I am first to admit I am not a young lady, I have so surpassed 20, 30, 40 yes but I  will not allow age define my workouts.  I love any and all workouts, but I want to sway away from workouts. How about those goals and victories. I must confess, I will be theContinue reading “NON SCALE VICTORIES”


Working out, eating healthy, choosing foods with less or no preservatives, all of these are goals or a change in lifestyle.  AWESOME.  But what are your goals.  We can have so many goals in getting healthy and fit we forget to actually set the goal. I know, of course everyone is not like me, whomContinue reading “HOW LARGE ARE YOUR GOALS”

Do Not Compare – Spare the Despair

1+3+4=8    2+2+2+2=8   4+4=8  etc……. There are a few ways in addition to get to the sum of 8.  Just as each number adds us so does each day we put into our workouts.   As long as we, (I say we because I have to remind myself of this) are putting our all into workouts andContinue reading “Do Not Compare – Spare the Despair”

Eating Healthy Without Results

I have heard every trainer state it is what you eat with your workout that brings results. have to agree, it is what you eat, however did you know consuming healthy foods can hinder your fitness progress.  Well I did and did not.  I know healthy foods, and thought my intake was on point, IContinue reading “Eating Healthy Without Results”

Components of Weight Loss

Are you frustrated as I once was, because I was exercising and not seeing the results I wanted especially with the time I was spending on workouts. To begin with I was actually wasting a lot of non productive time in the gym, going at the wrong time waiting on machine.  Now that I haveContinue reading “Components of Weight Loss”

PATIENCE On the Journey

The journey to fitness is not an overnight goal.  As Autumn Calabrese says in her            “80 DAY OBSESSION”, “If progress and goals were attained in one day then it would be “1 Day Obsession”. It is upsetting when we look in the mirror and do not see the progress weContinue reading “PATIENCE On the Journey”

The Scale – Friend or FOE

How are you rating your fitness progress? Is it the scale and you are frustrated because the scale is not moving or is moving forward?, say what. The scale can be your FOE if you have not weighted the components of your progression.  Are you lifting weights,  a new addition to your workout, if soContinue reading “The Scale – Friend or FOE”

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Workouts

  Yes, yes and yes.  I have RA but I  do not allow it to prevent me from working out. There are days I am good and go full speed with any Beachbody  workout.  I currently am with Autumn Calabrese- 80 Day Obsession.  There are days however I have to modify the modifier’s move. No excuses. Continue reading “Rheumatoid Arthritis and Workouts”

Negative Environment and Achievement

Establishing a goal especially if it involves a fitness program can bring out the negativity in your close friends.  Maybe you do not have these type of friends or maybe it is just that one.  I do have a few friends that are sarcastic negative. “How long are you going to do this?”   “At yourContinue reading “Negative Environment and Achievement”

Is it Fatigue or Lazy

Is there a difference?, absolutely. Fatigue as I am sometimes, so tired that 5 minutes seems like 25 minutes  when I close my eyes and I am not able to focus without batting my eyes seems like 40 times. Laziness is when any excuse to sit and avoid what I should be doing. I knowContinue reading “Is it Fatigue or Lazy”