat days”. We, meaning me and so many go off the grid and eat the holiday foods we crave. For me it begins with Thanksgiving, this year I was able to control my cravings.

I contribute this to my healthy daily shake, #shakeology.  Shakeology works for me , and I know others have a nutritional shake that works for them. If it works continue with it as some of us require assistance to cut unhealthy cravings to keep us healthy with the nutrients to support our immune system, GI, pro and prebiotic.

I forced myself to eat a bit more for a few days during Christmas and my workouts were a struggle. I refused to repeat this for New Years. I know the food is different but the effects especially with alcohol.

I stayed focused not just because of recovering from Christmas but my history. I know I have in previous years made an excuse not to return to my workouts, continue to eat whatever until my clothes become snug or no longer fit.

Now I take control and if I feel I have intoxicated my body too much with foods giving me that sluggish feeling I  have a helper. A Cleanse,# 3 day Cleanse. Yes in a few days I am revived.

I recommend a cleanse to get your body back in sync to get your workout on. Choose your cleanse for result and effectiveness.